spinal cord tumor treatmentAll functions and senses are under the control of the nervous system, which included brain and spinal cord (central nervous system), a network of peripheral nerves, which are distributed throughout the body.

Localization of the spinal cord - a backbone consisting of bone (vertebrae), between which the peripheral nerves. The spine consists of twenty-six vertebrae - seven cervical, twelve thoracic, five lumbar, sacral and coccygeal. Sacrum and coccyx are made up of bones that are joined or fused together - the five sacral and four coccygeal.

Meninges and cerebrospinal fluid surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Mater is a membrane consisting of three layers: a hard shell (outer layer), the arachnoid and vascular (soft).

The spinal cord provides a link between the brain and the rest of the body. For example, if a person wants to pick something up, the brain sends a pulse down the spinal cord and the nerves that control hand functions.

Nerve impulses travel up or down the spinal cord. If the object that the person picked up the soft to the touch, the impulse travels up to the brain, and reports that the object is pleasant to the touch. This motor and sensory impulses.

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Tumors of the spinal cord

The cells in the central nervous system, as a rule, divide and grow in an orderly and controlled manner. But if for some reason the process gets out of control, the division continues to form tumors.

Neoplasms can be benign or malignant. A benign tumor can grow, but do not spread elsewhere in the body. Malignant also grow and destroy the surrounding tissue, invade other parts of the central nervous system. Education, affecting the central nervous system are rare.

  1. Intramedullary tumors are within nerves. Several distinct types of tumors, however, are the most common astrocytoma and ependymoma.
  2. Intradural extramedullary tumors located under the outer layer of the dura mater. In most cases, there are meningiomas and schwannomas.
  3. Extradural spinal tumors. A number of entities are beginning to grow in the bones - this is the primary bone tumors, of which there are several different types. To include benign osteoma and osteoblastoma. Malignant include osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, and chordoma.
  4. Secondary bone cancer. Some types ofcancerspread to other organs of the vertebrae. Basically, it's lymphoma, lung cancer, prostate, breast, myeloma. This is called secondary bone cancer.

Causes of spinal cord tumors

The causes of the formation in the spinal cord and the membranes covering it, is unknown. Conducted numerous studies to find possible causes. There are suspicions that affect genes with mutations. It is not known whether these mutations are inherited or occur spontaneously or are caused by the environment, for example, exposure to chemicals. Sometimes the appearance of the spinal cord tumors associated with known genetic diseases - neurofibromatosis type 2 disease and von Hippel - Lindau (tserebroretinalnym angiomatosis).

Risk factors for spinal cord tumors

Most of the tumors occur in people with the following pathologies:

  1. Neyrofibramatoz type 2 - appear benign nature of tumors in or near the nerve fibers responsible for the hearing, which ultimately can cause hearing loss. Some people develop tumors in the cavity of the spine, often more than one, and they are different species.
  2. Tserebroretinalny angiomatosis - a rare, multisystem disorder. There are benign tumors nature vessels in the brain and spinal cord, retina, and other types of tumors of the kidney and adrenal glands.
  3. A history of cancer. Any type of cancer can spread to the spine. To a large extent this is breast cancer, lung, prostate, multiple myeloma.

Symptoms of spinal cord tumors

Clinical manifestations are due to location malignancy. The symptoms are due to pressure on the spinal nerves:

  1. Pain in the back and neck and sometimes radiating to the other parts of the body.
  2. The loss of sensitivity, particularly in the upper or lower limbs.
  3. Difficulty in walking, which may cause falls.
  4. reduced sensitivity to sensations of cold, pain or heat.
  5. Muscle weakness, which manifests itself in varying degrees and in different areas of the body, due to the pressure of the tumor process.
  6. Loss of control of bowel or bladder - urinary, cause the formation of the bottom of the spinal cord.

spinal axis tumors progress at different rates - Malignant higher than benign.

There are many causes of back pain. The earlier the disease is detected and treatment begins, the better the chances. Therefore, you should consult a doctor if the pain in the back:

  • They are permanent and progressive;
  • do not occur as a result of employment;
  • worse at night.

You should immediately consult a doctor if there is muscle weakness, loss of sensation in the limbs, disorders of the bladder or bowel.


Neoplasms of any nature are putting pressure on the spinal cord and nerves that affect the motor skills and sensitivity. Nerve damage can acquire a permanent character.

But if the spinal cord tumors are diagnosed in the early stages, apply intensive treatment may prevent further loss of function by means of active rehabilitation and to restore the nerve. In itself, the tumor may be life threatening due to its location.

Diagnosis of spinal cord tumors in Israel

Doctors need to figure out as much as possible about the type of education, its location and size, to plan the treatment program.

Performed medical history, a neurological exam that checks the function of the spinal cord.

Diagnosis may include the following types of inspections, specifying the diagnosis and accurately determine location of the tumors.

  1. MRI of the spine is considered the best method for diagnosis of spinal tumors. Applies an electromagnetic wave to generate body images. It provides more detailed images than CT. It applies a contrast that allows you to emphasize certain tissues and structures.
  2. CT is not performed as often as MRI. CT scan is performed, if there is a contraindication to MRI - overweight, fear of enclosed spaces. Also it allows to investigate the bony structures near the tumor more detail. Used contrast agent, to detail the pathological changes.
  3. PET-CT can be useful after the treatment, since the remaining reveals tiny tumor foci.
  4. Spinal cord biopsy will establish the type of malignancy. It may be conducted as a separate procedure or as part of the operation. The extracted tissue is examined under a microscope by a pathologist, as it can see a neurologist. Method of This diagnosis of a spinal cord tumor determines its exact nature, based on the results develop treatment options.
  5. Lumbar puncture is aimed at finding cancer cells in the spinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord. Produced analgesia region of the lower back around a vertebral column. By small, hollow needles placed between the bones of the spine portion of the liquid is removed.
  6. Blood and urine tests are performed to check how well the kidneys are working, some liver or other organs before surgery. If you receive chemotherapy, blood tests are conducted on a regular basis to check blood counts.

