rectal cancer surgery Rectal canceris a malignant tumor that develops in the tissues of the rectum, the last 6 inches (about 15 cm) of the large intestine. Usually symptoms appear already after the tumor has reached a large size. The earlier the disease is detected - the more effective is the operation for rectal cancer in Israel. Therefore, it is important to undergo regular medical examinations (screening for women and men older than 50 years), and the manifestation of the first signs of disease immediately see a specialist.

Surgical treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel is worth $ 15,000.

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Symptoms of colon cancer

One of the most common signs of tumor is bleeding (observed in 60% of patients). Cancer symptoms may also be:

  1. Changes in bowel function (characteristic in 43% cases). Patients suffering from diarrhea, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel and false, accompanied by pain urge to defecate (tenesmus).
  2. Latent bleeding (20% of patients). The patient can not detect it on their own. It is determined through the analysis of stool for occult blood.
  3. Abdominal pain (20% of cases). The patient suffers from colic and bloating.
  4. Backache. Observed in late stages of disease, when the tumor expands and compresses the nerve trunks.
  5. Problems with urination. Arise in those cases where the affected cancer cells grow and squeeze the bladder or prostate.
  6. Malaise (9% of patients).
  7. Pelvic pain.
  8. Changing the size or shape of feces (narrower than usual).
  9. Weight loss.

Similar symptoms can be observed not only in the tumor, but also in other diseases, such as hemorrhoids or proctitis. Sometimes when the So patient urgently needs an operation for cancer of the rectum , he writes off his malaise on other diseases, excluding real threat, and thereby reduces the effectiveness of further treatment. In fact, the manifestation of the first signs of cancer need to undergo a complete diagnostic examination of the body, aimed at identifying the source of the disease and diagnosis, have a highly qualified specialist.

Diagnosis of colorectal cancer in the medical centers of Israel

The disease is diagnosed through a variety of methods, including:

  1. Rectal examination - the doctor inserts a finger into the rectum through the anus to feel for the likely projections.
  2. Determination in the stool occult blood - feces of patients studied in the laboratory.
  3. Sigmoidoscopy performed with a special thin tool equipped with an electric lamp and a camera, which is inserted into the anus.
  4. Colonoscopy - a procedure in which the doctor uses a tube equipped with a microscopic camera to obtain the most complete picture rectum and colon. It gives a more complete picture, compared with sigmoidoscopy.
  5. Biopsy - a sample of tissue sampling for further examination to determine the presence of cancer cells.
  6. Barium enema - a doctor injects a special liquid into the rectum for the subsequent X-ray art.
  7. Endorectal ultrasound.
  8. MRI - scan (at high resolution) of the rectum, it is necessary to determine the size and location of the tumor.

Modern diagnostics in Israel makes it possible to accurately determine the spread of tumor in the body, as a consequence avoid removing surrounding healthy tissue, "just in case" and unnecessary injury.

Surgery for rectal cancer in Israel

In the early stages of cancer development may be sufficient only for surgical treatment. There are several types of surgery for rectal cancer, carried out for the removal of the affected tissues. type of surgery depends on the overall health of the patient, stage of development and location of the tumors. It can be carried out proktektomiya for cancer treatment - resection of the rectum with preservation of the anal sphincter.

Cancerous tumors detected early, localized in the lower part of the rectum and having a small size, can be removed during or local transanal resection - surgical intervention in which the doctor inserts instruments through the anus neoplasms in place arrangements for the subsequent excision.

To remove the tumor at an early stage of development is also performed transanal endoscopic microsurgery. The operation is performed with an endoscope, which is attached to a video camera that transmits to the monitor five times enlarged image, and the light source. During the procedure, the rectum is filled with carbon dioxide and is inflated to provide maximum convenience to the surgeon in removing cancer.

One of the most frequently performed operations in rectal cancer hospitals in Israel is low anterior resection of the rectum. It is carried out in cases where the tumor is much higher anus. During surgery, the doctor removes the tumor, adjacent healthy tissue and nearby lymph nodes through an incision made in the lower abdomen. After resection was performed, the cut ends of the colon are sewn, thus maintaining normal bowel function. When the tumor has spread into the lower part of the card, the end of the colon may be attached by the surgeon directly to the anus (koloanalny anastomosis). Sometimes this creates a temporary colostomy to protect fresh connection. After the anterior resection of the rectum and the rehabilitation of the patient usually returns to the advancement of stool through the intestines.

When finding a tumor near the anus may be carried abdominal-perineal rectum extirpation - performed for the treatment of malignancies through the cut 2: in the lower abdomen and perineum. During operation erases rectum, anal sphincter, and surrounding lymph nodes. Notch on the belly is fed cut colon to form a permanent colostomy. After the second incision sutured.

In the treatment of colon cancer in Israel are also conducted minimally invasive procedures: laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery. Their implementation can reduce the risk of postoperative complications and pain levels, as well as helping to reduce patient recovery time.

Recovery of patients after surgery for rectal cancer

After proktektomii, laparoscopic procedures, transanal resection and other surgical patient rehabilitation time will be different. Initially patients feel weak and tired, pain is usually controlled with special medical preparations. Sometimes surgery can cause constipation or diarrhea. In the presence of a colostomy patient can occur on the abdomen skin irritation. Doctors monitor the health condition of the patient with rectal cancer after surgery for the prevention of side effects: bleeding, infections and other problems requiring immediate treatment.

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