Brachytherapy in IsraelInternal radiation therapy (brachytherapy, internal exposure) uses radioactive metals or liquid (isotopes) in the treatment of malignant tumors. There are many types of internal radiation therapy used in Israeli medical centers. Some of them we will cover in this article. Israel clinics are ready to offer the best conditions for living of all patients. New technologies, including radiation therapy will relieve you of the disease and its consequences.

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Brachytherapy in Israel with the help of radioactive implants

Sources for such implants, catheters may be metal wires or "seeds" which are placed into the tumor or the area adjacent to it. They remain in the body for a certain period of time - from several minutes to several days. During this period, the patient should avoid contact with other people, not to expose them to radiation.

In certain types of small metal implants or "seeds" remain in the body permanently cancer. They are made of radioactive gold or contain radioactive iodine. With their help, the tumor receives a very high dose of radiation. For most types of radioactive implants penetrates a few millimeters, so it is not detected outside the body. The patient should avoid close contact with others until the radioactivity has fallen to a safe level.

Brachytherapy in Israel with the help of radioactive liquids

Radioactive liquid treating cancer enter the body via injection or beverage. examples:

  1. Radioactive phosphorus - is used for diseases of the blood.
  2. Radioactive radium - is indicated for cancer that had metastasized to the bone.
  3. Radioactive strontium - used for the treatment of secondary bone cancer.
  4. Radioactive iodine - used in benign and malignant tumors of the thyroid.

In the application of brachytherapy in Israel requires certain safety measures.

In hospitals, there are certain safety instructions when the patient is a radioactive implant. Doctors also observe similar principles, when the treatment is carried out using radioactive or beverage injection. This is necessary to ensure that the hospital staff, friends and family of the patient is not exposed to radiation. In each hospital, Israel may be several different procedures, in general, the general safety rules are respected throughout the country.

A few days before the internal exposure rendezvous in the department of radiation therapy or in the ward or in the department of nuclear medicine. Staff explains the essence of brachytherapy in Israel. The patient can ask any questions.

The impact on the patient's brachytherapy in Israel

Brachytherapy in IsraelIf the body is placed a radioactive implant surrounding area will receive a high dose of radiation. But then it will be low. The rest of the body covered by a negligible impact, as a rule, is not enough to seriously hurt.

When making a radioactive liquid, e.g., iodine, urine, sweat, faeces will contain low amounts of radiation for several days. Its level will gradually fall.

Protection against internal exposure

Doctors and nurses will give detailed information on these procedures. These may include the following steps:

  1. The patient will be placed in a private room for 1 - 2 days.
  2. The patient may be one, or someone who runs a similar treatment.
  3. Special screens mounted on either side of the bed to block the radiation reaching the hospital staff or visitors.
  4. Doctors and nurses providing care to remain in the room for short periods.
  5. Staff has icons that control exposure to radiation, to ensure safety.
  6. Hospital staff and visitors will be a far cry from the bed to reduce the risks of the effects of radiation.
  7. Nurses use a tool called - scintillation counter for radiation level control in the subjects that need to be drawn from the premises, for example, in the bedding.
  8. To allow the patient to a limited number of visitors.
  9. Visitors can stay a short time in the room and sit at a certain distance from the patient.
  10. Not allowed to visit the patient's children under 16 years of age and pregnant women.
  11. In the room the patient can bring books, magazines, any electronic devices.
  12. patient at discharge property also checked by scintillation counting, and can leave the clinic for several weeks until the radiation level is reduced to a safe.
  13. When using radioactive liquid urine of the patient will be radioactive for several days. Men are encouraged to use the toilet sitting, and wear gloves when caring for them. The water in the toilet should be flushed twice after using it for a few days.

These security measures for brachytherapy in Israel are only required as a radioactive implant inside the body and within a few days after treatment with radioactive liquid.

In use, these measures shall be taken of radioactive strontium and phosphorus. Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis. This is due to the fact that the radioactivity is rapidly absorbed by the cancer cells in the body. In addition, the type of radiation - beta particles or electrons - quickly absorbed by healthy tissue, so the people around you are not exposed to radiation.

Protection from internal exposure to visitors

The further visitors and staff the clinic is located on the patient or his bed, the less impact they are exposed. This is due to the fact that the level of radiation falls as the distance from a radioactive source.

After internal exposure

Some people worry that they will remain radioactive after brachytherapy will be held in Israel. They believe that they represent a danger to his family and friends. However, when using the temporary implant radiation disappears as soon as it is removed from the body. There is no risk to others.

When the patient is placed a permanent implant (radioactive "seeds"), he may release low levels of radioactivity for several days. The doctor will advise as to restrict the activities until the radioactivity has been reduced. Hospitalization may be offered for a few days, is another option - to avoid close contact with pregnant women and children, visit the public transport.

In the application of radioactive liquids usually it takes a few days until the radioactivity level is not reduced. The hospital staff to ensure safety before discharge, the patient did not cause harm to surrounding people.

