Записаться на диагностику ! Записаться на лечение !Основные этапы эффективного лечения рака молочной железы в Израиле : Предварительный - до приезда Обращение в многопрофильный центр en.thebestmedic.comХирургия , онкология , радиологияпластическая хирургия,генетика, и др.1) Составление и обсуждение предварительного плана.2) Рассчет стоимости : все цены прозрачны.Без предоплаты3) Заказ билетов и проживания4) Назначение консультации и процедур согласно плануНачало первого этапа : диагностикa / подтверждениe диагнозаКонсультация специалиста - онкологаДополнительная диагностика(при необходимости)УЗИ груди (сонография молочной железы)MRT - Магнитно-резонансная томографияБиопсия и гистологическое исследование забранных образцов тканиПроверки на мутации геновПЭТ-КТ (PET-CT) - на наличие метастазовИ др. по назначению специалистаДиагностика рака груди до 5-ти рабочих дней высочайшая точность !Подтверждение диагнозана основе привезенных мед. документов(ревизия патологии и результатов тестов)Лечение рака грудиСохранение репродуктивной функции у молодых женщинПредоперационное онкологическое лечениеХирургическое лечение - операция По возможности проводятся: Органосохраняющая ЛампэктомияСегментарная Мастэктомия (удаление только опухоли или удаление небольшой части молочной железы) Интра-операционноеоблучениеОнкопластикаМастэктомия(полное удалениемолочной железы)РеконструкциямолочнойжелезыОдномоментная или 2-х этапнаяНехирургическое лечение рака грудиХимиотерапия,гормонотерапиябиологичаская терапия (имунотерапия ).Современные протоколы и препаратыОблучение(Радиотерапия)СовременноеоборудованиеПостоянное сопровождение и наблюдение ! Даже после отъезда !Ведущиe специалисты Израиля !

Benefits of breast cancer treatment in Israel:

  1. The patient receives multidisciplinary treatment, interacting with the medical team, which increases survival and improves psychological state.
  2. On the basis of specific genetic tests doctors selected targeted therapies based on a particular mutation. Such drugs exert the best effect (personalized oncology).
  3. In most cases, medical centers of Israel held lumpectomy (organ-operation) with rapid recovery. When mastectomy doctors retain the pectoral muscles, allowing plastic surgeons to successfully restore the organ. the need is very rare in other operations, including in connection with the involvement of modern technologies - electronic scanner, diathermy machine, and so on.
  4. The clinics in the country are used world chemotherapy protocols, and developing copyrights. In order to reduce the side effects of breast cancer treatment in Israel use modern medicine and techniques. To assess the effectiveness of chemotherapy after the operation test is carried out "Onkotayp".
  5. In the field of radiation therapy in medical centers operate gipofraktsionnoe irradiation - a new approach to enable higher doses of minimal number of sessions. Modern techniques of radiotherapy to reduce the side effects and increase efficacy of treatment of breast cancer in Israel. Brachytherapy by MammoSite ® device shows excellent results in low rate of relapses.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - a leading medical services, the use of innovative techniques and traditional approaches, providing a high% of success in democratic value compared to the prices in European clinics.

About the disease

treatment of breast cancer in Israel +According to WHO statistics, the first among cancers for the female half of the world's population takes breast cancer. It is a malignant tumor that affects the breast tissue. The good news is that breast cancer - one of the most well-studied forms of cancer. The greatest efficiency differs treatment of breast cancer in Israel . Modern medicine proves that breast cancer can be overcome. The sooner it is diagnosed, the greater the chance of complete recovery and no recurrence. Here the great role played by regular maintenance inspections of the chest.

There are two types of malignant breast tumors.

  1. Ductal carcinoma. Neoplasms are localized in the cells of the mammary ducts. This type of cancer occurs more often.
  2. Lobular kartsinoma.Opuhol strikes intralobular dairy moves.

