hormone therapy for prostate cancer Hormone therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer in Israel is directed to an artificial blockage of secretion of testosterone - the male sex hormone. Measure pursues decrease the growth of cancer cells in the body. Treatment stops tumor growth, decelerating its food. Built hormone therapy for prostate cancer, as follows:

  1. Application of neutralizing the production of testosterone in the body.
  2. The use of drugs which block the male hormone delivery to cancer cells.
  3. Surgery - orchiectomy. It makes it easier to stop the production of testosterone and protect the tumor from its harmful effects.

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Held hormone therapy for cancer of the prostate, a severe form of malignant disease, in order to reduce tumors and slow the growth of the affected tissue pathology. At the initial stage of the cancer assigned application hormones before performing radio course. In some protocols, on the contrary, the methodology used in the final stage effects - resectable after intervention, radiotherapy or radiation therapy to slow the growth remains in the body of abnormal cells.

Stage and grade of the cancer in the prostate gland

Concepts stage and degree of severity in the evaluation of prostate cancer differ significantly. The degree of change is called the cell body level, to determine which to do a biopsy or a similar study. Stage called tumor growth, increasing the size of cancer and its spread in the body.

The degree of prostate cancer

  • I degree (G1) - atypical cells have no appreciable differences from healthy occurs slow tumor growth.
  • II degree (G2) - cells change. Appears stromnoe separation heaped cell type. cancer therapy in this period gives the most favorable results for men. It does not harm the body.
  • III degree (G3) - tumor grows through the upper boundary gland infection spreading to adjacent organs.
  • IV degree (G4) - atypical cells susceptible neoplasm differentiation. Noticeable feature of the infiltration of tissue located in the immediate vicinity.
  • Degree V (G5) - not identifiable atypical cells constitute a rapidly growing tumor.

Stage prostate cancer

  1. The first - the tumor can not be probing, can detect changes using microscopic examination.
  2. The second - the tumor becomes visible on ultrasound viewing - changes are clearly defined character. Proliferating tissue within the prostate. Do not spread around.
  3. Third - neoplasm located next proceeds to tissue and prostate.
  4. Fourth - the tumor is growing strongly, metastases are the internal organs, lymph nodes, bone.

Applicable hormone for prostate cancer at stages III and IV. At the initial stage of inefficient technologies and inferior to other treatments. Carried hormonotherapy of prostate cancer 4 degrees as the main methods of treatment and in addition to other methods.

There is another measure of the cancer, diagnosed at the time of biopsy - Gleason score. Graduation rates vary from 1 to 5 points. The higher the data, the more aggressive the cancer. At 1 point the cancer cells look similar to healthy, with 5 - the maximum change in structure and state. Evaluation are summarized in the number of prostate cancer when they talk about the amount of Gleason. Usually, such tumors more. A simple example - Gleason score is 6 - it is said that the largest prostate cancer are summarized indicators. For example, 3 + 3 = 6 or 2 + 4 = 6. 6 points display referred to as the less malignant. The 7 points - moderate, 8 - 10 - highly malignant neoplasm.

When used hormone therapy for prostate cancer in Israel?

Antiandrogen treatment is carried out for the repayment of testosterone in the body in the following situations:

  • the cancer has spread beyond the prostate border and transferred to other organs;
  • cancer cells are not completely removed from the body prior therapy, there is a risk of re-proliferation;
  • formed previously given radiative emission tumor relapse;
  • there is a risk of worsening - in order to avoid hormone therapy is conducted in conjunction with radiation treatment of fabrics.

Cancer treatment regimen determines the urologist. The protocol may be changed during the treatment, if the intended results are not obtained and unfavorable prognosis.

Appointed by hormonal therapy for cancer of the prostate, taking into account confounding factors:

  • the patient's age and the approximate duration of life;
  • the severity of cancer diseases;
  • the presence of other chronic diseases, can play a negative role in the development of pathology;
  • balanced assessment of the attending physician and expert on the minor side effects of the applied therapy.

