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In the development of treatment programs melanoma in Israel used a comprehensive and individual approach. Here it is actively used by the so-called personalized oncology. This means the following - the treatment is selected based on highly accurate genetic tests. Treatment is optimized in such a way that minimizes the possibility of side effects by identifying the individual characteristics of the organism.

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Rates of melanoma treatment in Israel

Everyone who decides to go to Israel for treatment, there is a question of price. Respond to him is not easy, because the cost is due to the diagnosis, complexity and duration of the disease. In the case of melanoma, can not linger, because the illness is difficult to treat. The disease quickly develops and metastasizes. In order not to miss the chance to get rid of the disease, you need time to turn to highly skilled physicians. For detailed information on rates, you need to send medical records through a form on the website or by mail.

In Israel, the program of treatment of melanoma developed after a thorough diagnosis. You inspects oncologist and explores nevi (birthmarks, which most often occurs melanoma). After examination the doctor prescribes a biopsy. Material sent to histology.

  • Consultation onkodermatologa - $ 600.
  • Resection - from $ 1000.
  • Histology - $ 680.

There are two options after histological examination:

  • Gistoanaliz - positive (confirmed melanoma).
  • Gistoanaliz - negative (no melanoma).

In the first case the operation is assigned in situ detection of melanoma. In the second case - the doctor recommends monitoring of suspicious nevi or re-examination.

refines the diagnostics

  • Blood tests - from 80 $
  • Detection of metastases (PET-CT) - 1670 $
  • Lamellar resection - 7920 $

The cost of treating melanoma in Israel depends on the complexity and the spread of the disease. The price may change due to the need:

  • increasing the resection zone;
  • plastic after removing the melanoma.

If the diagnosis revealed a tumor, the surgery can not be avoided. Chemotherapy does not help in complete cure. Doctors provide comfort and explain what to expect before and after surgery. To surgical intervention was successful, the necessary procedure:

  • Preoperative preparation - $ 240.
  • Marking the lymph nodes - $ 1080.

Program surgery for melanoma:

  • Resection of lymph nodes - 7270 $
  • Resection of lymph nodes in the primary zone of the nevus - 9670 $
  • Resection of lymph nodes in the primary zone of the nevus with plastics - from $ 12,000
  • Consumables for the operation - from $ 3000

The treatment takes about 10 days. It is assumed that this time the patient is undergoing treatment on an outpatient basis and can live in a rented apartment or hotel. Of course, the cost and time may vary depending on what kind of results were obtained after diagnosis, operation and condition of the patient during the rehabilitation period.

new method

To avoid a recurrence of the disease in the future, doctors may suggest vaccination. The vaccine is being developed on the basis of the patient's melanoma cells, details can be found in this article. Manufacturing and vaccination - $ 21,000.

Let us consider the methods of treatment of this disease in Israel.

Surgery in the treatment of melanoma in Israel

Melanoma Treatment in IsraelSurgery is one of the methods of treatment of this type of skin cancer .

When you remove a tumor the doctor will check how deep it has penetrated into the skin. In most cases, the early stages of the disease cure by surgery. High performance operation is an operation MOS.

If the neoplastic process struck lymph nodes adjacent to the tumors, their resected. In the case where the disease returns sometime after the surgery may be another operation.

In some cases, surgery to remove the treated melanoma that has spread to other parts of the body.

Surgery in the early and intermediate stages of melanoma

Doctors put the diagnosis during the removal of moles or abnormal skin area. In most cases, melanoma affects only the upper layers of the skin when it is diagnosed and successfully carried out treatment with surgery.

The operation, called a wide local excision involves removing more tissue in the affected area. The objective is to eliminate any abnormal cells that might remain in the zone of localization of melanoma. This reduces the risk of the disease returning.

Wide local excision

The doctor removes the skin and tissue in the area around the tumor, as a rule, to the level of muscle. Number of resected tissue will depend on factors:

  1. How deep the melanoma has grown into the tissue under the skin.
  2. Its location on the body.
  3. whether the cells remained tumor in the surrounding tissues.
  4. Will the surgery to the process of movement after operation (e.g., a tumor is located close to the joint).

