throat cancer surgery in IsraelThroat cancer- malignant tumors of the larynx, cancer cells which affect tissue nadskladochnoy, lower and / or middle part of the organ and thereby violate perform its main functions - respiratory, and protecting communication. The most frequent tumors located in the upper part of the larynx.

Operation is to remove malignant tumors, it is widely used method of treatment of disease, irrespective of its stage of development. It can be assigned as radiotherapy and surgery alone (in the early stages), and a combination thereof.

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In cases where exposure does not give the expected results and the tumor cells remain in the body of the patient, the surgeon performs an operation for cancer of the larynx removal of the affected tissues. Most often, it is sufficient for the patient's recovery. If the cancer is large, or the tumor was diagnosed at a late stage of its development, is the best treatment option for the disease - surgery. Surgery for throat cancer in the following cases:

  1. One of the vocal cords stopped moving.
  2. Cancer has returned after a patient has undergone radiation therapy.
  3. Tumor cells have spread beyond the vocal folds.

surgical intervention type is determined after the passage of a patient and specific diagnostic steps can be used as a method of treating a patient for cancer or to alleviate disease symptoms (palliative surgery).

Types of operations for laryngeal cancer

The most common type of surgery is a laryngectomy - removal of the entire larynx or part thereof. But apart from that, there are several other equally important types of surgeries that have been successfully conducted in clinics in Israel.

The cost of surgical treatment of laryngeal cancer starts from $ 15,000 in Israel.

Israel clinics have access to new technologies and developments in medicine, in a short time to innovate and are beginning to be used.


This partial or complete removal of the vocal cords. Carrying out this operation in cancer throat is necessary for tumor localization in the glottis or the presence of surface malignancies. After performing hordektomii to remove a bunch of the patient may experience changes in voice (hoarseness), and resection of all - lost the ability to speak normally.


Tracheostomy - operation of laryngeal cancer, the purpose of which - creating an alternative airway through a special opening (stoma) in the trachea or windpipe. It may be performed after laryngectomy, as well as in cases where the cancer is blocking the trachea, or the volume of the diseased tissue is too large and can not be completely removed. Temporary tracheostomy is performed after partial laryngectomy with a special plastic tube of a small size (a few centimeters in length) which is introduced into the trachea through an incision in the front of the neck. The this operation for cancer of the larynx is needed to Facilitate the the patient's respiration, respiratory protection and the Rehabilitation of the early the patient.

endoscopic resection

In Israel clinics use minimally invasive treatment of cancer, one of which is an endoscopic resection. This operation is performed at the throat cancer at an early stage, or the presence of unresectable tumors to improve speech and swallowing. During surgery, the patient is under general anesthesia. Resection for cancer cells the surgeon inserts a special rigid tube, an endoscope, the patient's throat, and a small camera attached to a device that transmits an image of the tumor on the screen that allows you as accurately and completely remove the affected tissue.

It can also be carried out resection of malignant tumor with a laser. This procedure is called Transoral laser microsurgery. During operation of this type of cancer tumor throat surgeon cuts together with the nearby healthy tissue, directing them thin and powerful light beam. Removal of cancer in this way is as effective as the use of a conventional surgical knife (scalpel), but causes less bleeding.

Patients diagnosed with throat cancer after surgery performed by a minimally invasive method, there may be pain and difficulty swallowing for a few days, so they need to take pain medication. If during endoscopic resection were hurt vocal cords, patients may experience voice changes. In rare cases manifest side effects of bleeding, infection, and damage to teeth. But in general, carrying out minimally invasive operations is characterized by short-term rehabilitation patients and less likely complications.

neck dissection

This operation of laryngeal cancer, during which the surgeon performs the removal of the lymph nodes with metastasis and neoplastic nearby lymph nodes. This is necessary to reduce the likelihood of recurrence of the tumor. The exact amount of tissue that the doctor has to remove depends on the stage of the cancer. Together with the lymph nodes can be performed excision of certain nerves and muscles responsible for controlling movement of the neck and shoulders. But in most cases there is no need to remove such a large number of healthy cells.

Recovery operations at larynx cancer

Reconstructive surgery is performed to restore the structure and function of areas damaged after surgery of laryngeal cancer. Sometimes the muscles and skin can be replaced with the muscle-skin flaps taken from the areas close to the throat. Also, due to advances in microvascular surgery, namely crosslinking of small blood vessels and nerve under microscope, surgeons Israeli clinics receive more opportunities to restore damaged throat portions - as a graft may be used and other portions of the patient's body (part of the intestine or muscle tissue arms).

Laryngeal cancer - surgery

recovery time depends on the type of surgery and the patient's general health. Immediately after the procedure the patient can be transferred in a regular room, so the intensive care unit, or NICU. This does not mean that the operation has passed a throat cancer bad - physicians must make sure that the patient's breath is normal and pain are under control. The patient usually begins to eat and drink on their own after 1-2 weeks, before a feeding tube to be used.

After surgery for cancer of the larynx is recommended as soon as possible begin to move. It is important to do special exercises for breathing and feet.

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