As an expert opinion considered the recommendation of doctors who have been sick.

Hormone therapy drugs - particularly drug treatment

Among the pharmaceutical preparations containing hormones, are the following preparations:

  • Estrogen - testosterone antagonists or female sex hormones. Doctor assigns them when the body does not give a proper reaction to the introduction of anti-androgens. The use of this group of agents is not desirable, because there are many side effects. The most common of them - the swelling and the subsequent growth of the mammary glands. But if the application justifies the result, estrogen is used in the therapeutic process.
  • Releasing factor agonists - are restructuring program production of male hormones in the pituitary gland of the brain, concentrating it to reduce testosterone production. Among today demanded drugs marked Lyupon, Trelstar, Zoladex. At the beginning of therapy it is recommended to apply anti-androgens for the initial release into the bloodstream of the male hormone. Introduction of funds occurs at a frequency 1 time per month, which makes the visit schedule of procedures relatively free.
  • Antiandrogens - by blocking the action of testosterone, drugs inhibit its effect on tumor growth. Favorable influence flutamide hormone treatment nitulamidom and other analogues. Among the side effects of medication - problems with the cardiovascular system, the risk of developing diabetes.

Held hormone therapy for prostate cancer may be as the sole treatment technology continuously or intermittently - individually calculated rates.

In recent years, hormone therapy for prostate cancer discontinuous courses is becoming more common. Technology is considered more effective than continuous medication. New Course supplementation begins with increased levels of prostate-specific antigen in the blood - a special test protein is determined.

With a sharp decrease of testosterone in the body in patients begins male menopause, which is characterized by:

  • Symptoms of anemia;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • weight gain;
  • decreased libido;
  • heart complications, pressure.

Probable memory loss, hot flushes, impotence. Supplementation is calculated from the time of drug elimination from the body. Agonists and releasing hormones recommended the introduction of once a month, anti-androgenic medications and estrogens can be taken daily.

Modern medicine is practiced several types of hormone therapy. they are carried out using various drugs. Among them, adjuvant hormone therapy after radical treatment of prostate cancer - preventive treatment, or secondary, serving as a complementary treatment. And neoadjuvant recommended for resectable before intervention. Allocate curative therapy, intended for correction of patients who underwent surgery is not recommended. Both methods (therapeutic and prophylactic) differ from each other. Preventive procedures designed to purposeful action on the hormones have not yet manifested themselves atypical cells.

Separately, an orchiectomy

Operably intervention is carried out to remove the testes together with appendages Synthesizing to 90% of male hormones in the body. The method is not new, it has been used successfully since 1940. The operation will neutralize the impact of hormones on the prostate and inhibits the growth of cancer growths. Irreversibility of technology scares patients, so it is often replaced by drug therapy. The operation lasts not more than an hour is carried out using spinal or general anesthesia.

The next day, after the removal of the testes the patient can go home, if his condition is stable. Castration does not solve the problem completely, with the help of testosterone is reduced by 60%. In medical practice, it is known to 25-30% when the cancer grows, regardless of male sex hormones. If the patient gets to that number, excision of the testicles becomes meaningless. It becomes meaningless and useless, it degrades the quality of life of the sick person.

Together with the operation carried out removal of retroperitoneal lymph nodes, if metastases spread beyond the prostate region. In medicine, the technology is a method Shevassyu-Gregoire. The surgeon makes an incision on the rib 10 to the inguinal ring excised spermatic cord enters the retroperitoneum, examining organs and removes the regional lymph nodes. doctor actions in the future standard - in the section of the drainage system is placed, after which the hole is sutured. This requires more time. Operation is tightened to 4-to 6 hours. The intervention of the surgeon by careless performance of medical manipulations and taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body can cause complications:

  • response to the anesthetic component;
  • damage to the blood vessels, veins, nerves, located close to the cut internal organs;
  • the introduction of infection into the wound, the development of the inflammatory process;
  • formation lymphocele - lymph-filled cysts;
  • sterility - when a damaged nerve gives retrograde ejaculation in which semen directly into the bladder.