Causes of Breast Cancer

Immediately determine what is really ill breast cancer, only 25% of women classified as at risk. But given the fact that in the early stages of breast cancer may be asymptomatic, select the main factors that contribute to cancer.

  • The absence of pregnancy and childbirth, later first birth.
  • breast injury.
  • Smoking, alcohol abuse.
  • Family history, genetic predisposition.
  • Late menopause, after 55 years.
  • Onset of menstruation before the age of 12.
  • Obesity.
  • Hypertension.
  • Diabetes.
  • The use of exogenous hormones (contraceptive) for over 10 years.

Symptomatology breast cancer

Asymptomatic and painless flow in the early stages once again underlines the insidiousness of the disease. Cancers are small seal in the chest, which do not dissolve during the menstrual cycle. Among other symptoms - retraction of the nipple, discharge from the chest (sometimes with blood), change the color and structure of the skin on the chest. Occurrence of any of these symptoms should be a good reason to be examined by a mamologa oncologist.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - is a multi-therapy, which is engaged team of doctors. This ensures higher survival rates and better psychological state of the patient.

Diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel

Every woman is recommended to periodically survey their own breasts for the presence of seals. Start worrying worth it if you hit upon the seal in the breast or underarm. In any case it is not necessary to panic to the professional inspection! Accurate diagnosis can only supply a qualified physician mamolog after a series of studies. Remember, 80% of the tumors are benign. In the remaining 20%, preferably undergo treatment for breast cancer in Israel. Diagnostic procedures:Treatment of breast cancer in Israel

  1. Visual inspection, palpation by a doctor mamologa oncologist.
  2. Mammography (digital or computer).
  3. Ultrasound examination of the breast.
  4. Biopsy, and laboratory tests.
  5. Magnetic resonance imaging of the breast.
  6. Positron emission computed tomography.

These studies are carried out not only for the early detection of breast cancer, but also to monitor the results after treatment.

The cost of treating breast cancer in Israel

The following are preliminary quotation diagnostic programs and surgical operations. The price of treatment is due to several aspects - the choice of doctor, medical center, the designated range of tests, medical procedures, etc. The cost of treatment of the disease in Israel at a high level of medical care prices below European clinics.. In the United States the price of mastectomy - from 15 thousand dollars - up to 60 thousand, depending on the complexity of the operation, possible complications.

Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

  • mammalogy consultation - 560 dollars.
  • Mammography and ultrasound - 485 dollars.
  • Analysis of tumor markers - 120 dollars.
  • blood tests - 280 dollars.
  • Breast biopsy - 1 800 dollars.
  • PET-CT - 1670 dollars.
  • Revision of pathology - 680 dollars.
  • Breast Radiation Therapy - $ 17 100.
  • Analysis on the gene mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2 - 2200 dollars.

Surgical intervention:

  • Lumpectomy - 12,180 dollars. Breast-sparing surgery. Once the tumor is removed and possibly saved the aesthetic appearance of the breast. The cost of the operation comes histopathological examination, the fee surgeons and anesthesiologists, supplies and hospitalization in the clinic.
  • Segmental mastectomy - 13 400 dollars. The price includes the operating lease mastectomy, the surgical team fees, consumables and hospitalization in an Israeli hospital.
  • Bilateral Mastectomy - 24,600 dollars.
  • Unilateral mastectomy - 15 800 dollars.
  • Breast reconstruction - 34,780 dollars.

diagnosis and treatment plan is a doctor on an individual basis. Here are some general rates. For more information, fill out the request form.

treatment of breast cancer in Israel

Cancer treatment in Israel, effectively at all stages, has a high level of security. Cancer treatment in Israel spends a lot of doctors, including Shlomo Shneybaum , Chaim Guttman and Julia Greenberg . Depending on severity of the disease can be employed topical, systemic or a combination approach. As an anti-cancer measures following manipulations are used:

  • lumpectomy;
  • mastectomy;
  • radiation therapy;
  • chemotherapy;
  • hormone therapy;
  • targeted therapy, etc.

