Reviews for the treatment of gastric cancer in IsraelBy studying reviews on the treatment of gastric cancer in Israel , watch stories of real patients. Those who are on their own experience with the pathology encountered and overcome the disease, thanks to the efforts of doctors, family support, their commitment and desire to live.

Each story told is filled with emotions, feelings, sensations shades. Each of them described the horror experienced people, when faced with a diagnosis of "cancer". People say, how decisions are made to undergo treatment of gastric cancer in Israel, real patients of oncology clinics and departments demonstrate the skills of foreign doctors, the latest technology of medical facilities, advanced equipment and facilities.

Most people are surprised to discover - by reviews the treatment of gastric cancer in Israel takes place without the sky-high prices for services oncologists. Indeed, treatment in Israel costs by 30-50% cheaper than in Europe, America and Asia leading centers. Russian famous clinic comparable in price to Israeli hospitals. However, the latest technical equipment in the majority of cases is much higher than in Russia. It employs upscale doctors trained in the best world forges medical personnel, use of modern technologies and methods of treatment.

Tlv.Hospital Coordination Center has helped many patients from Russia in the online pass treatment in Israeli hospitals , which significantly improved the standard of living of the patients and gave them hope for a complete cure of the disease.

Treatment of gastric cancer in Israel - about therapy reviews

"Fate brought me together with cancer in 2013, when I first heard the diagnosis of" osteosarcoma of the right distal radius. " Professional medical board, which makes the employer be held annually, over a nightmare. Therapist complained of pain, and then I was urgently sent to the oncologist. Malignant cells were able to identify as a result of the biopsy. I was 48 years old, did not want to die at all. I traveled to Assuta hospital in Israel. It passed 6 sessions chemistry from December 2013 to February 2014, at the end of March fell to surgery to remove the affected bone and replacing it with another. The method yielded results metastases did not go through the body. Subsequently, it took another 11 rounds of Chemistry, finished treatment in December 2014. Then he returned to Russia, where each control screening was held for 4 months. But all was well, the pictures were clean. At the end of 2015 I felt pain in the upper abdomen during meal time. Since their appearance appetite getting worse every day. After a couple of months, struggling to squeeze a food. Of course, I began rapidly losing weight. Do not hesitate for a minute, it was formed by the coordinators on a trip to Israel, to my doctor - Dr. Moshe. Came, I came for consultation with horror inside. I could not understand why all this has fallen to my lot. On scanning identified swollen lymph nodes and an incomprehensible liquid in the upper part of the stomach - exactly where I complained about the pain. CT showed disappointing results. Endoscopy is also not pleased. Perstnevidnokletochny biopsy found cancer of the stomach. Laparoscopy and PET scans have shown the prevalence of disease in the body. I am writing this review on the treatment of gastric cancer in Israel, those people who still doubt the right choice. If you're staying at Assuta - do not lose more than a minute. Go here safely. Since the detection of cancer, I took chemistry, which has helped to reduce the liquid. Doctors have picked me regimen that inhibits cancer. Once every two weeks I was waiting for the chemistry session and every two months - scanning. I am very grateful that still live. I have two daughters 14 and 16 years, a large family, a loving husband. I have many friends. I'm glad that I live. And I believe that will not leave this world soon. Assuta recently met with patients from Russia and Ukraine - by reviews the treatment of gastric cancer in Israel have chosen as an alternative treatment in America. I do not regret. It was nice to talk with their compatriots. Love, 48 years old. Bryansk. "

"I am a doctor, so the disease calmly. But when I noticed a feeling of weight under the breastbone, so it was not anything like that, I cringed. I am 49 years old, divorced with her husband, was going through a lot of stress. I dumped everything on the emotions and nerves. Colleagues quickly organized my examination. At that time I was sick from the food and my weight was melting before our eyes. The first step is passed a detailed blood test, which showed anemia that does not surprise me, given my diet. Sent to a gastroenterologist for endoscopy. As a result of examinations, doctors found cancer. I still remember how the diagnosis sounded scared. I could not believe in the ulcer, in anything, but not cancer. Scored husband, he rushed to me instantly. As if there was no talk of divorce. He took me by the hand and sat with tears in his eyes. Having studied the feedback from staff on the treatment of gastric cancer in Israel, I decided to go there. My husband has been in business, so the question of the money did not stand. We contacted the focal point and shape in Assuta. Although the protection of the Israeli Medicine I want to say - the prices are comparable to ours, Russian rates. It only says that the medicine we have for free. In fact, every survivor of the operation the patient knows that this is not true. Familiar oncologist consulted me back in Russia, and said that the situation is disappointing. I have left no more than a year. But I was not going to give up. Reviewed information - here the doctor pulled even severe cases, prolonged their lives. Arriving at the hospital, I took a survey of what the costs are not more than 3 days, consult a doctor. Doctor - very clever. After examining my data, it amounted to an individual treatment program. He passed 6 courses of chemotherapy, after - a full gastrectomy. I cut out the stomach, as the doctor said at once - who have not decided on the surgery - a potential dead - complications begin within a year. Together with the stomach to me have removed a part of the liver, gall. The esophagus is connected directly to the small intestine. The operation lasted 8 hours. I remember being awakened from anesthesia. The doctor leaned over me and kissed me on the cheek. He said - well done! Instead of a few years, you are now ahead of years. I still remember how to study reviews on the treatment of gastric cancer in Israel, how to choose a hospital, got acquainted with the doctor and with fear waiting for operations. Today I am restored, in front of - life. Perhaps not for long, but it is. And hope lives. Our family was warm and cozy, I warmed the soul with your loved one. I eat small portions, but has gained a few kilos back. Tell your story to the people believed - light ahead is always there, you only need to consider it. I want to thousands of patients do not give up. Look at me. Since the operation has passed 2 years, I look great, I dare to even sweets for the holidays and a bit of your favorite fast food me. Grateful to everyone involved in my treatment:

  • Mission coordinator in Russia;
  • I was escorted into Israel;
  • the doctor gave me a new life.

Larisa, 49 years. "

"I have put 2 stage gastric cancer. The doctor immediately marked that need organ removal. Complete removal. I'm terrified. He studied in the internet for reviews on the treatment of gastric cancer in Israel, which said that the country apply new methods of cancer treatment. Called the Russian representative office of Assuta Hospital, found prices for diagnosis and therapy. I read all about medical tourism. It turned out that this is a promising direction, which each year gives preference to more Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian tourists are diagnosed with cancer. In Israel, the whole complex of gastrointestinal examinations costs 3730 dollars. This includes consultation leading oncologist clinic, biochemistry, re-study biopsy (that is - not quite understand - I suspect that the material of Biochemistry), all kinds of blood tests - general, markers, CT, PET and other methods show on the monitor of special equipment . The agreement has been reached about the trip, I go to Israel next week. I believe in the skill of the Israeli doctors. I believe that there will be more sparing treatment of gastric cancer in Israel, patient testimonials on the web - clear proof of the professionalism of doctors abroad. Anatoly, 54 years old. Tver. "

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