Usually, surgery is small. The skin is pulled together by staples to close the area where tissue has been removed. Maybe skin will look tightened, but as a cure, it is gradually stretched.

Basically, wide excision is performed under local anesthesia. In some cases checked nearby lymph nodes using a test called a biopsy sentinel lymph node. In this situation, the use of general anesthesia. One of the best surgeons to remove a melanoma is Chaim Gutman .

reconstructive surgery

Sometimes doctors need to remove a large area of ​​skin. In this case, as a rule, it requires a graft to repair it. This means the following: doctor removes a thin flap of skin from another area (e.g., from the inside of the thigh) and placed the area where the tumor was removed. The area where the skin has been adopted, will initially look like a large abrasion. Fairly quickly, within a few weeks, it is overgrown.

With a transplant, you must be very careful while he heals. It is vitally important not to damage it in this time. It can be treated with antibiotics, which prevent the development of infections. In most cases, with a wide local excision is not necessary flap or graft. The area where the tumor was removed, excellent self-healing.

Surgery to remove the lymph nodes

If the melanoma has spread to the lymph nodes, the doctor will recommend their removal. This operation can be called extensive and lymphadenectomy. Surgery depends on what part of the body lymph nodes are located.

Operations in advanced melanoma in Israel

Sometimes surgery is used to remove tumors that struck other parts of the body - metastasectomy. Held in secondary outbreaks melanoma. If you can remove all metastases, the operation is called full metastasectomy. It can not cure the disease, but it provides a good quality of life for a few months and sometimes years.

Chemotherapy in the treatment of melanoma in Israel

melanoma treatment in Israel, the pricesIn the fight against melanoma chemotherapy using cytotoxic drugs that disrupt the growth of malignant cells and circulate in the bloodstream throughout the body.

Chemotherapy for melanoma can recommend if there were secondary foci.

Cytotoxic agents are used to reduce the risk of the disease returning if the cancer cells have been found in the lymph nodes. This is called adjuvant chemotherapy. However, it is proved that it helps to prevent relapse. In this situation, it is generally carried out in the framework of clinical trials.

Chemotherapy drugs given to a patient in form of tablets or capsules, intravenously, as regional chemotherapy (in a certain part of the body an arm or leg).

Chemotherapy for melanoma intravenous in the form of capsules

For chemotherapy administered drug combination or one. The procedure may look like the adoption of tablets or injections. Followed by three or four weeks without any drugs. Then a few days of treatment. Basically, the cycle repeats 6 times or more, forming a full course of therapy.

dacarbazine (DTIC) a drug used to treat metastatic melanoma. It is used with other cytotoxic agents, such as carmustine (BCNU), vinblastin or cisplatin. The drug temozolomide (Temodal) is very similar to dacarbazine. It is taken in tablets. These drugs can be combined with hormonal therapy - tamoxifen.

Chemotherapy sometimes combined with targeted agents.

Possible side effects

Potential adverse effects from the treatment of melanoma caused by such factors as:

1. What drugs are used.

2. A dose of cytostatic agents.

3. The individual response to the medication.

A list of some frequently occurring adverse events:

  • Loss of fertility.
  • Reducing the number of blood cells.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Stomatitis.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Nausea.
  • Alopecia or thinning hair.

Side effects will gradually go away after treatment is complete, you may need to be a certain time, that the energy of the body restored.

Regional chemotherapy in the treatment of melanoma in Israel

The cost of treating melanoma in IsraelThe peculiarity of this type of chemotherapy is that the drugs act only in an arm or leg, do not spread throughout the body. Doctors refer to it, if melanoma is returned to the primary tumor region - the so-called local recurrence.

If lymph nodes were removed during the first operation, in the process of their resected following. This will reduce the likelihood of the spread of melanoma.

