Reviews for the treatment of prostate cancer in IsraelProstate cancer is difficult to detect at an early stage of development. Men start obraschatsya to the doctor when the functionality of organs is faltering. Prostate cancer is alarming every man because of the risk of failures in organ function, symptoms reproductive system disorders and a direct threat to life. Despite this, thetreatment of prostate cancer in Israelreviews is most favorable to men of all ages. The review observed the professionalism of the Israeli medical attention to patients problems, highly qualified staff, extensive therapeutic practices.

In the clinics of Israel used new equipment, new medicinal formulas that allow to restore men's health with minimal damage to healthy tissues.

You want to forget about the dangerous disease? Then your conscious choice - Israel! Referring to the medical service, you get fast help in the correction of pathology, which is often the first step on the path to perfect health and perfect health of the genitourinary system.

Testimonials about the treatment of prostate cancer in Israel

Matthew, 52, Anapa

"Every year going through PSA screening to confirm the health of the reproductive system. This year, the results of which I gave regional clinical clinic in Kiev, were disappointing. Increased levels of the hormone, which was later confirmed biopsy to identify the tumor ( 9 points on Glisson) threw me into a state of shock. Of course, I had never been a puritanical, but this final I was very unpleasant. I went to Israel as soon as the confirmation given. Fortunately, it took three days, otherwise would have gone mad. the scan did Asaph braid her physician on images found signs of tumor spread. I did injections of Lupron that PSA dropped from 6.5 to 0.4. Then, the radiation has passed on the newest equipment with the photon emission. Waited pobochek , but this did not happen. I have explained that all a matter of the exact system aiming beams. Glad I caught himself in time for his health, I recommend everyone to do a PSA every year. "

Maksim, 28 years old, Kemerovo

"If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, insist on a chest radiograph! My father did not smoke, did not abuse alcohol, did not lead an antisocial way of life. When he was in Tyumen put prostate cancer, decided not to do x- rays the condition worsens every day Do not have stood, to borrow money from relatives and went to Israel Prices here are higher than in the Russian clinics, but after 3 days my father put lung cancer -.. .. 4 stage !!! Remove the lower part of the lungs, appointed radiation chemistry But time was lost, he said. I lived 2 years. For this I am grateful to Israel. Skim doctors understand that if we addressed earlier, my father would still be alive, please trust only professionals to not be afraid of high prices, they are justified Main -... the health of a loved one's life After all, the earlier cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances. healing. "

Ilya, 51 years, Izhevsk

"I read about medical tourism programs, when in the absence of obvious symptoms I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He began to analyze their health and realized that the symptoms were, but too subtle. I used to go to the toilet, copied it on the coffee that day drank up 6 cups and beer that is drunk in the evenings with friends recently it became difficult to maintain an erection Believed that tired at work + age-related changes to attract the attention of the PSA test -.... rise from 1 to 4 points passed biopsy all right -. a malignant tumor is simple .. Ata to Assuta I had surgery robotic technology completely remove the tumor a week I passed the catheter, quickly regained control of the urinary After 4 months of bodybuilding, getting ready for a competition robot -... It's a miracle I was not hurt, the wounds on the body. quickly healed. I quickly recovered, there are no complaints. Thank you doctors, coordinators, to all involved. "

Kristina, 37 years old. Yaroslavl

"My husband did not have any symptoms of prostate cancer. Found tumor during colonoscopy. Treatment in Israel, he was full. We started with radical prostatectomy, finished taking hormones, irradiation. It was two years ago, we are still doing a biopsy twice a year. symptoms and signs of cancer were found. "

Innocent Pavlovich, Minsk

"I'm 62 years old, prostate cancer was detected in me in 2010. The first showed him the PSA level, and then carried out a biopsy, which is Gleason showed 6 points. In total I had 39 treatments focused irradiation for 2 years . It is kept from rising PSA. Then the doctors prescribed Lupron in 2013. Today, to me has written several drugs, I take them strictly under doctor's orders. I am very grateful to have received the opportunity to live a normal life without the oppressive pain and fear for their lives. "

Maria, 47 years old

"When my husband did not finish, but his penis wilted during intercourse, I thought that this age-related changes, and there is nothing terrible in them. She made him go to the sexologist and the proctologist to examine the problem of ejaculation. When put prostate cancer, we These were shocked. his PSA is rapidly increased from 3 to 6 units. he was 59 years old, and we are not willing to put up with his illness. we went to Israel, took shape in the Ichilov, underwent surgery, chemical treatment. After 2 years all normal. the screening, which is held twice a year, does not provide evidence on the development of RA a. In bed all renewed, and I am very pleased. "

Maksim, 46 years old. Yaroslavl

"Have prostate cancer because of a high PSA, to test I went with frequent nighttime urination, which did not exist before. Operated me in Israel, for the treatment took stereotactic surgery, used the Cyber-Knife. The unique equipment, to get through to that in Russian hospitals is not always possible. Finish with chemistry. Everything went well. "

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