Surgery for breast cancer

Surgery - one of the main methods of treating breast cancer in Israel. It applies two basic operations: organ-- lumpectomy and radical - mastectomy.

You can learn more about the indications for organ-operation, contraindications, during surgery, characteristics and consequences of post-operative period in an article about lumpectomy .

Detailed information on radical surgery in Israeli hospitals: in what circumstances is appointed, its types, stroke, potential complications and ways to restore, you can read the article about the mastectomy .

After radical treatment carried out various types of breast reconstruction .

Mastectomy surgery in Israeli hospitals prescribed only in extreme cases, when this is done removing only the breast and lymph nodes with muscle preservation. As a result, plastic surgeons have successfully produced reconstruction.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - irradiation

Treatment of breast cancer (breast) in IsraelRadiation therapy to combat abnormal cells using ionizing radiation.

It is used in the following cases:

  1. After the lumpectomy to reduce the risk of disease returning.
  2. After mastectomy when tumor volumes exceeding five centimeters, or the secondary foci appeared in lymph nodes.
  3. When the common form of the disease when cancer cells invade other organs and tissues.

External radiation for breast cancer

Most often, this pathology is used, this type of exposure. At the level of radiation affects the type of operation and the presence of secondary lesions in lymph nodes.

During execution lumpectomy may be performed intraoperative radiation therapy when bed after resection malignancy subjected to single high dose irradiation.

After surgery, radiation therapy is usually prescribed after a month. During treatment usually it takes about two months, five times a week.

New methods of treatment of breast cancer in Israel, an accelerated form of radiation

Currently, the country's health centers are also used innovative regimens that take place in a short time, for example, for three weeks. This approach is called - gipofraktsionny - more doses with fewer procedures. Another option - a course of radiation therapy for five days, but with more intense radiation.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel: 3D-conformal radiotherapy

This type of radiation can more accurately set the location of malignancy, repeat its shape, while minimizing damage to adjacent tissues. They also include stereotactic radiotherapy. Treatment is carried out twice a day for five days.

Side effects

For some time can be kept a feeling of heaviness in the chest, swelling, fatigue, redness of the skin. In most cases these symptoms go away after six months - a year, at least - in two years.

Radiation therapy affects the choice of method of breast reconstruction. Later, possible difficulties with breastfeeding. Sometimes there is a neurological disorder - brachial plexopathy, lymphedema (increasing swollen state), the weakening of the ribs until their destruction, is extremely rare - the development of angiosarcoma.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - brachytherapytreatment of breast cancer in Israel

Internal radiation therapy: a radiation source is placed inside the affected tissue. In most cases after lumpectomy used in combination with external beam radiotherapy, and as monotherapy.

Used as interstitial brachytherapy. It involves administering a short time of radioactive pellets through catheters. Confirmed effectiveness.

The most used is the intracavitary brachytherapy, it is expeditious. Use special tools (MammoSite - one of the most popular) are placed in the affected area. Treatment includes sessions for five days. The radioactive substance is administered via the catheter to the device for a short period of time, then removed.

Adverse effects of treatment include pain, risk of infection, bruising and others. For more information about irradiation in breast cancer can be found here .

Currently, it is possible to completely cure breast cancer in 80% of cases in Israel. A very important factor is early diagnosis.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the method of medical oncology treatments.

Forms of chemotherapeutic treatment in this disease:

  1. Adjuvant chemotherapy is performed after surgery, destroy the remaining unnoticed and abnormal cells, it reduces the likelihood of relapse.
  2. Neoadvantnaya chemotherapy before surgery is performed. Its main task - to reduce the volume of the tumor to a size where possible surgical treatment of breast cancer in Israel. Plus - revealed the female body's response to chemotherapeutic agents.
  3. Chemotherapy is used as a basic method of treatment, when the disease has gained widespread nature, cancer cells have gone beyond the primary lesion.

