Mastectomy is an operation during which produce indications during mastectomy - breast cancer and prevention of development.

Currently mastectomy in Israel carried out by keeping the skin in the chest area and at the same time carrying out the reconstruction of the breast. When the contra operation to restore can be performed upon completion of the period of the ministry of health reabilitatsii.Ofitsialnaya price - $ 4763.

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Possible indications for mastectomy:

  • ductal breast cancer;
  • non-invasive form of cancer;
  • the initial stages of developing breast cancer;
  • locally advanced breast cancer degree III (step a);
  • inflammatory form of breast cancer;
  • several malignant lesions in mammary glands;
  • cancer recurrence after radiotherapy;
  • breast cancer during pregnancy;
  • recurrent malignant pathology after lumpectomy;
  • purulent mastitis with the entire breast lesion;
  • preventive measures in connection with a genetic predisposition to breast cancer.

Mastectomy in Israel Mastectomy is performed necessarily, if malignant lesions found in several breast lobes, small breast size for a lumpectomy , There are contraindications to radiation therapy.

Preliminary examination may include such types of diagnosis as chest radiography, laboratory tests (blood samples), bone scan, CT, PET-CT.

Types of mastectomy in Israel

The choice of method of operation due to the individual characteristics of the female organism and indications.

A simple mastectomy involves removal of the breast with the preservation of the pectoral muscles and regional lymph nodes. During surgery can perform a biopsy of the sentinel lymph node. Indications are: ductal carcinoma, a high probability of breast cancer. The tumor reaches a large size, but does not grow into the capsule, the chest wall, no metastases in the lymph nodes. Apply sparing methods that preserve the skin and nipple.

Subcutaneous mastectomy represents rezetsirovanie breast tissue, while maintaining the maximum amount of skin. The incision can be made in the crease under the breast or around the areola. Through a small incision gland tissue removed from the capsule, the skin is left for reconstruction - graft implantation. After surgery, breast reconstruction is performed. This surgical intervention is possible only in the initial stages of the disease.

Modified radical mastectomy in Israel today passes differently than in the past. The surgeon performs only the removal of breast tissue and lymph nodes are not affected muscles. With this saved a great opportunity in the process of reconstruction of the same operation, or later, depending on the evidence.

Prophylactic mastectomy in Israelmastectomy surgery

Preventive, prophylactic mastectomy minimizes the risk of breast cancer in the future. This operation is carried out at a very high likelihood of developing cancer due to familial history, genetic mutations (mutations and BRCA2 DNA BRCA1). Carrying out a mastectomy is preceded by a visit to the anesthetist and the surgeon to discuss the operation and its characteristics, in particular, combined with reconstructive plastic.

Currently rarely require additional surgery after mastectomy held in Israel. The risk of local recurrence is very low.

Efficiency mastectomy in Israel explained, including the use of modern technology - diathermy device, an electronic scanner, innovative surgical techniques and so forth.

Mastectomy surgery in Israel

As an anesthesia using intravenous and endotracheal analgesic . Surgical approach in radical mastectomy is performed in 6-8 cm from the malignancy. During surgery, the surgeon uses a diathermy apparatus which has two possibilities - cut and burn. In the past, it used a scalpel , it was necessary to pick up and to connect the blood vessels. With the help of diathermy surgeon on all sides separates breast tissue. The second step consists in the resection of the lymph nodes. For detection of lymph nodes applies device similar to a Geiger counter. In the armpit installed drainage to drain and hemostasis of serous fluid. Then the wound is sutured.

mastectomy surgery time - from 60 to 180 minutes depending on the characteristics of the tumor and its spread. Easy and subcutaneous mastectomy types are faster almost immediately are implanted. A radical mastectomy is a continuous operation, during which the removed lymph nodes subclavian, axillary areas where there are large blood vessels.

Israeli surgeons during surgery a variety of advanced technology is used, for example, innovation, developed in Israel, the operation margin of the probe. Electronic scanner in the process of studying the mastectomy wound, revealing the remaining cancer cells and transferring the information to the display. This technique several times to reduce the recurrence of Oncology.

Also during mastectomy employ a technique in which define the involvement of lymph nodes in the pathological process. Produced biopsy "sentinel" lymph node (closest to the tumors), and then injected into a lymph node is a radioactive isotope. As a result of histological examination establish the prevalence of malignant process and the need for extensive removal of axillary lymph nodes group. The use of a scanner that reads the radioactive radiation, helping to establish the exact location of lymph nodes and remove them.

Hospitalization period - 2-5 days. Before discharge, remove the drain, on the tenth day - the seams.

In Israel clinics mastectomy performed in rare cases, the removal is made just breast tissue and lymph nodes without involving muscle process. This makes it possible to effectively recover the breast plastic surgery.

After surgery, a mastectomy in Israel

mastectomy surgery  A few days after the operation the patient is closely monitored by doctors in the rehabilitation ward in order to prevent post-operative complications in the early stages of rehabilitation. Earlier, after a mastectomy operation woman was in the hospital for 2-3 weeks now stay through the use of modern techniques and the general level of cancer surgeon was reduced to 3 days. If mastectomy was combined with the reconstruction, the extended period of hospitalization.

Complications after surgery mastectomy are rare, this surgery is considered to be risk-free in oncology. Subsequently, however, often broken skin sensitivity in the underarm and breast in connection with the intersection of nerves. In addition, there is increased sensitivity to touch in the area of ​​operation due to irritation of the tips of nerve transection. In the course of the rehabilitation of nerve fibers regenerate.

Complications after mastectomy are divided into early and late. By starting these effects are bleeding, for the prevention of which Israeli surgeons use special hemostatic solutions, application of elastic bandage, and other measures.

The emergence of infections in the second week after a mastectomy is also considered an early complication. For prophylaxis Israel doctors use a special surgical technique "minimal skin damage", different spectrum antibacterials, disinfectants processing.

The third complication is considered to be an early accumulation of fluid in the wound due to the removal of lymph nodes or intersection. It is removed through a drain through punctures .

Late complications formed tissues or edema of the hands lymphostasis, broken shoulder joint mobility, decreased muscle strength in the hand.

Currently mastectomy surgery has its own characteristics, caused by the clinical picture, but the most important thing - this surgery may be organ-preserving.

Mastectomy - surgical treatment of breast cancer, which is complemented by chemo - and hormonal therapy. If surgery is needed radiation therapy, the breast is placed in a temporary expander, in order to keep the skin in place. In such cases, reconstructive surgery is delayed until after the exposure period.

breast reconstruction in Israeli hospitals in several ways can be carried out:

  1. Autologous reconstruction involves using the patient's own tissues.
  2. The use of silicone implants origin, thoracic expanders and gel.
  3. Reconstruction of tissue combined with implants.

price mastectomy

In severe cases of breast cancer carried complete removal of the organ. operation, the program includes:

  • payment for the work of surgeons, anesthetists;
  • operating lease payments;
  • requires the components;
  • stay in intensive care and hospital clinics;
  • logistics services.

The cost of the operation - from 4763 dollars.

The price does not include:

  • Histopathological examination - in 1170 dollars.
  • Removal of axillary lymph nodes - 1820 dollars (holding depends on the indication and medical prescription).

In the treatment of breast cancer in Israel each patient has a team of specialists - oncologists, surgeons, radiologist, psychologist, plastic surgeons. This improves the results of therapy, improves survival. Mastectomy in Israel provides a minimum of relapses and complications, the best therapeutic effect, and cosmetic result. It is important to consider these factors when choosing a country and a clinic to perform this operation.

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