Regional chemotherapy in melanoma was first introduced 25 years ago. Ongoing clinical trials using the combination of new cytostatic agents and sometimes with targeted agents. There are two types of regional chemotherapy for melanoma:

  1. Isolated limb infusion.
  2. Isolated limb perfusion.

Isolated limb infusion treatment of melanoma in Israel

This type of chemotherapy in melanoma is carried out under general anesthesia. The surgeon sets the catheters into the blood vessels, which moves the blood in the limb. This turns off the blood supply to the limb from the rest of the circulation. After that the doctor connects the catheter to the pump and equipment that delivers chemotherapy drugs into the bloodstream. The blood may be heated, as some studies have shown the best results in a warming of blood on a degree or two. This may be due to the fact that blood vessels dilate at a higher temperature, providing a large number of blood tissue.

Once the equipment is connected, it can be provided a higher dose of chemotherapy or biological therapy isolated limb, without affecting the rest of the body. After some time, the surgeon mounts the blood vessels, restoring blood flow.

Isolated limb perfusion in the treatment of melanoma in Israel

Isolated perfusion is very similar to an isolated infusion. But in addition to chemotherapy drugs or targeted therapy in limb blood oxygen is supplied. Treatment can be carried out for a longer time.

The procedure is performed using general anesthesia and takes about an hour. Thereafter, the surgeon restores blood circulation.

Side effects of regional chemotherapy for melanoma

Because chemotherapy drugs do not circulate throughout the body, common adverse effects of treatment will not be - hair loss or nausea.

There may be some soreness in the arm or groin, where the catheter is inserted. The doctor will give pain medication if necessary. If no effect is observed, the dose prescribed or other drug may be increased.

Marked redness and edema of the hands or feet 48 hours after treatment. Reds can be transformed into brown, normal state after approximately 6 months. Sometimes there is a permanent discoloration of the skin on your arm or leg. Hair falls on this part of the body, there are blisters or peeling of the skin on the soles of the feet or palms.

During recovery, the clinic nurse will measure the pulse, and check the circulation in the arm or leg every day. This is necessary because there is a risk of blood clots. If there is pain, you need to put in the doctor's reputation, as this may be a sign of a blood clot. In such cases, prescribe anticoagulant drugs, bed rest for a longer period.

In rare cases, the chemotherapy drugs in small quantities can enter the rest of the body. Depending on the drug it causes little problems with kidney or liver. But the reaction is usually temporary.

Possible long term side effects:

  1. Lymphedema arm or leg.
  2. Amyotrophy.

The Israeli hospitals apply new combinations of chemotherapy and targeted therapies.

Radiation therapy in the treatment of melanoma in Israel

melanoma treatmentTo fight cancer cells Radiotherapy uses high-energy rays. Irradiation in Israel can recommend in metastatic melanoma, to reduce swelling and control symptoms. Radiation therapy in some cases prescribed after surgery to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Therapy takes place in specialized units. In the presence of secondary foci radiation therapy for melanoma include one or more procedures. After surgery, you may need a course of 5 treatments per week for several weeks. Usually, treatment is carried out once a day on weekdays. The number of procedures depends on the availability of other treatments and body parts, which is subjected to treatment.

Radiation therapy for melanoma carefully planned medical team in order to calculate the correct dose of radiation and determine the treatment site. CT is performed, which determines the location of the tumor and the structure around it. The area is marked with tiny tattoos treatment with the patient's permission. If necessary, create an individual shape or mask to provide a stationary position.

Radiation provide the so-called linear accelerators (medical equipment). Procedure last from one to several minutes.

The number and severity of side effects unique. As a rule, the treatment of melanoma undesirable consequences - a little. The skin may be red, there will be pain. It passes through the week - two after treatment. That part of the body that is treated, loses hair.

Biological and targeted therapy in the treatment of melanoma in Israel

These types of treatment - biological and targeted therapy - used in anti-cancer substances that are produced naturally in the body, or alter the chemical processes in cancer cells. Treatment of melanoma immunotherapy in Israel takes place with the help of drugs that stimulate the immune system to fight the disease.

