chemotherapy for liver cancer  In some cases chemotherapy used for the treatment of primary malignant tumors of the liver, which can not be removed expeditious manner . But in adults, this method usually does not cure the disease. However, its use can reduce the size of cancer and slow its progression, and also facilitates the control of symptoms. Chemotherapy for is appointed, if the body is functioning well enough.

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In the short term at a reasonable cost, you can undergo chemotherapy under the supervision of the best specialists.

Cytotoxic drugs prescribed in the form of tablets, intravenous infusion and injection directly into the hepatic artery (the main blood vessel that supplies blood to the liver). Apply another method, known as chemoembolization.

Does not exist any standard cytostatic agent for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma. In most cases, appointed by doxorubicin. Other drugs which can be used are:

  • cisplatin
  • fluorouracil (5-Fu)
  • gemcitabine (Gemzar®).

Effective combinations of chemotherapy.

Treatment takes place in cycles, each of which lasts for several days, followed by a rest period for a number of weeks, which allows the body to recover. The number of cycles is due to the type of liver cancer and the body to therapy response.

It is usually performed on an outpatient hospital department or chemotherapeutic. In some cases, the drug is administered intravenously over several hours. Sometimes hospitalization is required for a few days. Continuous infusion can be used with a small portable pump. Specialists in the treatment of gastrointestinal organs chemotherapy is Dr. Irina Stefanski and Dr. Julia Greenberg . It assigns a combination of drugs for each patient individually, trying to reduce the side effects, but did not reduce the quality of the treatment.

Adverse effects of chemotherapy in cancer of the liver

This type of treatment causes unpleasant side effects, however, facilitates the symptoms of cancer. Most people experience some unwanted effects of therapy, but they can often manage with medication.

Reduced resistance to infection (neutropenia)

Chemotherapy for cancer of the liver is able to reduce the production of white blood cells, which increase the risk of infections. The number of leukocytes is generally recovered for the next treatment cycle. It should be immediately reported to the doctor, if the temperature rises above 38 or discomfort occurs even at normal temperature.

Bruising or bleeding

Chemotherapy for liver cancer can reduce platelet production which promote clotting and stop bleeding. It is important to notify your doctor if there are unexplained bruising or bleeding - bleeding gums, nosebleeds, blood spots or rashes on the skin.

The low number of red blood cells (anemia)

In the course of treatment may develop anemia, which cause fatigue and lack of oxygen in the blood.

Painful sensations in the oral cavity

Certain chemotherapy drugs provoke small ulcers in the mouth. To treat them use special mouthwashes. It is also possible to introduce some changes in the diet.

Nausea and vomiting

Some drugs can cause nausea and even vomiting. There are a very effective means to prevent or significantly reduce these symptoms, they are prescribed by a doctor. If you do not help one medication, they are replaced by others.


The patient will feel during chemotherapy for cancer of the liver and general fatigue to perform certain tasks much more slowly than usual. Just in this period should do so, as far as the strength and pace yourself.

Hair loss

Should ask the doctor whether the lead to the loss of hair receiving specific chemotherapeutic agents. Not all cytostatics cause hair loss. After treatment quickly resume hair growth.


Some medications used to treat liver cancer, can provoke irritation of the mucous membrane of the digestive system and the development of diarrhea. Your doctor may prescribe a medication that will slow down intestinal function and eliminate the symptom. Condition improves, if you choose foods that are low in fiber - avoid eating wholemeal bread and pasta, raw fruits, cereals and vegetables - in a few days after each therapy session.


Chemotherapy for liver cancer can affect the skin and nails, causing dryness and flaking. Certain medications increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, so it is important to be less under its influence and use a cream with a high degree of protection (SPF).

Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet

Some drugs can affect the nerves, causing numbness and tingling. This condition is called peripheral neuropathy. You need to tell your doctor if these symptoms are observed. Typically, it takes several months after the end of therapy to the condition improved.

Effects on the kidneys

Cytotoxic drugs may affect the kidneys. As a rule, if symptoms arise. Rarely develop irreversible kidney damage, if treatment is stopped. Before and after each of their condition will be checked by a blood test procedure. Furthermore, to maintain the normal operation of these organs administered with a dropper large amount of liquid. Patients are advised to drink plenty of water during and after treatment.

changes in hearing

Chemotherapy for liver cancer can cause ringing in the ears, as well as the inability to hear some high-pitched sounds. In most cases, after the end of treatment the symptoms are, but sometimes acquire a permanent character. It is important to inform the doctor.

Although side effects are mentioned here and hardly during treatment, they will gradually disappear within a few weeks after its completion.

Price for treatment

Chemotherapy - one of the main methods of treatment for any form of cancer. The Israeli hospitals used medications and approaches that allow to cope with the disease more effectively. Furthermore, additional treatment is carried out, which reduces the side effects of the use of cytotoxic drugs.

  1. One chemotherapy session - 1180 dollars.
  2. Formulations - 360 dollars.

You have the opportunity to undergo treatment in Israel, and order high-quality drugs to continue treatment at home. The duration of treatment depends on the stage of the disease and other factors. Find out the specific costs you can send a request online.

The effectiveness of chemotherapy in Israel provide factors such as the use of treatment protocols and global unique Israeli development, a high quality and a broad range of cytostatic agents; modern techniques and drugs aimed at reducing or preventing the adverse effects of therapy.

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