Treatment of spinal cord tumors in Israel

The choice of treatment will be affected by many factors: age criteria, health status; localization, magnitude and type of the formation. diagnostic results will allow the doctor to choose the most optimal treatment. There are some risks associated with the spine therapy, your doctor will discuss them with the patient.

The treatment program is usually planned by an interdisciplinary team of experts, which includes: a neurosurgeon, neurologist, oncologist, nurse, and, most likely, other professionals - physiotherapist or dietician.


  • Renowned neurosurgeon Shlomi Constantiniable to help you in the treatment. The doctor has long practiced removal of the spinal cord tumors in children and adults.
  • Tumors of the spine in Israel is engaged in a well-known neurosurgeon Zvi Lidar. He has achieved great success in spinal surgery

Monitoring of spinal cord tumor

Sometimes the disease is detected in the process of diagnosing other pathology before symptoms develop. When the tumors are small and benign nature, do not grow or do not put pressure on the surrounding tissue, active surveillance - this may be all that is required.

This is especially true of older people for whom surgery or radiation therapy can provide additional risks. During the supervision of a physician recommends that you periodically undergo CT or MRI for tumors of control.

Surgery of the spinal cord tumors in Israel

Innovative methods and modern equipment enable neurosurgeons to operate previously inaccessible tumors. Powerful microscopes in microsurgery make it easier to malignant tissue from normal recognition process.

The goal of surgery is the resection of tumors without weakening or damage to the spinal column. Sometimes it is possible to completely remove a malignant tumor, especially if it is on the outside of the affected organ. Unfortunately, even using the latest technological advances in surgery, not all tumors can be resected completely. Then removal often produce segment. This will help slow the growth of a malignant process. In such cases, the operation is likely to be accompanied by radiation therapy or chemotherapy, or using both methods.

Doctors monitor the spinal cord and other nerve important during surgery, thereby minimizing the likelihood of damage. Sometimes use high frequency sound waves at the time of surgery, in order to break the tumor apart and remove them.

The recovery process can take several weeks, he is due to carry out operations. Sometimes there is a temporary loss of sensitivity or other side effects.

To relieve the pressure within the spinal canal, the surgical intervention is carried out under the name decompressive laminectomy. Portions of several vertebrae removed and a number of tumors. Simultaneously, a biopsy to find out the type of cancer.

After surgery, the patient in the clinic Assuta will be offered a full range of rehabilitation measures - individually designed program based on age criteria, health status and the therapy.

Radiotherapy in the treatment of spinal cord tumors

This method uses ionizing radiation to deal with malignant diseases. In the treatment of spinal cord tumors using external radiotherapy when tumor was not completely removed by surgical intervention, or if there is a recurrence.

Sometimes, radiotherapy is used as the primary treatment when there is a contraindication to surgery. Also recommend radiation to reduce the severity of symptoms - pain.

In order to reduce drug side effects are used, for example, nausea or vomiting.

Given the type of neoplasm treatment modifies doctors so as to avoid a negative impact on nearby tissues and to increase the effectiveness of therapy, including using such complicated methods as 3-D conformal radiotherapy.

During the treatment of certain bones of the spine, tumors (chords and chondrosarcoma), children's oncological diseases can recommend - proton radiation therapy.

Stereotactic radiosurgery - a method of radiotherapy, which provides a high dose of radiation directed - with pinpoint accuracy, and from multiple angles. There are different types of technology in radiosurgery, one of them is the gamma knife. This treatment only be tumor specific sizes and types. An increasing number of studies confirming the effectiveness of this method in the treatment of spinal tumors. However, further research is required to identify the most effective technique, radiation dose in the treatment of spinal tumors.

Corticosteroids in the treatment of spinal cord tumors

As the surgery and radiation, as well as tumors themselves can provoke an inflammatory process inside the spinal cord, doctors sometimes prescribed corticosteroids. Receiving these drugs reduce swelling, which often surrounds the spinal cord tumors. While steroids do not cure the disease, they make it easy to display and improve the condition of the patient. They are prescribed before or after surgery, as well as before, during or after irradiation. Usually used for only a short time to avoid serious adverse effects such as muscle weakness, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and increased susceptibility to infection.

Steroids - are chemicals that are naturally produced in the body. They produce the sex organs and the adrenal glands. They help to control the whole body. Corticosteroids administered in the form of tablets or injection.

Chemotherapy in the treatment of spinal cord tumors in Israel

This method applies to destroy malignant cells cytostatic drugs. In certain types of spinal cord tumors recommend it may be administered in combination with radiotherapy. In clinical trials continue to study this method.

Treatment of spinal cord secondary tumors

Very rarely develop this type of cancer, when the cancer spreads to other body in the spinal cord. Treatment will be determined by the localization of the primary tumor. Secondary tumors responsive to therapy, which is performed for the primary tumor.

When a secondary cancer affects the spinal cord, it can have on him and pressure the nerves that affect the function of the latter. In this situation, treatment should be as soon as possible. It includes the use of steroids and radiation therapy (surgery or occasionally). The main goal - to reduce swelling and relieve pressure on the nerves. Further treatment will depend on the location of the primary tumor.

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