glioblastoma in IsraelGlioblastoma (GBM) - is one of the most common types of brain tumors. Glioblastoma is a very aggressive and fast-growing. It develops from a star-shaped glial cells in the brain (astrocytes) and often grow into healthy tissue. Treatment of glioblastoma is a very complex process due to the localization of the tumor and some of its physiological characteristics. Very good performance demonstrates the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel.

To study glioblastoma allocated huge funds. Top Israeli clinic is continuously doing research in this area. However, the precise causes of malignant glioblastomas are not installed yet.

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Today we can identify the main risk factors for GBM.

  • Effects of ionizing radiation on the brain oncogenic.
  • Genetic disorders.
  • Race. Glioblastoma multiforme is more common among the representatives of Asian, European and Latin American race.
  • Occurrence astrocytomas with a low degree of malignancy.
  • Age older than 50 years.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Unfavorable environmental conditions.
  • Glioblastoma is diagnosed more often in men.

Of course, these factors can not lead to the emergence of a malignant brain tumor. Should think seriously about their health and get tested and, if necessary, andcancer treatment in Israel , If such symptoms are observed:

  • Intense headaches, especially in the morning.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Amnesia.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Convulsions.
  • Impaired hearing, vision, speech, motor skills, coordination of movements, etc.
  • Epileptopodobnye seizures, etc.

The rate of development of glioblastoma pretty swift, and with it rapidly increases symptoms. The nature of the symptoms depends on the location of the tumor in the brain.

Diagnosis glioblastoma in Israel

glioblastoma treatment in Israel begins with a comprehensive diagnosis of the disease. Israeli clinic is fully equipped for this purpose. Put a definite diagnosis, completely eliminating the possibility of error, allow modern progressive methods:

  1. CT scan;
  2. Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy;
  3. Intraoperative MRI;
  4. Positron emission tomography (PET-CT);
  5. Lumbar puncture;
  6. A biopsy of the brain.

Because glioblastoma multiforme is developing very fast, diagnosis is carried out as soon as possible. This avoids many of the complications that accompany the development of the tumor. Counseling Center summit will arrange for you to diagnose glioblastoma in Israel.

Glioblastoma Treatment in Israeltreatment of glioblastoma in Israel

The effectiveness of the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel is based on a number of factors:

  • highly qualified medical staff;
  • the latest technological equipment;
  • the use of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods;
  • quality rehabilitation programs.

Comprehensive treatment of oncology in Israel includes a number of measures that effectively complement each other. The course of treatment is individual for each patient. It depends on the health of the patient, the stage of development of tumors, localization, and many other indicators.

glioblastoma treatment in Israel involves the use of the following methods.


The use of modern technologies (neuronavigation, MRI) allows you to accurately detect the boundaries of glioblastoma, and completely remove the tumor without damaging healthy tissue.


In medical practice using very effective drugs that help block the growth of malignant cells in the brain. During the operation, after removal of the tumor can be used as high-chemotherapy (vysokodoznoj) capsules Gliadel - GLIADEL® Wafer local actions that minimizes the risk of recurrence.

As a helper method used by systemic chemotherapy. Standard treatment is considered drug temozolimida (Temodal). Therapy is carried out simultaneously with the irradiation, six - eight days five cycles. Also, the drug is administered as a palliative treatment after four weeks after the end of radiation therapy. Mainly produce six short courses of the drug, for five days each, breaks between them should be 23 days. It turns out that the patient receives Temodal during the first 5 days of each 28-day cycle (scheme "5/28").

Treatment temozolimidom often prescribed to young children, replacing her radiation therapy, since exposure negatively affects on the developing brain.

Drugs is very difficult to pass the blood-brain barrier and is almost never reach the brain. Despite the fact that in Israel, in the treatment of glioblastoma used drugs of the last generation, and they penetrate into the brain tissue, but the influence of the tumor is not particularly efficient, effective chemotherapy observed in 20% of cases. Such treatment is mainly aimed at preventing the recurrence and impact on the secondary foci - metastasis.


Radiotherapy is used before and after surgery. During the subtotal resection of glioblastoma high-irradiation may be conducted during the operation.

The main goal of radiation therapy - selective destruction of tumor cells. It is given in fractions of the two warming, every day, five days a week for six weeks. Optimal total radiation dose of 60-65 Gy is considered smaller seen as less efficient and higher can cause complications.

Targeted therapy

Glioblastoma Treatment in IsraelTargeted therapy involves the use of "smart" drugs that act only on cancerous cells. In this case the side effects of treatment low.

Avastin is a unique mechanism of action of anticancer agent; Antibodies to vascular endothelial growth factor malignancy obtained by genetic engineering techniques. Endothelial growth factor is a proteinaceous substance secreted by the tumor, which promotes the formation of blood vessels. The development of malignancy is caused by the growth of its vessels. Avastin adversely affects the development of blood vessels, inhibiting tumor growth.

This drug began to be used in the treatment of glioblastoma not so long ago, only in 2005 obtained the first evidence of its effectiveness. In recent years, major clinical studies that have proven the effectiveness of Avastin in patients with relapsed disease.

Avastin is used in the treatment of newly diagnosed cancer in first-line therapy. It may designate separately or in combination with a cytotoxic agent irinotecan. Avastin significantly better tolerated in comparison with cytotoxic drugs.


Stereotactic radiosurgery or gamma knife is a method of treatment when using the computing focus the radiation beam on the tumor segment, minimizing damage to peripheral tissue. It is used to remove malignant tumors in size up to 2.5 cm; with contraindications to radiotherapy and excess radiation dose; metastases and recurrent glioblastoma. The advantages of radiosurgery:

  • treatment does not require anesthesia and incisions;
  • time takes 1 to 3 days for 30-90 minutes;
  • there is a possibility of several tumor therapy at the same time;
  • there is no need for hospitalization.

electromagnetic treatment

NovoTTF-100A apparatus affects the tumor low intensity electromagnetic radiation.

Completes the treatment of glioblastoma rehabilitation. Rehabilitation takes place under the close supervision of physicians. At this time the body is actively recovering from an illness, side effects are eliminated. Also monitored the possibility of recurrence.

The best treatment option for glioblastoma is the medical centers have accumulated extensive surgical experience with the use of advanced technologies (neuronavigation, awake craniotomy), with the presence of advanced oncology service, able to provide the implementation of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and to the world standards .

prices for treatment

brain tumor is difficult to treat and requires a high-quality therapy or surgical intervention. The complexity of the operation affects the cost. In Israel, the treatment is cheaper than in Europe or in America at the same level of medical care. Below is a preliminary cost of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

  1. Advisory welcome neurosurgeon - $ 600.
  2. MR - 1670 $.
  3. Analysis of blood clotting - $ 80.
  4. Complete blood count - $ 260.
  5. Biochemical analysis of blood - 280 $.
  6. Blood test function of the thyroid gland - $ 186.
  7. Brain biopsy - $ 610.
  8. Radiosurgery of brain tumors - 12 654 $.
  9. Non-surgical treatment - 20 000 $.
  10. Craniotomy - 34 000 $. The cost of the operation include payment of the surgical team fees, the price of materials, equipment operating; stay in the intensive care unit and hospital.
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