+ BCG for bladder cancerBCG - a vaccine, which is used for the prevention of tuberculosis. But beyond that, it is an effective treatment for some forms of superficialbladder cancer. It is introduced directly into the organ.

BCG - is an immunotherapeutic drug, doctors and while it is not known for its mechanism in this disease. He works on the bladder, which strengthens the immune system, helping to fight abnormal cells.

BCG for bladder cancer helps reduce the likelihood of recurrence of cancer in the body of the mucous membrane, as well as reducing the risk of transformation into an invasive form.

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BCG is usually administered when there is a high probability of the return of the disease and its transformation into an invasive form. This may be the following cases:

  1. Carcinoma in situ - it usually can not be completely removed surgically, because it is flat and often spreads to the mucous membrane body.
  2. When papillary carcinoma grade 3 (Ta and T1).
  3. In papillary carcinoma (T1) 2nd degree or higher, with tumor size of more than 3 cm in diameter, or when there are several neoplasms.

Urologist or oncologist at an Israeli hospital to explain to the patient why BCG is the most appropriate treatment. A break, at least two weeks for those who had surgery before embarking on this type of therapy.

Treatment with BCG is performed for six weeks, followed by a six-week break and then therapy is performed once a week for one - three weeks.

If the treatment results are good, it may appoint once a week for 1-3 weeks every six months. This therapy is called maintenance, it can perform over three years.

This type of treatment may vary, the doctor will give detailed explanations in each case.

How is the BCG for bladder cancer in Israel?

The treatment is performed in an outpatient hospital department. it may take up to three hours, after which the patient is able to return home on time.

The patient will need to limit the amount of fluid intake before treatment. This will increase the concentration of BCG in the bladder. In addition, when excess fluid the patient will experience a feeling of overcrowding. If the patient is taking diuretics, their acceptance will have to be postponed to a later time. The doctor will give recommendations on how to prepare for BCG therapy for bladder cancer.

The patient takes a comfortable position. The nurse places the catheter into the bladder, through which BCG is administered. In the first 15 minutes must lie on his stomach, then it will be possible to get up and move around. You will need to try not to urinate for two hours. This may cause some difficulties, but the main goal is to allow time for the drug to provide a therapeutic effect. Sometimes a catheter is left and is clamped to the drug is inside the body for the next two hours.

After the procedure the patient can go to the toilet. If the catheter was placed, BCG is drained before it is removed.

After treatment, taken certain precautions for the next six hours. This is due to the fact that BCG - live vaccine, and other people should not be subjected to its influence. The main thing - avoid splashing urine on the toilet seat or hand. Once urine has got into the toilet, it is treated with bleach to destroy undiluted vaccine and leave residues agent for 15 minutes, and then flush the toilet bowl with the lid. The nurse will advise the patient in detail about it.

Side effects

Since BCG for bladder cancer is injected directly into the body, most of the effects associated with the treatment of the urinary bladder. They can be seen within a day or two. If the condition does not improve over time, you need to inform your doctor. It is important to drink plenty of fluids to help withdraw the drug from the bladder and reduce some of the side effects. Admission painkillers also will help.

Rare side effects may include a constant high temperature (fever), joint pain and cough. If there is any of these symptoms or there is discomfort, you should immediately inform your doctor. This may be a sign of a more serious infection due to BCG therapy in bladder cancer and require emergency treatment. If this happens, it will be assigned to antibacterial drugs used in the treatment of tuberculosis.

protection partner

During sex, you must use a condom for the first week after treatment. This protects the partner of a vaccine which may be present in semen or vaginal fluids.


It is not known as the BCG vaccine can affect the unborn baby, therefore inadvisable pregnancy during treatment.

It is important to use effective contraception during therapy and for six weeks after that. The patient can discuss more this issue with your doctor.

An innovative method of treatment of non-invasive bladder cancer

In this way, it considered BCG for bladder cancer with interferon. Interferon - a drug that stimulates the body's immune system to attack cancer cells. Some studies suggest that the combination of interferon with a low dose of BCG helps to prevent the recurrence of cancer in people who are not helped simply use the BCG vaccine. However, more clinical trials need to figure out exactly how effective this combination.

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