Israel has a brain tumorThe brain is the central department of the human nervous system that controls, coordinates and controls all the processes in the body, including those responsible for human behavior. The brain is located in the cranial cavity, different people have a mass on average between one and two kilograms. And the men brain to 100 - 150 grams heavier than females. At the age of 20 to 60 years, brain weight from a particular individual remains constant. Direct dependence of human intelligence is not proven by brain size. The brain is divided into five functional areas: the forebrain, intermediate, long, medium, and hindbrain.

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Upon admission to the Israeli hospital each patient undergoes the mandatory diagnostics. Identify the type, stage of disease, tumor grade help new techniques, equipment and high-class doctors. Diagnosis is performed as soon as possible, here is the cost of a number of procedures:

  1. Consultation of the oncologist - $ 600.
  2. Consultation neurosurgeon - $ 560.
  3. MR - 1670 $.
  4. Analysis of blood clotting - $ 80.
  5. Biochemical analysis of blood - 280 $.
  6. Blood tests of thyroid function -186 $.
  7. CT - $ 550.
  8. limb electromyography - $ 490.
  9. vascular Doppler shei- $ 480.
  10. The study of visual fields - 235 $.

Types of inspection individually prescribed by the physician. Once an accurate diagnosis and the outcome of treatment is prescribed, the following are designated following rates:

  1. Histopathology remote biopata - 1170 $.
  2. Preparation for surgery (consultation with the anesthesiologist, ECG, X-ray) - $ 260.
  3. Craniotomy - 34 000 $. The cost of the operation to remove the tumor includes payment of operating, consumable lease fees of surgeons and operating room staff, stay in intensive care - 1 day in the hospital - three days.
  4. Chemotherapy - 1080 $ (per session).
  5. Radiation therapy - $ 10 000.

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About the disease

brain tumor - a benign or malignant intracranial neoplasm resulting from division of the abnormal brain tissue, cell membranes or its cranial nerve tissues. Another reason for the brain tumor - metastasis of the primary tumor to other organs. In practice, the most common are listed below types of tumors in the brain:

Neuroepithelial tumors occur with a frequency of 60% (astrocytoma, glioma, ependymoma);

  • Tumors of the meninges (meningioma);
  • Tumors cranial nerves (neuroma);
  • Pituitary tumor (pituitary adenoma);
  • Extracerebral tumor metastasis;
  • Dizembriogeneticheskie tumor.

These tumors are divided into benign tumors or malignant oncology . Treatment of brain tumors in Israel has been successful, despite the variety.

Depending on the nature and location of the site of the tumor clinical symptoms observed in the brain, the following:

  • Memory impairment;
  • Sensory impairment;
  • Loss or hearing loss;
  • disturbance of speech;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Violation of recognition of objects, speech, texts;
  • Emotional changes;
  • Intellectual disabilities;
  • Mental disorders;
  • Loss of coordination;
  • Hormonal disruptions;
  • Autonomic dysfunction;
  • Motor disturbances;
  • Prolonged headache;
  • Causeless vomiting and nausea.

The presence of one or more symptoms of the list is a good reason for the passage of examination of the brain. It is best to diagnose and treat brain tumors in Israel.

Diagnosis of brain tumors in Israel

Diagnosis of brain tumors in Israel is carried out using the most modern equipment and advanced research techniques. For one hundred percent confirmation of Israel's hospital diagnosis using a set of studies:

  • CT scan;
  • MRI;
  • X-rays of the head;
  • Angiography;
  • Positron emission tomography;
  • Biopsy, etc.

In most cases, to obtain a sufficiently reliable diagnosis results magnetic resonance therapy and CT. Additional examinations are prescribed at the discretion of the attending physician. Company cooperates with the most advanced medical facilities in Israel. We are ready to arrange for treatment in Israel at the highest level.