Questions that you can ask your doctor about brachytherapy in Israel:

  1. What type of internal radiation therapy will be used?
  2. Why this treatment offer me?
  3. What could be the possible side effects?
  4. How effective is the treatment?
  5. What is the need to prepare for treatment?
  6. Describe what exactly will happen - step by step.
  7. How long will the treatment?
  8. whether hospitalization is necessary, if so - how long?
  9. whether the treatment will make me radioactive?
  10. How long the body will be an increased level of radioactivity?
  11. You will need to stay in a single room during treatment?
  12. What are the risks?
  13. Will the risk of being subjected to irradiation of friends and family?
  14. What precautions should be taken during hospitalization?
  15. whether the security measures required under the house?
  16. Are there any long-term effects of this treatment?
  17. Is there any written information about the procedure and precautions?
  18. Will there be something, if you need to move during internal radiotherapy?

Types of brachytherapy in Israel

Brachytherapy in Israel, the pricesBrachytherapy in Israel uses as a source of the radioactive metal in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • cervical cancer;
  • uterine cancer;
  • vaginal cancer;
  • prostate cancer.

Brachytherapy in the treatment of women

To conduct internal radiation therapy, doctors use applicators for cervical cancer, cancer of the uterus and vagina cancer. Applicators are long, thin, plastic tube. The procedure is usually performed in the operating room.

When you perform certain procedures using spinal anesthesia. During the placement of applicators conduct X-ray or CT scan, to make sure that they are in the correct position.

Once the patient returned to the ward or in a special shielded room nurses applicators attached to the special equipment, and small radioactive metal balls come in them. The procedure may be uncomfortable, give the patient pain medication.

For cervical cancer if the treatment involves high doses of radiation, before each session performed with CT or MRI. Radiation therapy is used with visual inspection - IGRT. This type of radiation therapy avoids the effects on the bowel and bladder.

Duration Brachytherapy in Israel, from hours to days, depending on the type of equipment. Some boosters provide low doses for a long time.

Brachytherapy in Israel using low doses of radiation

This treatment lasts 12-24 hours, depending on the number of previously prepared irradiation. Radiation oncologists expect a total radiation dose, nurses monitor its level during the procedure.

high-dose treatment

As to the tumor is delivered high doses of radiation, reduced processing time. The procedure for treatment last for 5-15 minutes. You may need up to 6 sessions. Usually, this treatment is combined with external beam radiation therapy . Applicators may be installed under general anesthesia.

After treatment

After such as the treatment is completed, the radioactive sources are removed, the radioactivity level normalized. On the same day or the next woman can leave the clinic.

Some doctors suggest douching (vaginal douches) to cleanse the vagina for a few days after exposure.

Also, doctors recommend eating plenty of fluids to help flush out the bladder, prevents inflammation and organ infection.

Side effects

There is a small risk of infection. If high fever or bleeding occurs, you must consult your doctor immediately. In such a case is assigned to antibiotic therapy.

Brachytherapy in Israel in the vagina for a period of time can lead to its contraction. Body fabric becomes more rigid and less elastic. Doctors call this condition fibrosis. Experts recommend using vaginal dilators to prevent constriction.

Brachytherapy in Israel with the help of the implant in the form of a thin wire

These types of implants are used in the treatment of malignant tumors:

  • mouth and lips;
  • nasopharynx;
  • breast;
  • vagina;
  • esophagus;
  • easy;
  • penis.

In the human body implanted radioactive very thin wires near the tumor under general anesthesia. After the procedure is carried out x-rays to make sure that the implant be in the right place.

The patient is placed in a separate ward. Staff and visitors to follow the internal security measures, while the implant is removed. As a rule, it is 3-4 days, but sometimes up to a week, depending on the body part being treated.

If the implant is placed in the mouth, it can cause serious inconvenience when taking the food and the conversation. During this time, patients adhere to a soft or liquid diet.

Implants can remove after 2 days if brachytherapy supplemented by external-beam radiation therapy. Or a week, if internal exposure was the only method used.

Treatment with radioactive iodine

Brachytherapy in IsraelIn the treatment of radioactive iodine generally use iodine 131 in form of capsule or drink. It is colorless and odorless.

This method of internal radiation is very effective in the treatment of thyroid cancer. Iodine or of a beverage from the capsule is absorbed by prostate cancer cells, leading to their death.

Treatment to enhance its effectiveness may be preceded by a diet low in iodine. Doctors cancel hormonal drugs that compensate for the lack of the thyroid gland.

MIBG therapy (MIBG)

This treatment, during which the radioactive iodine is attached to a chemical called meta-iodo-benzyl-guanidine. It is used in the course of therapy:

  • a rare children's cancer - neuroblastoma;
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • carcinoid tumors.

Protection against internal exposure

Treatment with radioactive iodine can make a person radioactive for 4 or more days. Iodine, which is not absorbed by the thyroid gland, output from the sweat and urine.

During treatment, it is important to drink plenty of fluids, which helps to cleanse the body.

