chemotherapy IsraelChemotherapy is a medical treatment of cancerous tumors in humans. Unfortunately, due to various factors, which are not yet known, the formation of cancer each year are striking more and more people. Treatment of cancer with special drugs - is very effective for many types of tumors. Correctly selected medications helps stop the growth and development of cancer cells, suppress the spread of the pathological process in the body. It is known that, despite the undeniable benefit of anti-cancer drugs, has a number of side effects of chemotherapy. Scientists are constantly working to improve the products. To date, cytostatic medications have become more sophisticated and secure. Their harmful effects on healthy cells try to minimize. It is considered one of the best chemotherapy in Israel.

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Benefits of chemotherapy in Israel

Of course, in the CIS countries, there are many clinics that specialize in the treatment of cancer. However, due to lack of public funding in our cancer center is not available the most modern medicines. Accordingly, the domestic experts simply have no experience with them.

In Israel, the situation is different. The state invests huge amounts of money into the developmentof medicine. Israel clinics are perfectly equipped and have access to the most modern and effective medicines. Used for the treatment of oncology drugs pass all necessary tests and are safe for the health of patients. Doctors working in Israeli medical centers have the necessary qualifications. As a result, patients assigned maximum effective dosage preparations. To suppress the side effects developed by maintenance therapy. Special surveys help to pick up a complex of drugs to which tumors will not be able to adapt and develop immunity. As a result, the results of undergoing chemotherapy in Israel is much better than treatment with cytotoxic drugs in the territory of the former USSR. In addition, the cost of chemotherapy in Israeli hospitals to order lower than the rate in the EU or US.

Chemotherapy in Israel: an effective cancer treatment

Most often, chemotherapy - part of a comprehensive treatment of the disease. Usually it is combined withsurgical removal ofthe tumor and radiation therapy. It helps to reduce the size of tumors before surgery, as well as to cope with the abnormal cells remaining in the body after tumor resection.

Chemotherapy in Israel can be applied in different forms, the choice of which is due to a specific cancer disease of the patient, the decision of the treating physician. Served medication in the form of:

  • tablets (capsules, liquids);
  • injection (subcutaneous administration form, intramuscular);
  • infusion directly into a vein;
  • administration of drugs in the retroperitoneum;
  • injection into tumor feeding artery;
  • creams, lotions and other cosmetic formulas.

There are over 50 different types of drugs are used to treat cancer in Israel. Other cytotoxic drugs operate at different phases of the cell cycle. Most frequent classification of drugs is as follows:

  1. It alkylating agents - types of drugs that interfere with normal cell function, can kill them in different phases of the cell cycle.
  2. Antimetabolites - influence the cellular functions by replacing certain substances in the DNA, without which the cells are able to multiply, causing forced die.
  3. Plant alkaloids - made from plant preparations, block cell division in two parts.
  4. Mitosis inhibitors - are produced from vegetable and other natural products, prevent cells from dividing.
  5. Antitumor antibiotics - do not allow cells to proliferate.
  6. Topoisomerase inhibitors - block the enzymes that are essential for growth of the tumor.

All drugs have side effects, but the skill and experience of the Israeli doctors can effectively manage them to reduce patient discomfort to a minimum. Schemes may vary during the treatment, which has little effect on the basic cost of chemotherapy in Israel, it is done based on the state of the patient, the response of the organism to the applied claims.

chemotherapy session based medicines in Israeli hospitals on average costs $ 1440.

Recently, very popular in Israel gets "green Chemotherapy" on plant components. It allows you to:

  1. To increase the therapeutic effect, reduce swelling, in some situations, to bring it to extinction.
  2. Monitor the growth and metastasis of the affected tissues in the body.
  3. Alleviate symptoms, improve patients' quality of life.
  4. Increase the life expectancy of a patient man.

Among the popular innovative schemes of chemotherapy should be noted molecular target methodology chronotherapy method local infusion through the arterial blood and bilateral infusion technology (local blood and pleural administration).

Chemotherapy in IsraelChemotherapy has set itself five goals:

  1. The total remission of the patient.
  2. Improving the results of combination therapy.
  3. Latency (prevention) relapses.
  4. Slowing the progression of cancer.
  5. Oncology relief of symptoms.

In view of this, doctors often use chemotherapy regimens, complementing its other variants of correction of cancer pathologies. If you are wondering how much chemotherapy in Israel and whether to go abroad to receive treatment in foreign clinics, the answer is obvious - the decision to accept you.

Probably, the rate of cytotoxic drugs more expensive than in domestic hospitals.

The cost of chemotherapeutic drugs - from 360 dollars.

However, to compare drugs that you get, you can not. Israel uses the latest drugs that clinics are developing on their experimental research sites, or buy from the producers immediately after the approval of their introduction into medical practice. Their effect at times better than using outdated pharmaceutical formulas. Needless to say that the development of cancer every day is important, permissive attitude to it should not be. Do you want to recover - go for it by all available means. Use the services of professional doctors, best hospitals, effective medicines. All this Israel provides in full:

"She was treated at Assuta, I addressed through Held chemistry course after the surgery to remove the tumor language. I liked that the appearance of severe nausea and dizziness doctors immediately revise my schedule and assign additional agents. Two days and not a trace of unpleasant sensations. It was a slight indisposition, nothing more. By the way, to communicate with many in Russian, which is very nice. Valentina, 45 old years " .

The effectiveness of chemotherapy in Israel, due to factors such as:

  1. Expertise and requisite qualifications of doctors, which provides the most accurate selection of the dosage of drugs.
  2. A wide variety of drugs and methods of maintenance therapy aimed at suppression and prevention of side effects. Israeli scientists have developed a large number of ways that reduce the adverse effects of treatment.
  3. High quality chemotherapy with less toxicity, lack of counterfeits.
  4. Introduction of new treatment protocols, development of own regimens.

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