Radiotherapy in IsraelRadiotherapy(Radiation therapy) is considered one of the most effective methods of struggle with cancer. At the heart of radiotherapy is the impact of ionizing radiation on the cancerous cells and tissues. Under the influence of the radiation is destroyed the DNA of cancer cells, whereby the modified cells lose their ability to reproduce. Radiotherapy in Israel reached a very high level. Every year thousands of people gain a chance at recovery due in Israel to treatment .

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Radiation therapy is often prescribed for the treatment of cancer in Israelas an independent method and as adjuvant therapy after surgical removal of a cancerous tumor. It helps to remove the remaining fragments of the onco-cells to avoid relapse. Radiotherapy is developing very rapidly. Some high-emitters have no analogues in the world.

Oncology treatment in Israel with the help of radiation therapy involves the use of the latest exposure techniques:

  1. IGRT - Radiation Therapy from the image control. It allows real-time to determine the size and location of cancer cells that move in time with the natural movements of the body, for example, to the beat of breathing.
  2. IMRT- radiotherapy with modulated intensity. During the irradiation session, this technology allows you to change the irradiation intensity, exactly following the malignancy of the border. At the same healthy tissue is not exposed to radiation, remaining undamaged.
  3. SBRT - stereotactic radiotherapy. Very precisely focused location of the tumor and the calculated trajectory and intensity of radiation.
  4. SIRT - the method most effective for irradiation of the liver. Selective internal radiotherapy in Israel is valid only on the dates sections of tumor tissue, thus other organs are not affected.

For radiation therapy uses a special installation- stimulant. Irradiation may be external (used to treat breast cancer), or internal (uterine cancer, esophageal cancer, prostate cancer). Radiation therapy has the Internal is separate a name - brachytherapy . It is carried out using the installation CT -simulator. In the process of brachytherapy radiation source it is in direct contact with the affected tissues. Brachytherapy in Israel is considered to be a more effective method.

For more information about the treatment of cancer in Israel, according to the method of radiation therapy you can learn in the consultation center.

Radiotherapy in Israel: Simulation preliminary calculations boundaries and location of the tumor

Simulation - a set of measures which directly precedes the process of irradiation. Simulation extremely accurately to determine the boundaries of the cancerous tumor and its location in the body. For this purpose a CT simulator. According to research experts visualize the three-dimensional image of radiation by calculating the intensity and direction of light. On the patient's body is held marking the location of the tumor: timelines and indelible point, tattoos.

In the most difficult cases for planning irradiation of cancer tumors used machine PET-CT.

IMRT techniqueRadiotherapy in Israel

IMRT technique allows you to change the irradiation intensity of the radiation in the time of a session of radiotherapy. Thus, almost no healthy tissue exposed to radiation, therefore their low damage. Very strong light exactly falls within the cancer formation. Because the method is indispensable in the treatment of some cancers.

On average IMRT course lasts from 5 to 7 weeks. Wherein irradiation of the tumor occurs five days a week, two days rest discharged to restore the body. The duration of treatment is about 15 minutes. On the first day of the procedure it takes a little longer than usual. If radiation therapy is a complementary therapy, IMRT is a course shortened to 2-3 weeks.

IGRT technique

IGRT technique allows to take into account the change in the position of bodies as a result of physiological processes in the body. So determined the exact volume of the tumor and its location. To create three-dimensional images using computed tomography. So healthy organs and tissue to avoid exposure to the destructive rays, and thus minimizesthe side effects of radiotherapy. A good example IGRT techniques efficiency may be mentioned the treatment of lung cancer. After volume coordinates and lung changes during respiration.

Prices for radiotherapy

Top Israeli clinic effectively apply all of the above exposure method. Selection of method depends on the nature and location of the tumor. Radiotherapy is Used as with the an independent of The form of treatment, and as with the supportive of a therapy. Thus, treatment in Israel tumors such as carcinoid, neuroblastoma is one of the most efficient in the world. The prices for radiotherapy compares favorably to the rates in the US and Europe. The approximate cost you can learn from the price Calculate or treatment, call

  1. Services radiologist - $ 650
  2. Radiotherapy (course) - $ 16,000
  3. Radiotherapy is one of the field - 155 $
  4. Selective internal radiation SIRT - 73600 $
  5. IMRT (session) - $ 2000
  6. Simulated exposure - $ 1145

Radiotherapy in Israel at a cost - one of the most affordable ways to treat. The latest techniques of radiation as much as possible to limit exposure to healthy tissue and significantly reduce the risk of side effects. Tlv.Hospital - a medical service that is always ready to accept your application. On our site consultation is free. Experts will tell all the details about the clinics of Israel and their capabilities.

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