Clinic izrakliniki Israel onkologiyailya OncologyRussian-speaking patients each year travel to Israel to undergo a course of treatment of cancer conditions. Oncologyis treated here in the early stages and advanced forms. Leading oncologist clinic Ichilov Israel Moshe Inbar accurately capture the essence of the development of medical tourism in the correction of cancer:

"Israel Medical centers distinguishes the absence of clichés in treatment protocols We do not focus on mass Personalized service -... Our fad Patients who go to the clinic in Israel for the treatment of cancer, can with 100% certainty expect a positive result.

Center Ichilov known for innovative methods of treatment of cancer patients, a personalized program of correction and rehabilitation of health. Modern equipment that made it possible for accurate diagnosis of pathologies, experienced physicians, author of treatment techniques - all this guarantees a high chance of success. Delicate attitude to patients, professional service in the shortest possible time, effective techniques of therapy practiced by all Israeli hospitals - public and private medical centers.

We do not treat cancer as a sentence. Any clinic in Israel in oncology refers to malignant tumors as a distinct signals being and human health. Cancer - a complex disease, but curable. Belief in this simple truth allows us to achieve positive results in the implementation of treatment programs and rehabilitation techniques. "

Advantages of Israeli hospitals for cancer treatment

In recent years, medicine Israel broke away from the other countries, due to the large number of innovations. Among them:

  • diagnostic equipment of the new generation;
  • robotic methods of operating that use the best of Israel Hospital Oncology;
  • gentle therapy that allows the body gently eliminate cancer cells without harming healthy tissues;
  • three-dimensional modeling computer program of reconstruction of lost organs.

All of these innovations have in leading Israeli hospitals, which gives hope for further development of treatment methods and the development of effective techniques of correction of cancer.

A distinctive feature of oncology clinics of Israel is that many doctors are fluent in the Russian language. It helps the patients to adapt more quickly to the new environment, to relax during the treatment, which increases the chances of a successful outcome. Demand clinic in Israel for the treatment of cancer due to the affordable cost of services. In comparison with European medical centers prices for drugs, medical manipulation and payment related services are lower by 30-50%. Given that many patients undergo multiple courses of treatment, tangible benefits.

It should be noted, and the hospitality of the sacred land. Once in the Israeli cancer centers, patients feel comfortable, caring, warm hospitality and attention to their problems. This has a positive effect on the psychological state of people who are to the healing process. Quiet, friendly atmosphere contributes to spiritual comfort, relaxes and adjusts to a speedy recovery.

The impressive infrastructure of oncology clinics. The health centers provide relaxation rooms, cinemas, offices of psychological relief, hotel complexes. This helps patients cope with fears, phobias, negative emotions leave before the upcoming treatment.

Israel Clinic Oncology - therapies

clinic in Israel for the treatment of cancerIn the clinics of Israel, there is no insurmountable problems in the treatment of cancer. Skill and professionalism of doctors cause deserved respect. There simply have not learned to excise diseased tissue changes, maintaining life. Pathologically changed organs treated without harming healthy tissue. The main emphasis in the treatment of cancer clinics put on preserving organs. the country's health care has reached unprecedented heights. In addition to the victory over the symptoms of the disease, doctors act on the reasons for calling it. The task of therapy - to return the patients of cancer pathology department complete a comfortable life, where there is no fear for every day life, and there are no concerns for the health.

In hospitals, the following innovative methods of cancer treatment.


It is used in the treatment of prostate cancer. The tumor is removed, thanks to the introduction into the body profile substance was concentrated in malignant cells. When the accumulation reaches a maximum level, the physician applies the effects of directional laser light converting substance in the poison that kills pathology. Despite a rich program of treatment method is completely safe for the patient, does not lead to side effects, does not cause failures in Potency, voiding functions.

Using the settings of radiation exposure

The method replaces the departing into the past of gamma knife and cyber-installation. Popular Rapid Arc technology enables painless for the patient to increase the dosage of active substance of radiation, enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment program. Used in pathological processes of cancerkidney, Gastrointestinal tract, bladder, brain and spinal cord. Thanks to the equipment, treatment of oncology clinics in Israel, created a positive outlook for elderly patients. The device has reduced the risk of complications, reduced the incidence of side effects of radiation therapy.

Equipment "Synergy"

This set of techniques himiovozdeystviya and hyperthermia. The unique design allows to treat cancer of the bladder, even when multiple active malignancy and metastasis in the tissue. The device is recommended for patients who are contraindicated operable one intervention. The course of treatment is 6 hour duration of the procedure. One session a week for six weeks, and cancer retreats, without causing discomfort, complications, recurrence.


The method of treatment, which is used in the activity of Israel's leading cancer clinic. Accommodation radiation saturated grains near the tumor allows to intensify the process of destroying tumors. Internal radiation source acts powerfully, without damaging the surrounding organs and tissues.

electrocoagulation chemotherapy

In contrast to the traditional model himiovozdeystviya pulse currents help medicinal substances quickly penetrate into the structure of the tumor, increasing the permeability of tumor cells and reduces their chance of survival.


Targeted therapy demand in the cancer centers of Israel, as the administration of drugs directed action blocks the flow to the cancer cells of nutrients that stimulate the growth of tumors.

Method micrographic surgery (MOS)

Proven ways to combat skin cancer. Technology has been developed in the pre-war period (1941), but use her individual medical institutions due to the high complexity of the process and high cost procedures. The operation does not exceed 3 hours, to minimize the risk of complications. The method is based on making skin portion cards affected cancerous changes. Removing the thinnest layers of the epithelium, the physician stain structures in different colors, and sends the samples to histological analysis. Detection of single cells of atypical structure in the direction of research of layer commands to remove traces. By doing so, the physician provides the laborious, but complete removal of cancerous tissue. Depending on the degree of pathology, oncologists, surgeons remove a different number of layers of the skin. To restore the damage Israel oncology centers apply reconstructive surgery the next day after surgery.

