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Neuroblastoma Treatment in Israel

Neuroblastoma Treatment in IsraelIf you intend to undergo treatment for neuroblastoma in Israel, be prepared that your medical team will include experts of international level, which guarantees high-quality treatment of cancer pathology. Health Group is composed of doctors of various fields of medicine. All these doctors have the experience and practice of treating patients with neuroblastoma. They work together to create a treatment plan for the individual patient. The protocol is based on his needs, and may include a combination of different treatments.

When deciding on a treatment program, are taken into account the following factors:

  • the patient's age;
  • stage of cancer;
  • risk group;
  • general state of health.

Doctors are closely monitoring the patient's response to treatment, to decide whether it should be continued, or it may be discontinued / replaced by other methods.

Treatment options for neuroblastoma in Israel

Among the techniques of therapeutic effect must specify the traditional technology:

  • Surgery - basic treatment in localized neuroblastoma (tumor metastasis has not spread to surrounding organs and tissues). It is used for diagnosis, which assumes the taking of biological material for biopsy. This method clearly shows the nature of the tumor, and what stage is inherent in growths. It is used for surgery and complete removal of the tumor, if possible. After surgery, chemotherapy is often used. And in some situations, cytotoxic drugs used to resection (except in situations where it is assumed the biopsy).
  • Chemotherapy - typically included in neuroblastoma treatment program in Israel, involves various combinations of drugs. It applies to:
  1. as a primary therapy, with or without surgery;
  2. after surgery to prevent further growth of cancer cells in the body, to prevent recurrence;
  3. to reduce swelling, reduce its volume prior to surgery. So easier to remove the tumor without affecting the surrounding organs, tissues and blood vessels;
  4. for the treatment of tumors in the late stages, which can not be removed by surgical intervention.
  • Radiation therapy - Radiation therapy is usually used only for the treatment of neuroblastoma in Israel with a high degree of risk, which can cause a relapse and recur. The method is used to quickly reduce the swelling in the breast, liver or central nervous system (CNS), if it is life-threatening symptoms. Radiation therapy is sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of advanced cancer (so-called palliative radiation therapy).
  • Stem cell transplantation - the transplantation of stem cells in some cases used to treat neuroblastoma. The method is often used in high-risk tumors, or when the disease comes back, along with high-dose chemotherapy. Other treatments may be used together with stem cell transplantation.
  • Retinoids and immunotherapy - can be offered to high-risk neuroblastoma. There are different types of immunotherapy, including interleukins, growth factors or granulocyte monoclonal antibodies. These procedures usually are combined simultaneously or in sequence. other treatment options are used together with retinoids or immunotherapy.

Watchful waiting - option for some neuroblastomas, who do not need treatment as soon as possible. Sometimes watchful waiting method used for infants under the age of 12 months who have stage 4S neuroblastoma with favorable prognostic factors and without any symptoms.

Follow-up - an important part of the therapeutic effect. The patient should be applied regularly follow-up visits to the clinic, especially during the first 2 years after treatment is completed. These visits allow the doctor to monitor its progress and recovery.

Response to treatment

neuroblastoma treatment in Israel, the pricesConstant monitoring and scanning, allowing to reveal how well neuroblastoma responds to treatment, helps doctors decide whether a course is effective or it can be stopped / changed to a more effective analogue. Response to treatment is monitored using imaging tests and urine tests. neuroblastoma cells produce chemicals called catecholamines. Catecholamines are divided into homovanillic (HVA) and vanillylmandelic acid (VMA). Urinalysis check the levels of these acids to assess response to treatment. CT and MRI are used to measure the primary tumor, PET is used to study the bones and bone marrow for the presence or absence of metastases in them. Physicians following criteria are used to evaluate response to treatment.

  1. Complete response - meaning that the primary tumor has disappeared and is surrounded by no metastases. Vanillylmandelic acid (VMA) levels and homovanillic acid (LSA) in normal urine.
  2. Very good partial response - the primary tumor was reduced by 90% compared to what it was before the treatment, and there are no signs of metastasis. Vanillylmandelic acid (VMA) levels and homovanillic acid (LSA) in urine - normal. Some minor changes can be seen when scanning the bones, but no new lesions.
  3. Partial response indicates that the tumor is more than 50% decreased than before treatment. No new metastases. Over 50% of the sites where the cancer has spread to the bones disappeared. Only one specimen of bone marrow shows the remaining tumor cells. acid levels in the urine by 50% -90% lower than before treatment.
  4. Mixed reaction means that there are no new metastases. Neoplasm least reduced by half.
  5. No answer - the situation remained at the same level as before the treatment.
  6. Progressive disease means that there is a new tumor, or any other rose more than 25% compared with the beginning of therapy. Or there are cancer cells in the bone marrow, which was not until the early therapeutic intervention.

Despite the existing scheme of neuroblastoma treatment in Israel, there is a new treatment technologies and methods of copyright scheme applied each year, which are pre-tested in a clinical trial on the basis of the scientific areas of hospitals. Here, work is being done in cooperation with the faculty of leading universities in Israel, and with the largest oncology practice experts from the best European clinics.

The price of treatment in Israel

If you are interested in the price of the treatment of neuroblastoma, call or email us. We will promptly contact you to specify the details of your treatment and let the cost of therapy after a study of the clinical picture of the disease, associated factors. Estimated cost for the treatment of neuroblastoma:

  1. neurosurgeon Consultation - $ 560
  2. Oncologist Consultation - $ 600
  3. Tumor markers - $ 120
  4. Biochemical analysis of blood - 280 $
  5. MRI - $ 1470

We work through the conclusion of the contract, provide the organization of treatment services at all stages of the patient's stay abroad.

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