Conduct regular checks on the body of the patient to radiation. After 4-7 days, the patient can leave the clinic. He provides information on security measures.

Side effects

Most people do not notice the undesirable consequences of treatment. In some there is a feeling of tightness in the throat, redness of the skin (no more than 24 hours). In these situations, medications may help to reduce inflammation.

Sometimes there is a partial loss of taste. This occurs several weeks after treatment and may last for several weeks. Drinking large amounts of water, absorption of citrus sweets helps to wash out the salivary glands and reduce this effect.

Treatment of radioactive strontium

Radioactive strontium - a radioactive form of the metal strontium (Sr 89), brand name - Metastrom.

It is sometimes used to treat cancer that had metastasized to the bone, but most often in prostate cancer. If there are multiple tumor foci, radioactive strontium cures these areas and reduce pain.

How is the treatment of radioactive strontium?

The substance enters the body through intravenous injection. It may be repeated every 3-6 months. Brachytherapy is performed on an outpatient basis, the patient can leave the clinic after that. Radioactive strontium is absorbed by cancer cells in the bones and provides a high dose of irradiation of these areas.

Possible unwanted effects

After injection, no direct side effects. For a time, the body will be elevated levels of radioactivity.

There may be a slight pain in the bone for a few days. In this case, prescribed analgesics.

Sometimes after a few weeks of developing anemia. Therefore prescribe regular blood tests after treatment.

Security measures

The doctor gives the precautionary how long they need to follow. It depends on the dose of strontium.

During the first week after injection in the blood and urine are low levels of radioactive strontium. It is therefore important to follow certain guidelines that are not exposed to irradiation of surrounding people.

Treatment of radioactive phosphorus

This radioactive form of phosphorus element. It is used in some diseases of the blood, including the politsemii Faith, when the bone marrow produces an excessive amount of red blood cells.

Radioactive phosphorus absorbed by the bone marrow and gives a dose of radiation, which stops the increased synthesis of cells. The rest of the body receives a very small dose of radiation. This type of brachytherapy is rarely used because other treatments are available. Radioactive phosphorus used in politsemii.

The drug enters the body intravenously. The therapy performed in the outpatient department.

There is usually no side effects. After injection, while the body is radioactive. There is no risk to the surrounding people, because small dose. Treatment of radioactive phosphorus for many years may increase the risk of leukemia development.

Security measures

After treatment a small amount of radioactive phosphorus in urine will be present within a day or so. It is important to remember that you need to flush the toilet twice and wash hands thoroughly. This ensures that other people are not exposed to radiation.

Brachytherapy in Israel with the help of Xofigo

Brachytherapy in Israel Xofigo223 radium - a radioactive form of the metal radium. Previously, it was called alfaradin now the brand name - Xofigo. It is used to treat prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bone. If more than one such foci, radium 223 shows high efficiency in the treatment of these regions, reduces pain.

How does Xofigo?

Radium is very similar to calcium. And like calcium bone active cells absorb it. Malignant cells have increased activity, compared to conventional bone cells, so it is more likely that they will absorb the drug.

As soon as he is in the bone, released radiation, which extends for a short distance - between 2-10 cells. This is much less than a millimeter. Therefore malignant cells receive high doses of radiation and some of them are killed. Healthy cells receive only low-dose or no impact at all. Therefore, the treatment is almost no side effects.

How is the treatment Xofigo?

The drug enters the body intravenously. Typically this is done using a cannula, injection duration is up to one minute. Basically, it is repeated every 4 weeks, but maybe 6 times.

After treating elevated levels of radiation may be present in urine within a few hours, as well as in the faeces of up to 7 days. The following safety measures is important to observe:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids for a few days.
  2. Men when urinating use the toilet sitting.
  3. Thoroughly wash your hands every time after using the toilet.
  4. Within 7 days is necessary to flush the toilet twice.
  5. If the toilet used by other people, it is important to wipe the toilet seat.
  6. Used the laundry is washed separately from other clothes.

After such treatment should refrain from becoming pregnant for at least 6 months. This treatment results in damage to sperm in men. There is a possibility - to preserve sperm before treatment, if a man is planning to have children.

Possible side effects

Undesirable effects of therapy may include diarrhea and nausea, but in a milder form.

Brachytherapy in Israel, sometimes leads to lower levels of blood cells after a few weeks, which causes anemia, thrombocytopenia, increases the risk of infection. Therefore, after the therapy will need regular blood tests.

Occasionally for some people the pain intensified to the lesion of bone for a few days or weeks after treatment. It is necessary to inform the doctor about it.

Prices for brachytherapy

If you are interested in treatment in Israel, our company will choose the best treatment option - the choice of clinics, doctors, the organization of the whole process of treatment and stay in the country. Indicative list of prices for brachytherapy:

  • treatment of cervical cancer - 1150 $
  • treatment of prostate cancer - 17045 $
  • treatment of lung cancer - $ 3345
  • treatment of eye cancer - $ 8065

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