Stem cell therapy

The method implemented in the practice of health care the best clinics of Israel on oncology, which is a list below.

Genetic Engineering

Treatment of malignant tumors in different stages of disease development. Oncology professionals the industry to develop new vaccine strategies schemes "suicide" of tumor cells, methods of intracellular immunity improvement.

Burns treatment technology

Clearly localized tumor burned directional high power ultrasonic beam.


Transplant patient's own organs and tissues with the subsequent medical treatment.


Surgery, where there is a plurality of species. This classical methods and techniques of minimally invasive effects, due to which the tumor is excised without scars on the body. These techniques have reduced the risk of complications after surgery, blood loss, reduce stress on the body's aggressive external influences.

The treatment protocol is determined individually, taking into account the condition of the patient, stage of the tumor, the extent of tissue injury, metastasis processes in organs. If you want to cure diseases implemented best oncological clinic of Israel, read the features of the medical oncology department in the public and private hospital complexes.

Israeli clinic for cancer treatment in the people

Coordination Center provides a reliable connection between the patient with a diagnosis of oncology and medical institution, which employs leading doctors of oncology practices, known worldwide healthcare industry experts, consultants cancer pathologies.

Cancer Center in IsraelMany years of successful work in the field of medical tourism has enabled us to establish close contacts with the clinics treating cancer in Israel, both private and public profile, Academic institutions and research centers studying the anomalies. Our mission - to bring the maximum benefit to sick people, for whom the prospect of a long life - the news, which has no equal.

We provide operational research on the clinical picture, which turned the patient, the best doctors in Israel. We guarantee a quick response to a query about the possibility of obtaining treatment abroad and course recuperation. We provide speedy execution of documents for a trip to Israel and organize the reception of the selected patient clinic to provide immediate assistance. Taking on the nuances of registration to travel abroad, shields you from unnecessary troubles in a difficult period of life.

Turning to us, you are guaranteed to get the best help oncology clinics of Israel. On a contractual basis, we work with the largest institutions of medical profile of the country, including:

  1. Assuta Hospital - a leading private medical center in Israel. Patients from Russia granted the Russian-speaking services at all stages of treatment and rehabilitation. The latest diagnostic equipment, professional medical composition, advanced technique of therapy - these success factors inherent in Assuta hospital. The Cancer Center performed the treatment of all types and forms of cancer pathologies of the leading doctors in Israel. The clinic is available for instant biopsy with determination of the nature of tumors. Cancer hospital equipped chambers of a comfortable stay for 1-2 persons in the pre-operative and recovery period.
  2. Center Ichilov (Sourasky) - a large public hospital with a multidisciplinary structure. Oncology Department has made great strides in the treatment of all types of cancer pathologies. The clinic doctors world-famous work - Moshe Inbar, Shlomo Shneybaum Jacob Schechter, Sholim Spiegel, Baruch Klein, Svetlana Zalmanova.
  3. Hospital Asaf ha Rofé - the largest clinic of State of Health of Israel. Geographical location 10 minutes drive from Ben Gurion makes for a comfortable clinic visits. Professional staff, innovative own methods of cancer treatment, modern facilities attract patients from Asian and European countries. Oncology is one of the leading sectors of the medical center.
  4. Center them. Chaim Sheba - the state of Israel Hospital, the largest medical facility in the Middle East, serving civilian and military patients. Close cooperation with the University of Tel Aviv and leading pharmaceutical companies producing drugs treatment of cancer, provides the appearance of copyright developments in therapies and innovative drugs as soon as possible after their publication.

Israel oncology clinicWe work with a clinic in Ramat Aviv and Herzliya Medical Center, Clinic Yitzhak Rabin. You can choose the Cancer Center in Israel, prices and methods of treatment that caught your attention. treatments Price is calculated individually depending on the severity of the disease, therapeutic strategies, a course of rehabilitation techniques. On average, prices are formed in the following range:

Get acquainted with the full list of procedures and cost you can in a special section of our website, which are marked on the price diagnosis and treatment of cancer pathologies.

Before choosing a medical center, consult with experts, study patients forums and specialized resources, where the share stories from their own experience. Find oncology clinics of Israel, and reviews the quality of the organization of the therapeutic process is simple:

"Passed Skin cancer treatment step II in Israel. Before sending wondered if diagnosed correctly exposed. Left to Ikhilov (Suraski), arranged through an intermediary. I tried to go directly, but the situation has dragged on, and waste time procrastinating could not. I put the same price that the hospital, which by the intermediary, so the difference is not seen. and not until she had. They said that the lure, and then have to pay more. Pure lie. How many designated for diagnostic package, so eventually we took. I liked that the coordinator went everywhere with me, I translated the strange things took care of me like a child. After confirming the diagnosis underwent a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Since six months elapsed. Feel good, no relapses did not occur. Thanks to doctors. Thank coordinators. Thanks to Israel. This wonderful place is also in itself a powerful energy healing. Antonina V., 54 years old. Izhevsk. "

"He flew to Israel in Shibu to conduct repeat biopsy, according to which Russia put me in prostate cancer. Took a glass with him, the coordinators said that it is possible to do so. Studied my materials, I said that on the glass, and there is no trace remains of the living tissue. That's what it is? I passed the fright analyzes. Cancer is not confirmed. About the money I do not regret a single drop, and the amount was reasonable. But I think that that's such a misdiagnosis demolish fate. a huge thank you to doctors Sheba. Just a second wind instilled in me. Leonid. 43 years. Yaroslavl. "

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