basal cell carcinoma treatment in IsraelFor the treatment of basal cell carcinoma people from other countries come to Israel. Among them, a large percentage belongs to the representatives of Russia and the former CIS countries. This is due to the fact that the quality of care in Israeli hospitals is high and conforms to European standards of medical care. In this case, the cost of services at 30-40% lower than in EU countries.

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basal cell carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma - a tumor on the skin formed by exposure to the sun. This is the least risky type of cancer. If you find it in the early stages, you will be cured when the competent organization of the therapeutic process. This cancer spreads to a nearby bone or other tissue under the skin.

Tumor develops as a small lump brilliant. Formed usually on the cheek or other parts of the face. But may appear in any other part of the body, including the trunk, legs and arms. The most likely to develop the disease in light-skinned people. Practice confirms - for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma are coming to the vast majority of fair-skinned and light-eyed patients in Israel.

Basal cell carcinoma usually grows slowly and is often not detected for years after an intense or prolonged sun exposure. It can be obtained at an early age, if the skin is exposed to more exposure to sunlight or tanning in the solarium included in the usual practice.

Causes and symptoms

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun tanning or - the cause of basal cell carcinoma. At their Padania in dermal layers having abnormal processes causing damage to the DNA of skin cells. This provokes an uncontrolled growth of abnormal tissue.

The process sometimes takes many years before it gets noticed. Basal cell carcinoma looks different. You may notice the growth of skin in the form of a dome, which can be seen inside the blood vessels. Possible color - pink, brown or black.

Cancer occurs in the form of small tubercles on the skin, like a flesh-colored mole or pimple that does not pass. In rare cases, these growths darker. They may resemble pink or reddish scaly patches. In basal cell carcinoma fragile structure and bleeds easily by external influences.

basal cell carcinoma treatment in Israel

Basal cell carcinoma successfully treated, for which medicine uses a whole arsenal of surgical and conservative values. The choice of therapeutic tactics depends on the following factors:

  • location of the tumor;
  • its degree of proliferation;
  • depth pathologically altered layers;
  • general state of health;
  • the patient's age;
  • medical history, family history.

Take into account the fact, it has been subjected to any treatment before the tumor. For the treatment of a variety of methods are used.

basal cell carcinoma treatment in Israel, the pricesCryotherapy - a the non-surgical treatment of basal cell carcinoma in Israel. The physician uses liquid nitrogen for freezing the tumor necrotizing topsheet abnormal tissue. Then frozen skin peels off and formed underneath the wound heals.

Fulguration and curettage - a common all method of treatment, the which is often the Used for Tumors of low risk with found! On the trunk and Extremities. Treatment area is exposed to the local anesthetic . After tissue numbness surgeon uses a curette ( a tool that looks like a spoon to a long handle). Her doctor scrapes the cancerous tissue. Once the formation is removed, to stop bleeding applied electric needle, destroys the remaining edge of malignant cells. The resulting wound usually heals within a few weeks.

Surgery Laser - with the help of a tumor is vaporized under the Influence of a Focused light beam. Laser surgery only kills cancer cells on the surface of the skin and does not go deeper, therefore, its use is limited.

Surgery mohs - the this procedure, the Surgeon is Removes the tissue neoplasm of layer of layer by, and freezing charting each of Them. The material is examined under a microscope before moving on to the next. It is precise, complex and time- consuming process. This approach limits the possibility of scarring, while preserving as much healthy tissue. It has the highest cure rate of all therapies. Suitable for treating large tumors that recurred after other types of treatment, and tumors in the areas where we want to preserve the aesthetic appearance, such as the face.

Surgery classical My - Performed Anywhere on your old body. For the procedure the surgeon applies local anesthesia , and then removes the tumor from the skin. Part of the fabric around the removed to make sure that all the cancer cells are removed. The wound closed seams. Surgery is the most effective in tumors with well-defined boundaries. One of the major advantages of this procedure - the fabric is sent to a laboratory for cytological and histological analyzes.

Radiotherapy - treatment the which includes the X-rays's, or high-energy the Particles That are Used for the treatment of hard Tumors. The radiation is sometimes used after surgery to destroy any cancer cells that may remain. The course takes place in small doses over a three to four weeks in order to avoid heavy effects on the skin and improve the cosmetic result.

Chemotherapy - a method in which used tsitostatitcheskie intravenous medications, pills and topical formulations. This creams and lotions. Cure rates tend to be lower at the outer chemotherapy compared with other treatments, so these procedures are usually reserved for small lesions with low risk.

Reconstruction - The form of the any surgery may a leave a scar. When removing the tumor leaves a wound, traces of which can be hidden by means of reconstructive surgery. These methods help to heal the skin and restore its appearance.

for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma prices in Israel

To find out the cost of procedures and prices for therapy sessions, call us or order a return call, leave your phone number in the popup window. We quickly contact you and clarify any questions you may have. Prices for some services:

  1. Consultation onco-dermatologist - $ 600
  2. Blood tests - $ 620
  3. PET-CT - 1670 $
  4. Operative intervention - from $ 4000

This type of cancer is treated more easily than others, and therefore in the treatment prices are much lower. Provided the cost of check with consultants, leaving the application site.

Do not forget before leaving for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma in Israel, examine patient testimonials. According to reviews shows how well the treatment has been provided, and how to evaluate the physician who has assisted.

"Accidentally I saw a strange swelling on the trunk. I thought that wen. When I went to the hospital for a routine inspection, she saw her doctor. She did not like it, so we were assigned to diagnostic tests. I had quite a shock when I learned about basal cell carcinoma I decided to go to Israel and was not mistaken He has been treated in Ichilov Everything is fine -... clearly, quickly, with great attention to the problems of patients After diagnosis assigned Mos Discomfort.. felt. Six months later, all right. do not be afraid to beat cancer. With the help of good doctors it is easy to do. Marina, 39 years. "

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