Biological and targeted therapy does not cure melanoma, but help control the disease for some time.

Vemurafenib (zelboraf) - Targeted Melanoma Therapy

Vemurafenib (zelboraf) reduces swelling in people who have a mutation in the gene BRAF V600. About half of melanoma patients have this mutation. Vemurafenib is an inhibitor of BRAF, it is taken as a pill twice a day. Such targeted therapy of melanoma using zelborafa performed until effective.

Possible side effects include:

  • joint pain;
  • fatigue;
  • skin rash;
  • sensitivity to sunlight;
  • nausea;
  • hair loss;
  • itching.

Sometimes people taking vemurafenib, develop squamous cell skin cancer. It can be easily removed at an early stage. You must notify the physician immediately if any changes have been detected.

Israeli physicians consider such targeted therapy for melanoma best treatment option for patients with the gene mutation BRAF V600, compared with older methods - chemotherapy.

Tafinlar (Dabrafenib) - Targeted Melanoma Therapy

The drug is given if the melanoma has spread, or for those cases where the tumor can not be removed by surgery. Tafinlar stop protein production BRAF, which promotes the growth and division of cells. This medicine is only for melanomas with a mutation in the gene BRAF V600. It is taken twice a day. Such targeted therapy of melanoma by tafanlara carried out until providing a necessary action.

Possible side effects include:

  • alopecia;
  • changes on the skin - rash, itching, dryness;
  • increased fatigue, lack of energy;
  • pain, redness of the hands and feet (hand-foot syndrome);
  • headaches, pain in the joints;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • loss of appetite;
  • elevated temperature.

Studies demonstrate effective combination dabrafenib and Vemurafenib.

Sometimes, in people taking dabrafenib, develop squamous cell skin cancer. But he is easy to handle in identifying at an early stage.

Ervoy (ipilimumab) - Targeted Melanoma Therapy

Ervoy (ipilimumab) is a monoclonal antibody which increase survival in a number of patients with melanoma. The drug enters the body intravenously every 4 weeks - 4 doses. The course is 16 weeks.

Among the potential adverse effects noted:

  • rash;
  • diarrhea;
  • inflammatory bowel disease;
  • effects on the liver.

Treatment of melanoma immunotherapy in Israel - interferon and interleukin

The body in small quantities produces interferon, which stimulates the immune system to attack the abnormal cells, including cancer. The drug is given by injection three times a week. In some cases, interferon give the first few weeks on a daily basis. Therapy may continue for several months or years.

Possible side effects are more likely in the first few weeks of therapy. Among them say:

  • flu-like symptoms - headache, fever, chills;
  • fatigue;
  • pain in the muscles and joints;
  • nausea;
  • loss of appetite;
  • depression.

interleukin 2

Medications for the treatment of melanomaInterleukin-2 is called aldesleukin. The drug enters the body in the form of a subcutaneous injection may be administered intravenously.

Possible unwanted effects of therapy include:

  1. higher risk of infection;
  2. fatigue;
  3. flu-like symptoms;
  4. low blood pressure;
  5. skin rash;
  6. nausea;
  7. diarrhea;
  8. poor appetite.

New research in the biological and targeted therapy of melanoma

Bevacizumab (Avastin) is a type of monoclonal antibody that targets specific recognition and identification of abnormal proteins on the surface of malignant cells. When the antibodies are attached to the cage, they block the individual processes that promote the growth of cancer cells. Such therapy can stop the growth of tumors or reduce it. The research scientists are studying whether bevacizumab after surgery can stop the progression of the disease. Such treatment is not standard and is available only through clinical trials. The drug enters the body intravenously. The most common adverse effects are high blood pressure, nausea, constipation, diarrhea and fatigue.

