Treatment of brain cancer in IsraelTreatment of brain cancer in Israel - a chance of saving life and improving its quality. Overseas doctors offer innovative treatments, individual program correction of cancer pathologies. Professional medical staff is renowned for their craftsmanship. Leading oncologists and neurosurgeons have been trained in Israel known educational centers in Europe and Asia, possess advanced technologies of treatment and rehabilitation of critically ill patients. Getting to Israel, each person with a history that means brain cancer, has a real chance to improve the state of health and the return of normal life.

Treatment of brain cancer in Israel - direct cooperation clinics

Coordination Center offers the possibility to take advantage of the rapid assessment of the state of your health, the selection of medical facility and doctor abroad.

Working in the field of medical tourism for over 10 years, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for registration of patients who require treatment for brain cancer in Israel, in the best clinics of the country, under the supervision and control of leading physicians.

If you are in a difficult situation, please contact us. Point to our e-documents on the diagnosis of the disease, and you get the answer to all questions about brain cancer treatment in Israel for up to 48 hours. We work directly with the clinics: Assuta, Rabin Center, Herzliya Medical Center, Ichilov (Sourasky), Asaf ha Rofé, Ramat Aviv, Sheba.

Not always for the treatment of brain cancer come from leading doctors in Israel, because not all of the health situation amenable to correction by medical measures. But hospitals in the country every day professionals perform the most complex operations, develop copyrights treatment protocols, patients with severe rehabilitation program. Better than any words about the results of the treatment of brain cancer in Israel, says Statistics.

Every year in Israel diagnosed more than 30 thousand people are diagnosed with cancer in addition to the existing 200 to thousands of people with a similar record in the health map. For example, only Ichilov Sourasky serves annually more than 20 thousand people. Including here revealed primarily over 3 thousand people with cancer pathology every year.

In medicine, there is an international standard for the volume of transactions per year for the practicing surgeon. The norm is that in order to achieve a high level of skill of a medical institution must meet certain standard of care in patients. For example, in the US it is about 20 cases per year for a single surgeon. In Israel - a 100 similar operations. Needless to say about the art of the people, the leading treatment for brain cancer in Israel, in the leading clinics of the country. Similar to the volume of transactions carried out not only in the treatment of brain cancer, but also in the field of surgical treatment of tumors of the neck, bones and liver. At the clinics, fundamental research is conducted to develop a new generation of drugs that will help make the treatment of brain cancer in Israel even more productive and successful.


Treatment of brain cancer in IsraelThe skull bones conceal a brain tumor, making its identification during a routine physical examination impossible. By scanning the situation can be corrected by applying the profiled equipment and specialized imaging screening tests. They help determine the type of tumor, the exact place of its location, extent, on the basis of which is made up of brain cancer treatment in Israel, including individually tailored therapeutic regimens. However, the only sure way to know exactly the nature of malignant neoplasms - a biopsy. Investigation seized the sample under a microscope tissue gives a detailed picture of the pathology. If this type of examination is not possible, the clinical picture form available test results. Among the applied research:

  1. MRI - using magnetic and radio waves to make internal structures pictures. Contouring of the lesion is performed using a contrast agent, a role which often acts gadolinium. The substance is injected into a vein in the arm to scan the features of detail. MRI does not apply if the body of the patient have a pacemaker or other metal inclusions. Although some types of cardiac pacemakers are comparable with the equipment. Scanning lasts 45 minutes. The results are usually ready in the study day.
  2. CT - several beams of X-ray exposure to radiation from different angles. The computer then processes the results, producing three-dimensional images. CT is less expensive method than MRI, but has a lower resolution, so it can not show some swelling at the base of the skull, as well as low-grade tumors. Procedure lasts 20 minutes. Sometimes used contrast agent for the determination of blood flow characteristics in the cerebral vessels.
  3. PET - 3-D color format image obtained by using radiotracers irradiation. Rarely used to scan tumors of the head, but can provide information about the nature of the tumors. For example, show benign or malignant nature of the tumor (the latter are more metabolically active). It is used to track the dynamics of brain cancer treatment in Israel, the procedure takes 30 minutes. 40 minutes before the session administered patient soft radioactive substance is absolutely safe for the organism.
  4. SPECT - single photon emission CT. With the help of the doctor sees how blood flows through the arteries and veins of the brain. A chemical remains in the blood stream, is not absorbed into the surrounding tissue, limiting image specified parameters.
  5. Angiography - Shows the blood vessels in the brain - arteries, veins, sinuses. May be conducted as CT or MRI angiography as well as by using iodine dye injection into the femoral artery in the groin. Sometimes embedded in the body of the catheter causes short-term pain, for the neutralization of which a sedative is used.
  6. Biopsy - removal of a small sample of the tumor. It can be regarded as part of the open surgery, or as a separate diagnostic procedure (puncture). In the latter case, the hollow needle is directed into the tumor through a small hole in the skull to its withdrawn via tissue particle. More than 95% successful in obtaining biopsies of sample sufficient for diagnosis. Using the information received is determined line of treatment, the type of tumor (this can be one of the 140 types).

the genetic profile of the tumor is also being studied, conducted hearing tests, the study of the visual fields, EEG, taken blood and urine tests in the detailed biochemical formulas.

