colectomy consequencesColectomy is a surgical operation for the removal of the entire colon or a portion thereof, is often performed to treat cancer, localized in the body.

Let us consider the operation of colectomy. In order to remove all of the malignant cells, the doctor performs excision of the tumor and a small amount of healthy tissue adjacent to the tumors, then the remaining parts of the colon are joined.

Cost of the Operations of The to the remove the malignant Tumors of the intestine STARTS AT $ 15,000 .

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In Israel clinics colectomy may be performed to treat:

  • colon cancer ;
  • diverticulitis;
  • bowel obstruction;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • precancerous polyps;
  • family adenomentoznyh polyps;
  • Hirschsprung's disease.

Colectomy also known as colon resection may be performed laparoscopically and open depending on the characteristics of the disease, the individual factors, general health of the patient, the stage of development of malignancy (unless surgery is performed to treat cancer) and the presence of metastases .

Colectomy open way in Israeli hospitals

After appropriate bowel preparation the patient carefully fixed (attached) in an inclined position on the operating table. Throughout the operation he is under general anesthesia. In traditional (open) colectomy technique the surgeon makes a lower midline incision to gain access to internal organs. Further resection of the diseased area is held lower intestinal tract, whereupon the doctor connects the two end healthy - impose anastomosis before take in the incision. Lot Size remote colon depends on the form and stage of the tumor disease, for which treatment is performed colectomy.

Doctors in medical institutions of Israel are doing everything possible to one of the consequences of colectomy did not change the natural process of the patient's stool. But sometimes for normal healing intestinal surgeon has to create a temporary opening in the abdominal wall - the stoma, to which is fed the end of the colon, and its edges are sutured to the skin. To collect stool, which regularly are removed from the body through the fistula, a special removable bag. Kalosbornik can be repeatedly cleaned of feces during the day. As a rule, most stomas are temporary and can be closed during the second operation. But sometimes there is a need for a permanent colostomy.

Laparoscopic colectomy in Israel

The operation is often performed by minimally invasive (laparoscopic) method which has several advantages over traditional (open) surgery:

  • less pain;
  • decreases during rehabilitation of the patient;
  • a small amount of scarring - the best cosmetic effect;
  • low trauma;
  • rapid recovery of bowel function.

During laparoscopic colectomy surgeon makes from 3 to 5 small incisions in the abdomen, after which one of them is inserted a laparoscope - a thin tube equipped with a tiny video camera that allows the surgeon to see the internal organs on a monitor. The abdomen is filled with carbon dioxide to improve visibility and facilitate operation. Next, the doctor inserts surgical instruments through the incisions, with which it carries out the removal of the patient's portion of the colon. The average time of laparoscopic colectomy is about 3 hours.

In the treatment of colon cancer resection is performed not only affected the area of ​​the tumor and the surrounding healthy tissue, but also the nearest lymph nodes, then superimposed between the ends of the bowel anastomosis.

Colectomy: effects, complications and risks

Postoperative patient care includes constant monitoring of his pulse, respiration, blood pressure and body temperature, in most cases it is given pain medications to control pain levels. As a rule, he gets out of bed after 8-24 hours after colectomy. Time of stay in hospital is 5 to 7 days in open surgery, but this term is reduced for people who have undergone laparoscopic procedure, up to 2-3 days.

Postoperative complications: implications colectomy

  • Bleeding into the abdominal cavity.
  • Complications characteristic colostomy - blocking or damage the stoma.
  • Of promoting stool Violation through the colon (bowel obstruction) and such negative consequences colectomy as constipation and diarrhea.
  • Damage to other organs of the abdominal cavity.
  • The appearance of adhesions.
  • The failure of suturing and anastomosis.
  • intestinal paralysis (temporary paralytic ileus).

In order to reduce the risk of complications after colectomy, you must comply with all the regulations and instructions of the attending physician, just follow the individual treatment plan, as well as:

  1. Take medication only on doctor's prescription.
  2. Inform the doctor about any kind of allergic reactions, pregnancy, or breast-feeding a baby.
  3. At the first signs of fever, bleeding, raising the level of pain, redness or swelling of the wound immediately seek medical attention to the expert.
  4. After the colectomy follow a specially designed diet and temporarily eliminate from your diet: raw vegetables, peel the fruit (pulp is possible), dairy products, beans, peas and lentils; sweets and pastries; fatty and fried foods.

Full recovery after colectomy takes about 2 months.

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