Treatment of brain tumors in IsraelTreatment of brain tumors in Israel, the prices

If the survey has been confirmed the diagnosis, the treatment of brain tumors in Israel is a priority in the fight against disease. Treatment of brain tumors in Israel has a very high efficiency. The clinic is staffed by excellent doctors of the highest qualification, who are constantly improving their skills, learn the latest techniques of treatment around the world. All clinics are well-equipped with modernized equipment.

For each patient, physicians develop a personalized program of treatment of brain tumors. For this based on many factors: the place of the tumor, its appearance, size, and age of the patient and his state of health in general. Most often for the treatment of brain tumors used surgical intervention. It is known that brain surgery in Israel is very high, because there is an extremely high percentage of successful operations to remove a brain tumor.

The main methods of treatment of brain tumors in Israel include:

  1. Surgery. Brain surgery involves opening the skull to the subsequent removal of tumors. The use of MRI or CT Navigator maximizes precisely remove diseased tissue. In this case, the brain injury of healthy tissue is minimized.
  2. Chemotherapy. To combat the tumor using a course of medication.
  3. Radiation therapy. Used for inhibition of growth of cancerous tumors. Irradiation is external and internal.
  4. Stereotactic radiosurgery. Irradiation is aimed precisely at the tumor without affecting healthy parts of the brain.

For the treatment of brain tumors in Israel, uses a combination of several methods if necessary.

Treatment of acoustic neuroma in Israel

Acoustic neuroma also called acoustic neuroma, vestibular schwannomas or acoustic. Neoplasm arises in Schwann cells (fat) covering nerve. For neuroma is characterized by very slow growth of the tumor is detected when its value reaches a large size.

As it develops neuroma is putting pressure on the hearing and balance, causing dizziness and deafness on the affected side. Often also noted the weakness of the facial muscles and numb cheeks. Increasing, schwannoma can block the flow of lymphatic fluid, causing hydrocephalus. This is a rare symptom, most people diagnose and treat the disease before it happens now.

neuroma treatment in Israel carried out a team of highly qualified doctors who specialize in treatment of tumors in the skull base.

The program of treatment of a brain tumor in Israel determined by the size schwannomas, when it is diagnosed. It may include:

  1. Monitoring, which is carried out if the tumor - small size, does not require any treatment at the present time. The doctor prescribes a constant examination by MRI. This method is also called - watchful waiting.
  2. Radiation therapy. If neuroma - a small, possibly also treated with stereotactic radiotherapy or radiosurgery. Potential adverse consequence is nerve damage that can occur after several months or years.
  3. Surgery followed by radiotherapy or monitoring.

When recommended surgery, surgery is usually the surgeon holds neurosurgeon together. There are different types of surgical interventions, the best options are discussed with the patient.

It is used as microsurgery, which is characterized by a lower risk of hearing loss, but a good chance of nerve damage, controlling the facial muscles. Under general anesthesia through holes in the skull was removed neurinoma surgeons. After such surgery, there is a risk of facial paralysis, problems with speech and swallowing, dryness and pain in the eye on the affected side. Sometimes physiotherapy and electric stimulation may help to alleviate these problems.

If the tumor is completely resected failed, your doctor may suggest radiation therapy. Typically, this stereotactic radiotherapy or radiosurgery. Basically - 1-6 sessions.

When the neuroma is very slow growing, oncologist, usually recommends watchful waiting with regular scanned by MRI.

Neyrofibramotoz 2-type

Sometimes schwannomas develop on both sides - a genetic disease - neurofibromatosis second type. These tumors are treated by surgery. Unfortunately, in almost all cases, the person is then completely deaf. Operation is delayed until as long as it is possible to make (the rumor persists).

Treatment of brain tumors in Israel - craniopharyngioma

Craniopharyngioma often diagnosed in children, teenagers and young adults. These tumors develop at the base of the skull, just above the pituitary gland. As a rule, craniopharyngioma not apply, but there are close to important structures of the brain, causing problems as they grow. Craniopharyngioma could provoke changes in hormone levels, visual disturbances. In children with this tumor may be a violation related to weight and height.