Treatment of brain cancer in Israel - which options

Treatment of brain cancer in Israel, the cost ofThere are a number of different methods of therapy of malignant tumors, the decision on a particular protocol adopts a multidisciplinary team of doctors with patient consent. Painted the risks and benefits of procedures calculated the estimated cost of implementation of the protocol.


Surgery is recommended for most situations, if the size and position of the tumor permit a craniotomy. The patient receives general anesthesia, so sleep during the procedure:

  1. Shaved portion of the access on the head.
  2. The surgeon then cuts out the skull flap.
  3. It removes the greatest possible volume of the affected tissues.
  4. Fixes the patch into place, securing it with metal screws.

After the surgery is often recommended to chemistry or radiation treatment to destroy the remnants of cancer cells and prevent recurrence.


Radiation therapy - treatment of brain cancer in Israel, at which the radiation is directed at the tumor to destroy the cancer. It conducted as an independent method of treatment for inoperable tumors or in addition to surgery. Usually given in divided doses (fractions) for a week. The course lasts for up to 6 weeks. At the discretion of the physician can give a proton beam treatment, which does not implement all the hospitals. In Israel, it is conducted on the newest equipment.


Drugs that kill cancer structures. Can be used in the form of tablets (Temozolomide, procarbazine), into a vein injection (vincristine), placing implants in the brain during the operation (for example, Carmustine given). Used alone method or in combination with other actions.


Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a special type of radiation therapy which is used for inoperable tumors. During the treatment of brain cancer in Israel a few small ray beams precisely deliver radiation to a tumor in one session of therapy. Treatment does not harm healthy tissue, which neutralizes the side effects, ensuring rapid patient recovery.

Symptom management

To eliminate the symptoms and alleviate the patient's condition using drugs target groups, which include:

  • anticonvulsants remover seizures;
  • corticosteroids to reduce swelling of the tissues and structures in the brain pressure;
  • analgesics for neutralization headaches;
  • antiemetic drugs.

Depending on the circumstances, these medicinal formulas provided before, after, or instead of surgery.

Innovation in the treatment of brain cancer in Israel

Treatment of brain cancer in Israel reviewsOne of the most dangerous forms is glioblastoma . Even after an aggressive resection followed by adjuvant therapy, the role of which is the impact of radiation and chemotherapy, almost all of the past treatment of brain cancer patients are susceptible disease, begin to depend on the tumor, stopped to hope for healing and a favorable outcome. This mental attitude is not conducive to the restoration of health. The average life expectancy after surgery does not hold up to a year. According to doctors, surgery is not always carries a favorable prognosis. With great care being treated brain cancer in Israel, removal of tumors is problematic, as there is risk of damage to functional areas, with the result that the patient may lose speech, vision, get otherwise damaged by careless actions of a doctor.

Given the above, the doctoral composition of the Weizmann Institute made a bet on the use of immune therapy for the treatment of malignant brain tumors and the fight against cancer pathologies. In the case of glioblastoma - a common brain tumor and most aggressive form of cancer, the cancer cells spread to all areas of the brain in the short term. They go far from the original location area, expanding and increasing the center of the tumor.

Unlike other methods of treatment of brain cancer in Israel, are aimed at the destruction of pathology at the site of the initial concentration of tumors, immunotherapy carries another effect feedback. It is aimed at creation of alternative cells, destroying their own foreign agents, in which role and acts as a cancer pathology. The body starts breaking oncology program, regardless of the place of its location. Moreover, the method does not damage healthy tissue and does not carry side effects. Israeli doctors are developing new immunotherapy scheme, introduced them to the practice of treating patients with a brain tumor.

The advantages of treatment in Israel

In Israel, the treatment is carried out brain cancer with the use of advanced methods of treatment using micro techniques and radiosurgery. This allows the use of endoscopy and not resort to craniotomy, requiring removal of small volumes of tumors. Health risks are reduced to zero after such operations. If at the opening of the skull there is a possibility of damage of functional zones, then the minimally invasive methods it is virtually absent.

Israeli credible apparatus, imaging systems and equipment recreating 3-D models of tumors. The electronic equipment identifying the type of tumor and the stage of the disease is possible before biopsy. This allows you to advance a protocol of treatment of brain cancer in Israel, without wasting time and not missing a chance to start treatment earlier.

