Operation MOS is surgery, which is performed to treat different types of skin cancer ( basal cell carcinoma . melanoma) And provides the most accurate and complete removal of the tumor. This microsurgical procedure is usually applied at the location of the malignant cells in the head or neck, as well as for recurrent lesions. There are several major cases in which it is necessary to carry out the operation MOS:

  1. The tumor is localized in those areas of the body where it is important to preserve as much healthy tissue - eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair line, feet or genitals.
  2. There is a high risk of recurrence of cancer tumors, or relapse has occurred.
  3. MOS operation is required if the surgeon is difficult to determine the boundaries of the affected tissue.
  4. The tumor is large or is aggressive.

Treatment of cancer with the use of modern possibilities of medicine, with the assistance of highly qualified specialists in most cases, saves the life of a person.

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Doctors in Israel during the MOC have one main goal - the removal of an increasing number of cancer cells while causing minimum damage to surrounding healthy tissue. One of the experts in the treatment of skin cancer in Israel isJacob Schechter. Please contact us to make an appointment to see him. Micrographic surgery or MOS is an improved method of standard surgery (partial excision). It is to remove the visible tumor and a small margin of healthy cells, and allows surgeons during the procedure to check the removed tissue for the presence of cancer and, if necessary, to carry out excision of a larger plot. Thus, the MOS operation increases the chances of recovery of patients, reduces the need for additional treatment and a repeated surgical intervention.

Benefits of ISO operations in Israel

The procedure involves the removal of skin cancers, layer by layer, and subsequent study of tissue under the microscope as long as will not be achieved "clean edges." It has the highest success rate (99%) in the treatment of skin cancer, when compared to other methods.

Advantages of micrographic surgery (ISO):

  1. Removing the minimum amount of healthy tissue.
  2. Short term rehabilitation.
  3. MOS operation virtually eliminates the likelihood of cancer recurrence.
  4. Opportunity to cure the disease after other treatments have not yielded the desired results.
  5. Maximum functional and cosmetic results.

Other methods involve surgery "blind" removal of a large volume of tissue, which can lead to unnecessary excision of normal cells or tumor re-growth of the neoplasm.

Preparation for ISO operation

Prior to the procedure, the patient should follow a few general rules:

  1. Stop smoking at least 2 weeks prior to the MOS operation. Smoking can slow down the healing process and cause of infection in the wound.
  2. During the seven days before the procedure is recommended to stop or reduce the use of alcohol, as alcohol abuse can cause bleeding.
  3. Patients who do not have heart problems, your doctor may prevent receiving blood-thinning drugs - ibuprofen, Alka-Seltzer, vitamin E, aspirin - 14 days before the MOS operation.
  4. Drug Admission discussed with your doctor. The patient should neither continue to take prescription drugs or to stop doing this without consulting doctors (patients who have experienced a heart attack, a stroke or suffering from pains in the heart, most likely, continue to use medications).

MOS operation - carrying out in Israel

Surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Sheer MOS surgery (removal of the tumor) made in the operating room, and histological examination of tissue samples obtained - in an adjacent laboratory.

There are several main stages of the operation MOS:

Stage 1. It made a map of the affected area of ​​cancer cells. The surgeon examines the visible portion of the tumor and determine its clinical borders.

Stage 2. Removal of cancerous growths is held, whereupon the physician removes the deeper layer tissue comprising skin fragments nearest the tumor, and the layer located underneath.

Step 3. During the operation, the surgeon makes MOS marks on the skin and divides the resulting sample on a part, which, after painted in specific colors. It is necessary to identify the source remote fragments. Accordingly, labeling of the samples obtained are plotted on a map of the tumor.

Stage 4. In the laboratory conducted histological examination of each tissue site, the surface and edges to confirm the presence or absence of cancer cells in the resulting fragment.

5 step. If the surgeon discovers the tumor cells under a microscope, he notes their location on the map and return to the operating room to remove the next, a deeper layer of the skin. And the procedure is repeated.

6 step. MOS operation is completed after the surgeon has ascertained that the obtained layer is left cancer cells.

7 step. Reconstruction of the damaged area. It can be conducted as suturing and the transplantation of skin graft from other parts of the patient's body.

The procedure usually takes a few hours. The time of the MOS operation depends on the depth of destruction of cancer cells and the number of additional fabric layers that have to learn the surgeon.

postoperative risks

Complications after surgery MOS are rare, but they can still occur:

  • bleeding or bruising;
  • infection;
  • pain and tenderness in the area of ​​the wound;
  • temporary or permanent numbness around the surgical field;
  • itching or shooting pain in the affected area.

MOS operation - Improved methodology Standard surgery more difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Meanwhile, after the note is minimal risk of relapse and the smallest aesthetic defect. Operation ISO is the best method of treatment for skin cancer. Thanks to the timely support of our medical service «Tlv.Hospital» you can get rid of a malignant tumor in the shortest possible time.

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