lumpectomyLumpectomy is the most commonly used form of nephron-sparing surgery in the treatment of breast cancer in Israel . The mammary gland is anatomically divided into four quadrants - the two inner and two outer, each of which is divided into sectors. If the tumor is within the sector, and has a small footprint, is conducted lumpectomy. Segment removed breast tumor and a small amount of healthy tissue. After the operation is conducted, as a rule, radiation therapy, completely destroying the cancer cells.

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Indications for breast lumpectomy

Lumpectomy may designate if diagnosed - breast cancer step 1-2, no metastasis in organs and lymph nodes, tumor size is not more than 4 cm in each individual case requires individual consideration based on careful diagnosis..

Previously, there was a view that the lumpectomy for women of young age is less effective due to more aggressive malignancy compared to mastectomy . However, results from clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of these same operations.

It has been proven that patients younger than 40 years after a lumpectomy have the same risk of recurrence that patients older than 40 years. 5 years after surgery, the return of the disease was witnessed in 9% of cases, after 10 - 18%. This indicates the following fact: 80% of women after lumpectomy after 10 years there was no recurrence of breast cancer. Previously, doctors advised patients younger mastectomy because of the high risk of developing a malignant tumor in the same iron, if not removed entirely. According to the study, the probability of recurrent breast cancer in these patients was seven percent. But lumpectomy is effective only in combination with radiation therapy, in some cases with chemotherapy. For patients aged postmenopausal preference for lumpectomy due to less strain on the body.

Contraindications to breast lumpectomy

The operation can not be performed in the following cases:

  • breast cancer has reached the stage of 3-4, the tumor is large, two or more diagnosed malignant hearth;
  • the presence of autoimmune diseases (lupus, scleroderma, rheumatic fever);
  • during pregnancy and lactation due to the high risk of spread and recurrence;
  • previous radiotherapy of breast cancer;
  • contraindications to radiation therapy.

Lumpectomy is preceded by a complex of diagnostic tests: mammography, ultrasound, MRI, x-ray, laboratory diagnostics, medical consultation with the appointment of treatment programs.

The effectiveness of cancer treatment in Israel is due to government funding of cancer research, development of surgical techniques, the use of modern protocols of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the introduction of new anti-cancer drugs and other factors.

Lumpectomy - progress of the operation and postoperative period

The operation lasts 15-40 minutes, depending on the size and location of the tumor and various other factors. Range of tissue removed is determined by the results of intraoperative cytology, histology tumors and tumor size.

As a rule, the arcuate section with an electric scalpel. This leads to less blood loss, better cosmetic results and faster wound healing process. Breast lumpectomyThen the surgeon excised the tumor with a certain amount of healthy tissue. In place of excision drainage inserted in a rubber tube, which prevents the formation of haematomas. After removal of the tumor the wound is sutured.

At the end of a lumpectomy is performed histological laboratory examination of the removed material. If cancer cells are found on the edges of the resected segment, the procedure is performed reekstsizii. Repeatedly removed breast tissue in the tumor site, as there is a high likelihood of relapse. The postoperative period is about two days.

The Israeli hospitals used an innovative method which is carried out using a computer apparatus Scanner Margin Probe. The apparatus produces a wound scanning and detection of malignant cells remaining signals. This device allowed to reduce to 1.5 times relapses of tumors.

After lumpectomy compulsorily assigned radiotherapy within 5-7 weeks. Israel clinics use modern equipment, advanced linear accelerators, thanks to which is carried out in a short time course of radiation therapy.

The present innovation is a radiotherapy technique using Align RT visualization system. Applicable lower dose radiation, because the action is limited to the affected area. Exposure is carried doses of radiation, different power and directed at an angle strictly designed.

Sistema3D imaging Align RT monitors the patient's position using three cameras relative to the radiation source and adjusts the direction of radioactive rays. In addition to a lower dose of radiation observed better cosmetic effect, since not allowed the formation of dark and red spots on the skin of the breast. Minimally reduced the likelihood of developing fibrosis.

At the request of the patient after treatment it is possible to restore the shape of the breast using your own tissue or prosthesis implantation. As a rule, the greater aesthetics and symmetry conservation is performed cosmetic surgery on both breasts.

Israeli doctors prefer modern-sparing procedures in cancer treatment for a shorter period of rehabilitation. For example, radical mastectomy operation is carried out in extreme cases.

Possible complications after lumpectomy

breast segment on which the operation may lose sensitivity was conducted.

After lumpectomy changes volume / shape of the breast. Immediately after the operation in connection with a temporary edema breast visually increases.

There is a likelihood of recurrence after surgery and subsequent radiotherapy. There are cases that re-seal is the result of proliferation of fat or scar tissue.

Within a few months, possibly saving breast swelling and redness. Occurrence of months or even years new segment redness, which is accompanied by pain, fever and irritation indicates mastitis, an inflammation of the prostate. In this case it is recommended to take antibiotics. If the use of antibiotics for 1-2 weeks, redness and swelling persists, no positive result is assigned biopsy. It will be appreciated that this manifestation may be a symptom of non-oncological diseases, such as psoriasis. When a malignant tumor thickening of the skin resembles an orange peel.

Currently lumpectomy in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy represents one of the best methods of surgical treatment of breast cancer.

Prices for tumor resection

Lumpectomy - sparing surgery, which will keep the breast of a woman and at the same time get rid of the tumor.

The cost of operations in Israel, is fixed in amount includes payment for the work of surgeons, anesthetists, operating lease, consumables, postoperative hospital stay 2 days, and logistics services.

Price lumpectomy - 12 $ 180 + histopathology of the resected tissue - 1170 = a total of 13 350

Israel is in last place in the world death rate from malignant diseases.

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