Leading oncologists, neurosurgeons Israel - experts in professional societies, associations, associations of physicians in Europe and Asia. Their authority is unquestioned and unquestionable. In addition to the above, it should be noted that the treatment is cheaper in Israel than in most medical centers of America, Germany, Austria and other developed countries. At the same time equipping clinics and professionalism of the Israeli medical staff are not inferior, and in most cases superior to competitors.

Doctors - Neurosurgeons Oncologists personalities

Among the leading oncologists, radiologists and neurosurgeons practicing treatment of brain cancer in Israel, it should be noted:

  • Svetlana Zalmanov - authoritative oncologist of world renown. The head of the radiotherapy department at the hospital Assuta. Work experience of the doctor - for over 30 years. The number of patients - the people with the most complicated clinical cases have lost hope for life. Svetlana studied in Moscow, and later practiced in the UK, Denmark and Germany. In addition to basic medical training - additional training programs brachytherapy, radiotherapy, radiobiology. On a par with practical experience in the treatment of brain cancer in Israel, Zalmanova teaches at Ben-Gurion University, transferring experience and invaluable knowledge to the younger generation of doctors.
  • Professor Shlomo Constantini - works in the field of pediatric neurosurgery, is known for using advanced treatment methods, creative approaches and developments. The first professor of education received in Israel, trained in America. Today in charge of the children's department of cancer pathology clinic Assuta. Known practice and experience the most difficult surgical procedures, dozens of scientific publications in which aspects of neurosurgical operations opened previously unexplored.
  • Dr. Andrew Kaner - highly qualified specialists in the field of neuro and stereotactic radiosurgery. He received basic medical education in Switzerland and trained in Germany, the United States. He worked as a senior neurosurgeon at Ichilov. Today successfully led the separation of radiosurgery in Assuta.
  • Dr. Blumenthal Court - supervises the department neurooncology in Ichilov Hospital, is receiving patients in the hospital Assuta. Leading oncologist surgeon for brain cancer treatment in Israel. She studied in the US, trained in the major European countries. Thoroughly versed in the etiology of cancer and in the pathogenesis of malignancies.
  • Professor Zvi Ram - star of Israeli medicine in the field of neurosurgery. Perform complex minimally invasive intervention is taken for severe cases of cancer. He has over 110 scientific publications. Higher-level skills in the world neurooncology. Included in the authoritative association on the treatment of brain cancer in Israel and other countries.

Israel employs many professional doctors, all the candidates in one article is impossible to list. If you are in search of a reputable neurosurgeon oncologist that can help in these circumstances, please contact us.

We urgently present the complete help to choose a doctor, taking into account your specific situation.

The cost of treating brain cancer in Israel - diagnosis and therapy

Diagnostic program to identify brain tumor will cost 2836 dollars, which is much cheaper than single diagnostic methods. Comprehensive survey include:

  1. consult a doctor (oncologist neurosurgeon) - from 560 dollars;
  2. examination using MRI navigator - 1470 dollars;
  3. coagulation, revealing features of the blood to clot - $ 80;
  4. general, biochemical, laboratory blood tests - 636 dollars.

All examinations in the clinic fall within 3-4 days. Urgent passage of diagnostic procedures ensures a quick decision on the treatment of disease.

Cost craniotomy (surgery to remove a brain tumor) is around 35 800 dollars.

The sooner you seek the help of doctors, the more chance there is for a favorable outcome.


"In autumn 2011, I was 40 years old, I was in the prime of life, at the height of his career. But I felt very tired, and the weekend become like a squeezed lemon. I could not help his wife and children when he was home. Catching the morning on the treadmill, I lost consciousness. Ira brought an ambulance. Doctors suspected a heart attack, but the survey did not reveal any heart problems. I went back to work after a full examination. I did not find anything. Appointed undergo an MRI. Where it all began. It turned out that I had a malignant tumor in the brain. During the consultation with the doctor, I heard that I was to live no longer than three years. I saw in his eyes, which is reassuring. He wants me to believe. But he betrayed a lack of confidence in his voice and eyes. Scary looking as if one looks past you as though you are no longer on the ground, and you do not then it is not the source ... The Living Corpse ... So then, I myself felt. But the doctor could not give a guarantee for quality of life. The tumor was located in the lower left lobe, the area responsible for speech. This meant that at any moment I could lose the opportunity to talk, to express themselves in words. Wait complications did not. Contents for the treatment of brain cancer in Israel in Ichilov hospital. After the surgery, I lost it, but six months later it was restored in full, thanks to classes with a speech therapist. In Russia, I was told that the operation was carried out expertly. Since then, it took 5 years, and I'm alive. I recovered and again undertake complex cases. Now I help my family, because I know that all of this could have been avoided. Thank you for the opportunity to physicians to be alive. Igor. 45 years".

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