The first method, which is used in this treatment of brain tumors in Israel is to remove the maximum possible amount craniopharyngioma. Some tumors are filled with liquid. They are called cysts, and usually there is no way of completely resected. The surgeon may remove part of the tumor; drain craniopharyngioma.

After surgery, possibly radiation therapy. In some cases, for example, if a small-sized tumor, the doctor may suggest Stereotactic Radiotherapy.

When craniopharyngioma returns after treatment, radiation therapy is prescribed, if before this method is not used. Irradiation may slow tumor growth and keep it under control.

After treatment of brain tumors in Israel requires further observation at the neurosurgeon oncologist and endocrinologist for several years. It is necessary to check the possible recurrence.

Treatment of brain tumors in Israel - ependymoma

Treatment of brain tumors in IsraelEpendymoma develop in the brain or spinal cord. It may be low and high grade. Ependymoma is capable of producing secondary lesions to the surrounding brain fluid and other areas of the brain and spinal cord. In children, this type of tumor most commonly develops in the cerebellum.

The main method of treatment of ependymoma in Israel - surgery, resection of the tumor volume as possible. Sometimes the doctor may remove completely ependymoma. After surgery, radiotherapy is proposed to reduce the likelihood of a return of the disease.

If there are no signs ependymoma in cerebrospinal fluid, the irradiation is carried out in the zone where the tumor. If cancerous cells are detected, radiotherapy is performed on the entire area of ​​the brain and spinal cord.

At relapse ependymoma may be offered stereotactic radiation therapy to reduce the amount of tumors, or chemotherapy. These methods can slow the progression of the tumor process and facilitate the manifestations of the disease.

The doctor will determine the exact treatment plan for a brain tumor in Israel, which may include any of the following medications:

  • carboplatin
  • cisplatin
  • cyclophosphamide
  • etoposide
  • lomustine
  • methotrexate
  • Vincristine.

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Treatment of children younger than 3 years

Children under 3 years is prescribed chemotherapy instead of radiation after surgery. Oncologists do not recommend radiation therapy for this age group, because there is an increased risk of long term side effects. Thus, chemotherapy is used to control the disease. Usually, treatment is carried out every 8 weeks during the year.

Treatment of brain tumors in Israel - glioma

It grouped under the name of several types of glioma brain tumors:

  1. Astrocytoma.
  2. Multriformnaya glioblastoma.
  3. Oligodendroglioma.
  4. Ependymoma.

Let's see how we treat astrocytoma and glioblastoma in adults in Israeli hospitals.

astrocytoma treatment in Israel

Astrocytoma may have a slow growth and fast. therapy program will be determined by factors such as:

  • The degree of malignancy of tumors.
  • The possible amount of resection.
  • The position of the tumor in the brain.
  • Possible health effects astrocytomas.
  • Age. Treatment of children different from the treatment of adults, in addition, there is a better prognosis.

astrocytoma treatment of low-grade in Israel

Sometimes the tumors grow very slowly and do not need treatment, if not cause symptoms. In such cases, preference is given to monitoring.

Appointed regular screening with MRI. If the development of tumors is very slow, therapy may not be needed for several months or even years. For example, often older people do not need treatment.

If the tumor grows rapidly, surgery is used in most cases, the treatment of astrocytoma. Approximately half of the patients with low-grade tumors require surgery for 2-3 years. During surgery (cytoreduction) surgeon removes as much of the malignant process as possible. In some cases a patient for 3 hours before surgery Gliolan given drug (5-ALA), which delineates the border of the tumor and allows the surgeon to remove it safely.

When astrocytoma completely or almost completely resected, further treatment may not be needed anymore. Will continue to apply the method - watchful waiting and regular checks by MRI. Or your doctor may recommend radiation therapy in the following cases:

  • Patient more than 40 years.
  • The tumor remained large.
  • The patient noted the general weakness.

