Treatment of cancer of the colon in IsraelPeripheral part of the intestine - the colon central department, with one side of which is blind, and other rectum. It is the fourth most common form of cancer. Each year, statistics show an increased incidence, but thetreatment of cancerin Israel, colon gives promising results. Contributes to this a number of advantages:

  1. Equipped with the latest clinical techniques, the work which are world class experts.
  2. Application of new methods of diagnosis and advanced treatment technologies, which can significantly improve the quality of life of cancer patients.
  3. At an early definition of the form of the disease for more than 90% of people are cured of anomalies. Systematic screening suggests that predictions of survival in the long term are high, higher than 7-10 years for most patients.

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Israeli doctors, the prices for services

Among the well-known Israeli doctors clinics should be noted doctoral and professorial structure of medical institutions - the best experts in the treatment of colon cancer in Israel:

  • Julia Greenberg;
  • Ella Tepper;
  • Baruch Klein;
  • Ilan Ron;
  • Nadir Arber.

These names are known. Treated by these specialists - means to secure a maximum help of modern medicine in the fight with cancer of the colon.

As the price of the procedure, we offer optimal diagnostic program. Thus, the survey package will cost from 3730 dollars.

  • Consultation colorectal hirurga- $ 560
  • Oncologist Consultation - $ 600
  • Services radiologist - $ 650
  • Colonoscopy - 1460 $
  • Biopsy - $ 610
  • Tests for tumor markers - $ 120
  • Revision of pathology - $ 680
  • PET-CT - 1670 $
  • Blood tests - $ 80-280
  • Bowel resection - $ 30,000
  • Radiotherapy (course) - $ 16,000
  • Simulation of radiation - $ 1145

In addition, the price includes meeting at the arrival airport, transfer, tracking, interpreter to interpret the diagnosis.

Causes, symptoms

Treatment of cancer of the colon in Israel, the pricesColon cancer - a malignant tumor originating in the cells of the colon. Typically, the tumor grows slowly, but may eventually spread or metastasize to other parts of the body. The first most commonly affects the glandular cells lining the body wall. They produce mucus, which helps food move along the path. This adenocarcinoma. Rare species include small cell lung cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and other types.

If diagnosed in the early stages, treatment of colon cancer in Israel successfully in more than 90% of cases. The disease develops in people of different age groups, but in 95% of situations affects patients older than 50 years. Although the exact causes of cancer are unknown, there are risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing the disease:

  1. Family history: having direct relatives with a history of pathology.
  2. inflammatory bowel disease: ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease.
  3. Genetic conditions: FAP (FAP) - familial adenomatous polyposis. When illness intestinal mucous accumulates hundreds of polyps. This is a rare condition contributes to the development of bowel cancer. Lynch syndrome - an inherited disorder with early age at onset of the changes. The risk of genetic transmission of the disease is 50%.
  4. Polyps: growths or warts on the walls of the intestine.
  5. Diet, lifestyle, obesity, lack of physical exercise. A diet high in fat, lack of fiber.
  6. Alcohol, tobacco: irritate mucous membranes, toxic effects on the body.

Persistent changes in bowel habits - diarrhea, constipation, change in appearance stula.Simptomatika not always clearly expressed in the initial stages, so regular screening is important. The signs of trouble are:

  • Bleeding - blood in the stool, discharge during trips to the toilet.
  • Bloating, painful spasms in the intestines, flatulence.
  • Unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite.
  • Weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath.

There are other symptoms, however, clearly indicates that the required treatment of colon cancer in Israel is premature until the results of the survey. These symptoms may indicate hemorrhoids, infections, inflammation.

Diagnosis of colon cancer

Among the most popular methods of screening these studies noted:

1. Fecal occult blood test - the "gold standard" diagnostic. Non-invasive method can detect polyps and oncology. The causes of bleeding are set using colonoscopy.

2. Colonoscopy - a study of the intestine along the entire length, to study the features of the mucosa. The purified intestine through the anus is introduced a long, flexible tube with a light and a video camera on the end. Detected polyps are removed for examination under a microscope.

3. Biopsy of affected tissues - taking the material to produce histological report.

In the complex are appointed by blood tests, genetic testing, imaging techniques: CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound. A set of diagnostic procedures determined by the physician.

Treatment of cancer of the colon in Israel - treatment options

Treatment of cancer of the colon in Israel reviewsSurgery - The most common treatment option for I-II stage. The Israeli hospitals used open surgery and minimally invasive surgical approaches, including laparoscopic and robotic systems with navigation guidance system. The operation by the best surgeons of the country with a rich experience of treatment. Practice shows that doctors who perform more procedures in working with a particular type of cancer pathologies, achieve the best results. Depending on the degree of cancer spread, remove it surgically in several ways.


When the cancer is in its early stage, and tumor confined polyp. In some cases, the resection of the anomalous structure - all that is required for the patient's treatment. The doctor evaluates the changes in the study of internal features of the intestine.

segmental colectomy

If the cancer has begun to spread, a more extensive intervention. However, the surgeon removes the tumor part of the bowel, the nearby lymph nodes, which are exposed to oncology. Patients tolerate the procedure well, bowel function restored within a few months. Israeli doctors - experts in conducting minimally invasive surgery. These methods help to minimize damage to healthy tissue, reduce the risk of infection and blood loss, to speed up the recovery time.

Laparoscopy uses a thin tube with a camera on the end (laparoscope). The device is inserted through a small hole in the abdominal wall. The operation is performed using elongated instruments. Popular surgical system Da Vinci - robotic complex with a unique control panel, the display changes in volume on a computer monitor. When oncology affects neighboring structures, surgery is not considered the best approach.


It is used to reduce the volume of the tumor before surgery or after that cancer cells do not remain in the body and did not get a chance to develop. Doctors can assign adjuvant therapy. Chemistry based on application of one or a group of drugs. Medical oncologists make therapeutic protocol for each patient individually to increase the force of impact by reducing the side effects. Some drugs are ineffective for formula tumors with specific mutations. When metastatic seized biopsy tissue is examined to search for specific gene changes. Having determined the mutated gene, it is easier to assign the optimal treatment.

Thermal, radiofrequency ablation

Applicable metastases when the patient is not recommended surgery. Cryotherapy uses probes to freeze the tumor. The RF method, by contrast, operates through increase temperatures to critical values ​​to provide coagulative necrosis of tumors and surrounding tissues.

radiation therapy

It is used for the irradiation of these structures, creating impossible conditions for the existence of cancer cells. It conducted as an independent method of treatment and addition operations, chemistry, other technologies. External impact may be applied - through a linear accelerator, and an internal - via brachytherapy. The newest equipment allows to lock poliradiomodifikatsii not just the volume of the tumor pattern to the radiation incident on it as accurate as possible, but also to consider the prospect of movement in order to reduce damage to healthy cells.


"It is terrible when health begins to crumble before our eyes is what happened to me began with nagging pains in the stomach, and then I started to feel strange quickening within him to go to Israel to be surveyed, came to a wonderful doctor -. .. Ilan Ron gratitude for attention. heat, which he gave me during the treatment. After the diagnosis I thought that everything was over for me. it turned out that I was wrong. it has been 5 years since, and I am healthy. veronica L., 53 years old. "

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