reconstruction of the bladder The bladder is not a vital organ (in contrast to the heart or brain), the loss of human life is terminated. But he needs to keep a continuous flow of urine coming from the kidneys, and its subsequent removal from the body. In some cases ( cancer , organ failure and other diseases), there is a need for surgery to remove the bladder ( radical cystectomy ), and at the same time to create a new path for the removal of excreta. The Israeli clinics for this purpose used a variety of methods of recovery of the bladder.

Depending on each individual case Israeli clinics, doctors perform a particular procedure, the main purpose of which is to restore the urinary process.

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Depending on individual factors, amount of tissue removed during surgery, general health and age of the patient selected one or another method drain urine from the body.

Urostomy in Israel - the formation of ileal conduit

The surgeon performs a urostomy redirecting patient urine to the opening (stoma) made on the skin of the abdominal wall. To create a ileal conduit, the doctor uses a short segment of the small intestine, and then restores its integrity by anastomosis. One end of the gut segment is displayed on the surface of the skin to create a stoma, and the second is attached to the ureters, the function of performing transport of urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Thus, after performing urostomy, the urine is output from the ileal conduit formed into a disposable bag, is attached to the opening in the abdominal wall.

Disadvantages :

  • The constant use of an external pouch to collect the urine, which may begin to leak or spread an unpleasant odor.
  • Psychological problems associated with an unnatural way drain urine from the body.
  • Change the appearance of the body.
  • Urine may go back into the kidneys, and can cause infections, stone formation, as well as damage to internal organs.

Advantages of the method :

  • It is a fairly simple operation, which implies a lower risk of complications.
  • Urostomy occupies a minimum amount of time (compared with other surgical methods).
  • The patient does not need to continually catheterization (to use a special tube to drain the bladder artificially created).

Restoring bladder in Israel - kontinentnoe urinary diversion

Kontinentnoe urinary diversion (retention, orthotopic) is to create a reservoir to which urine is conveyed from the ureters, inside the patient's body from the stomach or small or large intestine. Depending on the type of procedure, the patient may or may not have a stoma.

Reconstruction of the bladder in Israel - the formation of artificial "pocket"

To replace the bladder doctor creates an internal reservoir, one end of which is connected to the ureters, and the second - to the urethra. This procedure is only possible in cases where the cancer cells are not affected by the mouth of the urethra. Through our service, you can link to the best specialist in the field of urology - Leon Agulyanskim .

Due to the fact that urine enters the reservoir (neobladder) possible naturally - through the kidney to the ureter and then - in artificial bladder and the urethra, the patient has normal urination, which is a significant advantage of this type of reconstruction of the bladder, and lack stoma (unlike urostomy).

But, unfortunately, the operation of "pocket" is different from the work of this body - sometimes a person has to enter a special catheter through the urethra into the tank to completely drain it. Also, there is a high possibility of unconscious urination - about 20% of patients during the night and from 5% to 10% during the day are incontinent.

Restoring the bladder - the creation of a permanent tank output to the abdominal wall

This method involves the regular use of a catheter to drain urine from the body. It is used in cases where the urethra or a part thereof has been removed during cystectomy and consists in summing the reservoir to the stoma small (less than 1 inch in diameter) made in the anterior abdominal wall. urine accumulation occurs inside the body, so the patient does not need to constantly wear a bag that collects dung.

Israel Hospitals reconstructive use modern technology, by creating a urostomy external urine collecting device to form the inner tank depending on the spread of disease and other factors.

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