If the tumor cells are gene 1p19q, doctors may recommend a first chemotherapy instead of radiation.

When, after the operation remain slow-growing tumor, it may take many years to experience symptoms. Nearly half of patients with partially removed astrocytoma live 10 years or more after the treatment of brain tumors in Israel with the help of surgery and radiation therapy.

If astrocytoma returns and growth resumes after treatment, the doctor may recommend chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Treatment high astrocytoma grade

This group includes anaplastic astrocytoma and glioblastoma multiforme.

Surgery is typically used to remove the greatest possible volume of the tumor. It can be applied Gliolan capsule (5-ALA) for several hours before surgery to clearly visualize the edge of the tumor. This may allow the surgeon to resect some astrocytomas.

The operation is often followed by radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy is not a cure for cancer, but it can help control the growth of tumors. Treatment is carried out five times a week for several weeks. If the long course is not suitable, it can be offered a shorter version - during 2 weeks, or every day or every other day. The main objective of the treatment of brain tumors in Israel - to slow its growth.

Carmustine implants are a special type of chemotherapy for high grade gliomas, if 90% or more of its volume can be removed by surgery. The surgeon places the implants into the brain during surgery. This procedure is carried out only by neurosurgeons specialized clinics in Israel, where MRI is used to predict what will be removed sufficient astrocytomas. Implants increase lifespan, but can cause unpleasant side effects.

After removal of the tumor for some people appointed by the chemotherapy drug temozolomide along with radiation therapy for a few months. Another embodiment - PCV circuit including procarbazine, lomustine (CCNU) and vincristine.

At relapse can be carried out surgery to remove most of the astrocytomas, if possible. Either it will be radiotherapy, chemotherapy or a combination thereof.

Treatment of glioma brain stem in Israel

Glioma can occur in the brain stem, which is rare. Sometimes it is possible to take a sample of tissue, but the tumor can not be removed. Brainstem - a zone where too risky to invade even do a biopsy. In this case, the doctor communicates with the patient about the probable diagnosis based on MRI.

The main treatment - radiotherapy. Unfortunately, it can not completely get rid of glioma. However, slow growth and helps reduce symptoms in most people.

hemangioblastoma Treatment in Israel

Treatment of brain tumors in IsraelHemangioblastoma develops in the cells of blood vessels, often grows very slowly. However, it can cause sudden symptoms by blocking the circulation of fluid around the brain and causing hydrocephalus. Typically, the tumor is located in one area and not prone to spread into surrounding tissue. Thus, it is almost always can be removed with surgery. As a rule, in most cases gemagioblastomu can be resected completely.

But sometimes there are several centers in the brain or spinal cord. However, you can successfully remove multiple tumors.

Also, the operation may be repeated if hemangioblastoma back again after treatment.

Sometimes the tumor grows into the surrounding brain tissue or in areas that are difficult to operate, for example, in the brain stem. Radiation therapy is carried out in the following cases:

  • Hemangioblastoma can be only partially removed.
  • Relapse.

radiotherapy is also recommended if the patient is healthy enough for surgery, such as lung or heart problems.

When hemangioblastoma stereotactic radiotherapy may be used as the primary method of treatment of brain tumors in Israel. This type of radiation therapy is very accurate. if it fits the patient will depend on the size and position of the tumor. Most often it is used for small hemangioblastoma, as well as relapse.

Sometimes this type of tumor - a consequence of a genetic disease - Von Hippel Lindau syndrome. People with this disease there is a high risk of developing tumors of the eyes, kidneys and adrenal glands.

The use of the latest techniques in Israel allows to minimize the occurrence of side effects. However, to completely eliminate them, unfortunately, it is impossible. Most side effects passes after the treatment process. Here the great value has an effective rehabilitation program.

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