It is important to choose a professional of Operating oncologist to reduce the risks of adverse effects. After surgery, patients were administered neutralizing pain medication and antibiotics blocking inflammation. The incision is often present numbness due to damage small nerve fibers when performing the cut. Unpleasant feeling goes away after a few months.

The Israeli hospitals to successfully conduct operations prosthetic testicle during surgery to remove a later date.

Hormones, chemicals, radiation, radiation therapy - in the fight for health

The ongoing hormonal therapy for prostate cancer may show an increase in PSA levels. Do not be afraid - the doctor will realign the schedule of treatment with the inclusion of other methods of correcting the negative state. The most commonly used chemotherapy, the effect of which is aimed at arresting the development of tumors and the spread of cancer cells.

chemotherapy as palliative method is activated when the patient relief is only temporary, and long-term, as a result of which the relief is projected for a long period of time. The value of chemotherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer has been noted by experts FDA 20 years ago. There are many effective means stopping the spread of cancer and destroy abnormal cells in the body. treatment strategy in chemistry rarely based on the use of one drug, usually used a combination thereof.

A large arsenal of tools in this area makes it possible to build different regimens and protocols. The patient is important not to remain silent about the side effects in the form of ill health, and to speak of them a doctor, conducting therapy. Replacement of one drug on another is sometimes gives a stunning effect - the patient gets better, even during intensive conducting medical manipulations.

When cancer cells spread beyond the prostate gland, bone metastases are striking. Interacting with bone cancer triggers broken or disordered sprawl. To determine metastasis, doctors use radiation scanning technology. Introduction to the profile of the drug tissue results in its accumulation in metastases, which provokes pain in the patient. Later, these places are irradiated, causing the death of cancer cells. To pause the destruction of bones are used bisphosphonates.

When is hormone therapy for prostate cancer, exposure to radiation or chemicals, it is not recommended to tolerate the pain or just resort to the action of drugs. It happens that the discomfort eliminate conventional analgesics used by the patient. To not develop tolerance to the same medication, you should periodically change them.

To neutralize prostate cancer use a variety of treatment - medication therapy, and operably with radiation therapy. International studies in this area have shown that complex gormonoluchevoe treatment has several advantages over other methods. Radiation exposure is local and is directed only to a specific area.

Combinatorial compound radiotherapy and hormone therapy is recommended for patients with locally advanced cancer. Hormones extinguish cancer cells throughout the body, and the rays are treated strictly defined area. This provides a treatment reinforcing effect. Held hormone therapy for prostate cancer after radiation therapy to fix the result, and to the local processing to add the overall impact.

The prognosis for hormonal treatment of prostate cancer

Appointed by hormone therapy for prostate cancer is usually at an advanced stage of tumor development. For the treatment of high expectations, as it has proved to be good in the fight for health. Practice often shows a favorable prognosis of hormone therapy for prostate cancer. Timely and correctly designated agents are able to get rid of the growths, save the libido of men and prevent urinary incontinence. Therapy does not make the person an invalid, allowing it to work. Time spent treatment does not limit the way of life of the patient strict frameworks.

The second and third prediction steps is favorable, but the treatment requires implementing complex therapeutic regimens. Much depends on the patient's age, state of health, presence of chronic diseases. After treatment, the average life expectancy of patients is more than 15 years. Patients with the third stage after hormone therapy for prostate cancer live an average of at least 6-10 years.

It is believed that treatment of the fourth stage of the cancer does not give a favorable prognosis, but it is not. Man is able to live for at least another 3 years. In the medical environment, forward-looking terms of measures the five-year period. With this approach% of patients with five-year survival rate:

  • in the first step is more than 90%;
  • the second - more than 80%;
  • the third - in excess of 40%;
  • in the fourth - 15% of the total number of patients with this diagnosis.

