carcinoma operation

Squamous cell skin cancer (carcinoma) develops from the squamous cells that line the skin. Typically, the disease does not pose a serious threat to life, but only as long as the tumor is not will grow or spread to other parts of the body.

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It is known that squamous skin cancer detected at an early stage and quickly removed, and the curable always able to cause only minimal damage. However, in advanced cases, the tumor can metastasize to distant tissues or organs, to grow into bone, cartilage, and lymph nodes, and, thus, lead to fatal consequences. Therefore, if a patient was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, surgery or any other treatment must be immediately executed.

Neoplasm may occur anywhere on the body including the mucous membranes and genitals, but it occurs most often in areas that are regularly affected by the sun's rays - on the ears, lower lip, face, neck, arms and legs. Therefore, upon detection on the body of any suspicious or tumor outgrowth, you must consult your doctor immediately. At the time of diagnosis of the disease is carried out a biopsy - a patient tissue sample is taken to study it under a microscope. If the tumor cells have been found to give a fragment - the doctor chooses the most appropriate way to treat the disease. To the best medical treatment in Israel, skin cancer Jacob Schechter , you can sign up through our medical services.

Surgery for squamous cell carcinoma in Israeli hospitals

The surgical technique is a traditional and effective way to treat carcinoma. The doctor determines the type of surgical intervention, depending on the age and health of the patient, stage of cancer, presence of metastasis, the location and type of tumor.

Operations with carcinoma: excision

It is the most common type of treatment of squamous cell skin cancer. During surgery, the surgeon removes the tumor itself, together with a small amount of adjacent healthy tissue, the amount of which depends on the diameter of the tumors and the degree of differentiation of cancer cells. As in biopsy samples obtained studied under a microscope, and if necessary, re-excision is performed.

Offset from neoplasm is usually from 4 to 10 mm. For well-differentiated tumors whose diameter is not more than 19 mm will be enough to withdraw about 4 mm and for larger or less differentiated tumors, as well as for cancer localized in high-risk areas: scalp, ears, eyelids, nose, and lips - may need wider edge (6 to 10 mm).

Israeli medicine occupies the first position in the world for the treatment of skin cancer. One reason for the high efficiency of treatment of oncology in Israel - development of unique surgical techniques.

Surgery for squamous skin cancer: curettage and fulguration

The physician scrapes tumor curette - a tool resembling a spoon, then base neoplasm is burned by a special electric needle, through which high frequency current is passed. There are several basic properties of this type of surgery for carcinoma:

  • Is safe and easily tolerated treatment.
  • Suitable for patients with multiple skin lesions.
  • It has an excellent cosmetic effect.
  • It holds for the treatment of tumors less than 1 cm and / or precancerous lesions.


Squamous skin cancer, is generally limited to the epidermis and has not spread to other areas of the body for a long time, but without treatment it can penetrate into the underlying tissue and lead to serious damage and defects (loss of the nose, eye or ear). If the tumor cells have begun to metastasize and spread to lymph nodes and distant organs, it increases the likelihood of death.

In this case, there is a need for surgery for squamous cell carcinoma - lymphadenectomy, is the removal of regional lymph nodes, which were found secondary foci of tumor development. Sometimes surgery is performed in combination with radiotherapy.

MOS operation

By using a scalpel or a curette, the doctor removes the visible tumor with a very thin layer of tissue around it, which is immediately examined under a microscope in a laboratory. If the malignant cells are found in a depth or at the external borders of the sample, the operation continues and the next layer is removed by carcinoma. The procedure is terminated after the remote fragment is not cancer cells.

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