Regional biological therapy

Interferon is sometimes used in combination with regional chemotherapy. This medication, which is delivered to the hands or feet. Usually used for recurrent melanoma. Another type of biological therapies - tumor necrosis factor, which is used in the same manner. It requires a large number of clinical trials to understand the effectiveness of this treatment.

Vaccine in the treatment of melanoma in Israel

This method of treatment are not widely available, is still being tested. As a rule, it is carried out within the framework of clinical trials.

The vaccines used in the following cases:

1. For the treatment of melanoma, if it has spread to other parts of the body.

2. After the surgery, people run the risk of recurrence, especially if the cancer struck lymph nodes.

Cancer vaccines should stimulate the body's own system to fight melanoma. The immune system deals with antibodies. They are created to the specific tumor proteins - antigens.

Tumor proteins are large molecules located in cancer cells. Antigenically body recognizes the cells as anomalous. It creates antibodies (proteins), exactly corresponding to each antigen. The antibody binds to the antigen, and notes that this cell had to be destroyed by the immune system.

Creating a vaccine against cancer, melanoma cells using a specific person, and is only used to treat this patient. Vaccine can be developed using a variety of melanoma antigens. Such therapy is for many people.

One of the advanced techniques - a vaccine made individually. Such medicines contain everything you need for a specific treatment of human ..

Other vaccines using different strains of melanoma cells and have a large number of different antigens. Patients who received such treatment, will be administered only some of the antigens for melanoma cells. This vaccine is produced in large quantities and are used to treat a variety of people.

How is the treatment of melanoma in Israel with a vaccine?

melanoma treatmentCancer vaccines are usually administered in the form of a small injection. The vaccine is usually repeated as the melanoma antigens do not stimulate the immune system for a prolonged time. Vaccination can do every week for several weeks. Then twice a week or every month. Such treatment of melanoma in Israel takes a long period of time, the period may be uncertain in some people.

How much time is required to obtain the effect of therapy?

In the application of vaccines normally require more time than for other types of medication. Immune response is checked by taking a blood sample. Studies show that the expectation of the immune response can take up to 4 months. If the vaccine works by slowing down the rate of growth of melanoma. Then for some time, growth stops. In the end, melanoma may start to decline.

How long is the vaccine?

At the present time there is insufficient information on the subject. According to the results of earlier studies, the vaccine effect lasted for several months in some patients, while others - for many years. Sometimes the effect is completely absent. So far there is no information why the results have been reported in some people and there are no others.

Side effects of vaccines against melanoma

In addition to pain at the injection site adverse effects can not be observed. Sometimes the side effects are noted, similar to other methods of biological and targeted therapies - flu-like symptoms associated with headache, aches and high temperature.

The results of trials of vaccines in melanoma

In the treatment of common melanoma with a vaccine revealed the following results:

  • Failure to respond.
  • The cancer was completely gone.
  • Some reduction in melanoma.
  • Slower growth of the disease.

Some patients had surgery to remove the secondary foci to the vaccine. The purpose of the operation was not a cancer cure. Researchers believe that the vaccine works best when the volume of tumor less.

Scientists believe that the vaccine helps prevent the spread of melanoma in the new areas in the body, stimulating the immune system to fight with cancer.

People with high grade melanoma that struck lymph nodes, there was a mixed reaction to the vaccine. In some cases, they have helped to prevent a recurrence of the disease.

According to several studies, the addition of the vaccine to the biological therapy or chemotherapy may help control metastatic melanoma in some people.

Vaccine trials are ongoing. Doctors seek to understand why they work for some people, and do not affect others. If there is an immune response in the first few weeks of treatment, a vaccine is likely to have a therapeutic effect.

It conducted a new study in which scientists are trying to stimulate an immune response by combining the vaccine with other triggers, such as a vaccine against tuberculosis - BCG. Connect biologic therapy with the vaccine showed promising results.

Results of these studies will help to determine whether effective treatment of melanoma vaccine.

Treatment of melanoma in Israel effectively because of the high level of professional doctors, the use of modern techniques and preparations, accurate and reliable diagnosis.

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