These figures clearly demonstrate that the treatment can extend life and give the opportunity to enjoy themselves and their children long after therapy.

hormone therapy cost is not high in Israel, the exact amount can be obtained from your doctor after consultation and transmission of diagnostic procedures. Price diagnostic package averaging $ 3,000. Go through all the procedures can be 3-4 days. Then the cure is appointed, the composition of which depends on the cost of therapy.

How to reduce the side effects?

When bone loss during treatment with prescribed drugs that slow down the manifestation of negative symptoms. In the role of bone strengthener is a means through zolendronovoy acid, alendronate, denosumab and others. All of them are long-term use produce adverse side effect - osteonecrosis of the jaw bone.

Doctors recommend to use as a means of reinforcing physical activity, which copes well with the negative manifestations of hormone therapy for prostate cancer - sport reduces bone loss, muscle fibers, it is struggling with high weights, fatigue. It is difficult to counteract the lack of sexual thrust in response to the use of anti-erectile dysfunction. On undergoing hormonal therapy people do not act formula Viagra, Cialis, their analogues and generics.

For the purpose of early detection of the disease should receive prophylactic rectal examination at least 1 time per year. This is a mandatory measure for men who have stepped threshold of the 40th anniversary. If any questionable result, should undergo a pelvic ultrasound.

Diet for hormone replacement therapy - make up the diet

A balanced diet for prostate cancer should provide support for body tone, to harmonize the emotional background, to strengthen the immune system and reduces the risk of certain diseases. The permitted products with hormone therapy for prostate cancer includes a large number of fish, soy products, fresh, boiled and stewed vegetables, green tea. Banned coffee, spicy and salty foods, fats and meats. Eliminating illegal names of the menu, you can reduce the calorie and prevent the accumulation of harmful toxins in the blood. By the rules of the diet are the following recommendations of nutritionists:

  1. Fish on the table should be cold (sardine, mackerel, salmon), saturated fatty acids and alpha omega. Garnish better cook vegetables.
  2. Try to avoid eating red meat, because it provokes the development of cancer cells under certain circumstances.
  3. Exclude from the diet of fried and baked dishes, margarine, mayonnaise.
  4. Saturate balance of fresh fruits and vegetables, berries and nuts. Give preference to products of red.
  5. Avoid preservatives, dyes, stabilizers in foods and beverages.
  6. The food should be rich in vitamins B, E and folic acid.
  7. The daily consumption of sprouts should enter, which has anti-tumor effect - Brussels sprouts, cabbage, chinese, color.

You need to engage in physical exercise, feasible load during treatment, walk in the fresh air. If the treatment is combined with radiation therapy, doctors advise to exclude from food salt, sugar and sweetener. You can not drink alcohol-containing drinks, eat garlic, onions, spinach. Important dairy products, whole grains and herbal teas. If a patient tests show a high content of calcium, from the diet excludes cheese, eggs and other foods containing it.

Reviews for the treatment of prostate cancer with hormones

Past treatment of prostate cancer in Israel, according to the method of hormone therapy often leave feedback on the quality of local doctors. Here's one:

"On the advice of a friend of the doctor passed the tests to check the PSA level, know that this should be done every year after 40. In my 50 nothing disturbed me, but the PSA turned out higher than the set standard - 11.4 ng / mL. When re-deposit rate was slightly lower, but still alarming. 11.1 - and in 3 days I have passed the tests in the other place, and found 11.6 ng / mL. Frankly - I scared. I passed the biopsy proved to be cancer, "6 Gleason." In Moscow, advised the operation in a short time, so as not to miss the disease. Wife sharply opposed. I decided that I would go to Israel for treatment. Appealed to en.thebestmedic.com center - called the Tel Aviv. They responded immediately, and said that it is necessary for the treatment. We offered a recovery program. Did not operate on me, offered radiotherapy with hormone therapy. I agreed. I came home with a bunch of recommendations. I feel good. I hope to live in this world. Thanks to everyone who helped me look for options for treatment. Peter, 50 years old. Moscow".

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