Treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel

Patients who have undergone treatment for colorectal cancer in Israel, show good statistics survival in the five years after the operation and assistance for restoration of forces:

  • 95% of men and 98% of women who seek the services of doctors at the I stage of the cancer live more than 5 years after the course of the therapy;
  • 80% of men and 90% of women diagnosed with cancer in stage II, live 5 years or more after the operation;
  • 40% of men and 50% of women with stage III disorders undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer in Israel, show the survival rate after treatment with 5 or more years;
  • Stage IV survival rate of 5 years and is more common in 15% of men and 20% women.

Result survival depends on many factors. Among them, cancer stage, timely diagnosis, adequacy of adoption of corrective measures. Significance is prevalence of pathology, patient's age, state of health, presence of chronic diseases in history. Worst prediction forthe treatment of cancerof the rectum in Israel in people with CEA protein in the blood, as well as in patients with a perforated surface of the intestine and bowel obstruction. But Israeli doctors have taken for treatment of critically ill patients, bringing them back to life and giving a chance to return health.

Treatment of cancer of the rectum in Israel holds hundreds of patients from around the world. Israeli medicine is famous for advanced therapies, the author's treatment technologies, modern equipment and professional medical staff. Coordination Center will organize the treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel in the largest clinical institutions of the country under the supervision of an experienced oncologist.

Diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer in Israel

Direct cooperation with leading medical institutions of Israel allows coordination center to ensure timely consideration of the situation please contact our customer service. Send us documents about the diagnosis of the disease, you will receive a response on the treatment of rectal cancer in Israel for up to 48 hours.

We offer candidates doctors, clinics Israel, denote the cost of the procedures. Price of service abroad through us and handling directly in the same clinic. We guarantee a quick examination of the case, assist in the design of travel and provide an accompanying person upon arrival at the airport of Israel. Assigned to the coordinator of you accompanies you during the entire course of treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel, helping to adapt in a foreign country, performs translation services when needed.

Upon arrival at the hospital you are going through a full range of diagnostic procedures in three days:

  1. On the first day you get an appointment with the doctor, the audit materials shall biopsy are issued direction to the passage of certain diagnostic programs, study your map Health and available on hand research data.
  2. On the second day you are going through the diagnostic procedures. Acquire full survey course is always beneficial. Thus, the diagnosis of cancer of the rectum program will cost 3730 dollars. The list of procedures includes consultation of the oncologist, audit biopsy, blood tests, a study on the detection of tumor markers, PET-CT (CAT-CT), colonoscopy, biopsy. The same procedures, purchased separately would cost a significant amount. The second day of research includes delivery of the analysis of urine and blood from the patient for general analysis, biochemistry, detection of tumor marker. Patients undergoing PET-CT, which results from the choice depends on the protocol of treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel.
  3. On the third day, with the results of the survey you get an appointment with a leading oncologist of Israel that exposes an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment, based on the specifics of your case report. Upon receipt of the protocol can be treated for colon cancer in Israel and Russia, presenting the results of inspections and a program physician compensation.

Tactics of treatment in Israel is based on the surgical intervention, chemistry and radiation therapy. Popularity gets immunotherapy, which has recently been receiving more attention in the scientific community. Of interest is the information on the use of alternative therapies in which the patient's rehabilitation is being built. These include music therapy, art therapy and other methods of psychological support.

Combination therapies selects the doctor depending on stage of cancer metastases and dissemination in the body. Preoperative consultation carried oncological surgeons Israel.

Will be useful in advance to study the biographies of the doctors. The Internet presents data on experts oncology practices of Israel. Among the experts most often report:

  • Dr. Greenberg;
  • Professor Klausner;
  • Dr. Tulchin;
  • Professor Raban and others.

If you want to know the exact cost of the treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel, call the focal point, leave a request on our site, so we got in touch with you to clarify the details of the request.

For the amount of important account information about a particular patient. The cost depends on the treatment protocol, which is compiled based on the results of diagnostic procedures. However, turning to us, you will get the amount of the calculation immediately, as soon as the operator will specify the focal point related information. Consultation on the issues in the coordination center of the treatment is free.

Confidentiality is maintained in the interest of patients at all stages of treatment.

Reviews for the treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel

To make a decision about going overseas study testimonials of people who have been treated for colorectal cancer in Israel and the experience learned skill Israeli doctors, medicine capabilities, service clinics and hospitals. After reading the stories of real patients, you make the right choice, entrusting their fate to professionals:

Natalia Alexandrova. Irkutsk

"... when I was 49 years old, I felt a slight indisposition. My husband and I returned from a journey, and I sprained wrist. Without the help of a doctor to put the bones in place, I could not. Once in the hospital and talked with the doctor, he spoke about the ailments. I was advised to donate blood and undergo colonoscopy. the procedure revealed bowel cancer. At first it was scary, did not want to do anything. It seemed that life was over. Later came the force I decided to consider all options for the treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel, Germany, Russia Optimal appeared the first version -.. used in Israeli hospitals treating technology, which Russia has not yet been distributed, but they have shown good results. In Germany, too, everything was great, but the price tag was too high. Since we have children abroad I had to go alone. He appealed to the Coordinating Center, to help with the selection of the clinic, the doctor and gave escort upon arrival for treatment. From the options stood at Assuta, there choose a doctor who wanted to get on consultation. Dr. Moshe took me shortly after arriving, learned the diagnostic data, sent to a new study. The diagnostics developed the program. I had the surgery to remove the tumor and appointed several courses of chemistry, to destroy cancer cells that remain after the removal of tumors. I suffered all the prescribing physician. At the clinic, I made new friends. Which because of their age, I thought, I will not. When I came to Israel, I did not want to talk to anyone. But the doctor persuaded to visit cancer patients, support courses. There I met people whose life has gone in my scenario. We still keep in touch with them. 4 years later, I feel great. My husband and daughter traveling in Russia, this year went to the sea in the Krasnodar region. Each birthday, I'm calling your doctor to Israel to express his gratitude. Professional and master of his art gave me life, allows you to enjoy the happiness of family well-being and watch my daughter grow up. Thanks ".

Anastasia. Lipetsk

"... I remember some foreign movie that looked many years ago. There's a man saw the appearance of his neighbor that she had cancer. She was pale and thin, terrible. And I've always believed that cancer patients look like that. What was my surprise when I blooming woman feeling pain in the abdomen, turned to the clinic and learned that I had cancer. Decided to treat colorectal cancer in Israel, Suraski. Not regretted never. After resection of my prescribed chemotherapy. I have gone through 12 rounds of therapy To say that she felt well during the treatment, I can not There were side effects, but they were tolerant Attitude in the clinic for patients magnificent -... care, which show the doctors and nurses, it is very important for people Pleasantly surprised and a Russian coordinator All my questions immediately found the answer needs are met instantaneously the worst thing for me now -... this uncertainty I feel good, and tune in to a long life But in sometimes sprout long tentacles.. of fear. I read a lot of literature that the cancer can come back and I'm afraid of this. Help doctors Sourasky consider a blessing from heaven. I live, feel, I feel what is happening around. My family supports me in all endeavors. I got a disability, but that does not stop me from working, albeit with gentle busy schedules. "

Isolde Arturovna. Moscow

"... It was in December 2007, when I first realized that something was wrong. I had a stressful period of time, my father was sick, but I did not notice warning signs and then pushed into the campaign to the doctor. And pay attention to it at that. I have with great intensity diarrhea alternated with constipation. Medication did not help stabilize the situation, and I cheated on my nerves. By March, I realized that I need to make an appointment at the hospital. I was prescribed a colonoscopy, which I had pulled a couple of months because of the reluctance to pass unpleasant procedure. in May I finally matured to the survey. I discovered the cancer polyp. the doctor said he needed urgent treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel, Russia and other countries - does not matter - it is important to take urgent measures Suspecting late-stage cancer, he has sent me to the PET and blood tests When I got home, I wrote to elektronku your friends It seemed to me that... I would die soon after the visit to the hospital, and loved ones may not know about me. My friend from Thailand recommended me to be treated in Israel. On the Internet I found the number and called coordinators. The operator told me about the treatment of the clinics where they receive help Russian patients on services prices. I had nothing to lose, I have agreed to sign the treaty. I asked to accompany me in Israel. I do not know the language, and to feel discomfort due to the barrier of misunderstanding did not want to. The first thing that surprised me - the documents to treatment were decorated incredibly fast. Tickets are already waiting for me, I had no time and recover. The receiving doctor was one of Israel's leading oncologists specializing in bowel cancer. Make a diagnosis, it has passed all the necessary procedures. The first thing I heard - you are not the last stage of cancer. Who would have thought, but the words given me hope. I was struck by the warmth and care that come from Assuta staff. It feels no patient with a terrible diagnosis. If I was not afraid of death, I would feel like a tourist in a luxury hotel room. The treatment plan after the survey included chemistry and radiation therapy, which I should have been doing for six weeks. These measures, as the doctor said, was aimed at reducing the tumor. After the course I was sent home for two months, then I went back to re-surveyed. It turned out that the therapy did not produce the desired effect. The tumor has decreased slightly, and its location close to the sphincter forced doctors to perform the surgery. I cried very much, the doctor comforted me, but insisted on the surgery. I underwent surgery, but everything went well - the cancer has not gone beyond the rectum, there was no metastasis to other organs. I step 2 set. Following operations are assigned Chemistry course. I am by nature energetic, but the doctor warned that the chemicals will reduce my energy. It was true, after each session, wanted to rest and forget. In general, treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel lasted for six months. I was released a short time home, and her husband flew me to see. I am sure that nowhere would not receive such treatment, as here, nowhere else to me nor were so attentive. It has been nine years since the initial treatment, I took several courses of chemistry and radiotherapy. Every year I fly to Israel for examination, but everything is fine. I'm glad you found your way and I am glad that I live. Thanks for this ".

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