Tlv.Hospital company provides comprehensive care for patients with colorectal cancer. Our experts select the best program for the treatment of colon cancer in Israel, in public and private clinics, controlled by the country's Ministry of Health.

We are among the leaders in the organization of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical packages on the basis of well-known hospitals in the Middle East. Ask our consultants to your questions, to make sure - we work honestly, with the most transparent pricing schemes and stringent programs to protect the interests of our clients.

Advantages of the treatment of colon cancer in Israel

Due to the turned our contacts and extensive experience in organizing medical treatment abroad, our patients have access to advanced medical equipment, a multidisciplinary team of qualified doctors in gastroenterology, oncology, surgery and other specialties.

All involved in the maintenance of doctors have been trained on the basis of the best medical institutions of the country, has repeatedly raised the qualification in prestigious clinics in the world. In Israel, much attention is paid to the diagnosis. They understand - the early and accurate diagnosis - is key to the successful and fastest possible treatment. In addition to routine examinations by a colonoscope and visual screening, we offer innovative genetic testing and more. Israeli clinic at the forefront of the use of this unique method, as virtual colonoscopy (noninvasive screening test).

Once a patient is diagnosed, the best doctors in the Israeli health care system work with you to create a personalized plan of treatments. The aim of doctors - to organize the therapy that best stabilizes the condition of the patient, retain bowel functionality with any existing opportunities and provide a high quality of life. To achieve these goals, the Israeli surgeons use laparoscopic and robotic techniques pathologies correction. We understand that the diagnosis of "cancer" can scare you. However, our task - to educate patients and their families about the features of colorectal cancer, to select and offer the best program of treatment of colon cancer in Israel have turned to us for people.

Among the professionals who treat bowel cancer, more often noted by Professor Moshe Inbar, a famous oncologist practice and diagnostician in many cancer pathologies. names hanok Chestnut and Hagit Tulchin often mentioned. Learn about them to express their preferences before the conclusion of the visit to Israel of the contract.

diagnostic tests

Treatment of colon cancer in IsraelAccurate diagnosis - the first step to the treatment of colorectal cancer. Israeli specialists use a variety of advanced tools and methods to confirm or refute the diagnosis of cancer in the colon. The clinics of this country are able to detect cancer even if it only arises in the body and does not give a clear-cut symptoms. As a test for the survey are assigned:

  • Colonoscopy - a procedure in which a thin tube with light on the end and is attached near the light ray camera is inserted into the colon to inspect the body from the inside. So the doctor looks for polyps, abnormal areas, or cancer.
  • Virtual colonoscopy - a non-invasive alternative to conventional colonoscopy. Uses X-rays and software to produce three-dimensional (3-D) model of the intestine in the picture. The procedure does not bring significant discomfort after the patient can immediately return to perform everyday activities.
  • US - test that uses sound waves to assess depth of penetration of cancer into the body and testing of lymph nodes. It can be appointed as endoscopic ultrasound, and three-dimensional transrectal ultrasonography.
  • Confocal laser endomikroskopiya - accurate technique show in the digestive tract cells. Using one of the smallest microscopes in the world, doctors can detect and remove cancerous tissue during the same procedure. In more complex cases, the patient is referred for surgery.

After the diagnosis is being developed individual treatment of colon cancer in Israel to the extent and size of the cancer. The exact place of location and stage help to know the following screening methods:

  1. CT - investigation images using X-rays with low energy to assess the extent of tumor involvement in the abdominal or pelvic cavity. Israel has used the latest generation of equipment capable of generating three-dimensional image.
  2. MRI - research through visualization, for which a strong magnet is used.
  3. PET - sometimes used for assessing the degree of disease. Radiolokalizovannaya glucose is used to identify the location of any abnormally high levels of metabolic activity.

Doctors Israeli hospitals provide a personalized assessment of the risks, including genetic testing and counseling for patients with a higher chance of developing colorectal cancer. Particular attention here relate to people with family roots of the disease and those who have been diagnosed with certain gastrointestinal diseases, including inflammatory polyps in the intestines and on the inner walls of the digestive tract.

Methods of treatment of colon cancer in Israel

Treatment of colon cancer in IsraelFor patients with colon cancer surgery often is the first and only one on the way to healing. Used chemotherapy and radiation therapy. For each patient developed different approaches to treatment. With regard to the surgical technique, the advantage is given to the minimally invasive intervention with minimal injury and damage to body tissues.

Robotic technology allows to reduce to zero the number of complications, reduce discomfort and shorten the rehabilitation period. This innovative equipment with which the surgeon controls all the processes, while sitting at the console and seeing on the monitor what is happening on a larger scale. This interface provides three-dimensional images of body structures, thus avoiding damage to the blood vessels, nerve endings. Israeli surgeons perform a full spectrum of surgical techniques using a robot system da Vinci robot arm O-Arm and others:

  • Segmental colectomy (left or right), - removing part of the colon.
  • Total abdominal colectomy - the removal of the colon.
  • Total proktokoektomiya - removal of the colon, rectum and sphincter.
  • Colostomy - removal of the anus, rectum and sigmoid colon, creating a colostomy (hole in the abdomen for the passage of the chair).

Israel surgery is focused on operations with adequate excision of tumors which do not bear the damage of the sphincter function. Practiced transanal endoscopic microsurgery, new minimally invasive technique in which the early stages of cancer or superficial rectal polyps can be removed through the anus that does not require full surgery. Since in this procedure the incisions are not used at all, in fact, patients feel no pain and can usually leave the hospital for 1-2 days after surgery.

Chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy is usually recommended for patients with more advanced disease. They carried out both before and after surgery to reduce the volume and to prevent recurrence. Israeli hospitals offer advanced technologies, including intensive modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) with respiratory motion control functions, stereotactic body radiation therapy for (SBRT).

Prices for the treatment of colon cancer

The cost of treatment of colon cancer in Israel is cheaper than in Europe by 20-30%. Prices are lower if acquire cancer diagnostics package and not separately taken the procedure. The screening program includes:

  1. Identification of cancer markers in the blood - 240 dollars.
  2. Biochemical blood count - 280 dollars.
  3. Inspection activities biopsies - 680 dollars.
  4. Advisory visit to the profile expert - 600 dollars.
  5. Total blood count - 260 dollars.
  6. PET-CT - 1670 dollars.
  7. Colonoscopy Procedure - 1460 dollars.
  8. Biopsy - 610 dollars.

The total amount of the diagnostic program goes into 3730 dollars. Continuing treatment, be prepared to pay for the procedure following amounts:

  1. Surgical intervention for colorectal cancer - 22800-23000 dollars.
  2. The chemotherapy course - 1500-1700 dollars.
  3. Biopsy rapid method of studying the results of - $ 1,200.
  4. Radiation therapy - 17900-18100 dollars.
  5. Consumables in process - $ 2,400.


Patients say the treatment quality as high, emphasizing the professionalism of the Israeli doctors and their incredible ability to inspire patient confidence, even in the advanced stages of the disease:

Ilya Viktorovich, 54 years old

"Treated bowel cancer in Ichilov (Sourasky). Contact the Quickly all drawn up, helped with tickets, met upon arrival and even found a cheap apartment near the hospital. About the clinic itself only good impressions. Though expensive, but still very professional. Patient attention. underwent surgery to remove a small tumor, the next day to go home. "

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