Which chemotherapy regimens used in breast cancer in Israel?

When neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment complexes demonstrate greater efficacy of the drugs rather than single drug. They used a variety of schemes, and there is not any one - the best.

In most cases, the early stages of the disease is prescribed:

  • anthracyclines, they inhibit malignant cells Epirubicin (Epirubicin), etc .;
  • Taxanes - docetaxel / Taxotere and others.

Common chemotherapeutic regimens:

  • TAC: cyclophosphamide, taxotere, adriamycin;
  • TC: cyclophosphamide, docetaxel;
  • CAF: 5-FU, cyclophosphamide, adriamycin and others.

Mode of chemotherapy: to replace the treatment cycle comes the period of rest and recovery. In general, the duration of the cycles is two or three weeks, they are caused by certain drugs or a combination thereof.

Time neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapy for an average of three to six months, depending on the medication. The longer the period of treatment of breast cancer in Israel characteristic of the later stages, when developing secondary foci.

The clinics in the country is also used high-dose chemotherapy, reduces the risk of recurrence and improves survival. The volume of breast cancer treatment cycles in Israel, designed for three weeks, given within two weeks. There have been more pronounced undesirable manifestations.

Side effects of chemotherapy

breast cancer in IsraelThe negative effects of chemotherapy associated with exposure to the treatment of rapidly dividing cells, which include not only abnormal, but also healthy - organs such as the bone marrow, hair, mouth, intestines.

The number and nature of adverse effects of drugs affects the form, dosage, duration of reception.

The most frequent adverse effects of chemotherapy include: low levels of red blood cells, nausea and vomiting, hair loss, ulcerations in the mouth, loss of appetite or increase the risk of infections, bruising and bleeding, feeling tired. And:

  1. Disturbances in the menstrual cycle: early matured menopause and the inability to conceive a child can be temporary or permanent. Accepted drugs that prevent a decrease in bone density, because there is a serious likelihood of developing osteoporosis.
  2. The neuropathy can be caused by drugs taxane and platinum damaging nerves and cause pain, weakness, numbness, tingling, and others.
  3. Violations of the heart (cardiomyopathy) can cause some drugs. The probability of its occurrence affects the dosage of the drug and duration of administration. Doctors at the compulsorily control the condition of the patient. The downside is that the damage process can take a long time when symptoms appear after a few months or even years.
  4. Hand-foot syndrome develops in connection with the admission of doxorubicin and capecitabine. Its manifestations include various redness, rash, swelling state, soreness, peeling, numbness, itching.
  5. Impact on the brain: a marked deterioration in mental activities, difficulties with memory and concentration.
  6. The increased likelihood of leukemia: chemotherapy rarely damage bone marrow, thereby developing a group of diseases (predleykoz) or acute myeloid leukemia.
  7. Fatigue: the symptom is able to persist for a number of years.

Details can be found in an article on chemotherapy for breast cancer .

Innovative component of breast cancer treatment in Israel is individual selection of therapies. Here I found its use personalized oncology, when on the basis of diagnostic tests are selected most accurately the necessary medicines.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - hormone

This type of treatment is administered in the following cases:breast cancer in Israel

  • to reduce the likelihood of relapse after surgery (adjuvant therapy);
  • to reduce the size of tumors as neoadjuvant therapy;
  • in the event of recurrence;
  • in the later stages, when the cancer cells spread through the body.

The main indication for the use of this method is the diagnosis - a hormone-dependent and hormone-positive breast cancer. The main goal of therapy - to stop the effects of estrogen on cancer cells, or to reduce the level of this hormone in the body.

Three-quarters of all malignant breast tumors are hormone-dependent, they have estrogen or progesterone receptors. The effectiveness of this method is due to the number of these receptors. Estrogen affects the cell via receptors at its surface. Hormones direct malignant cells, without their influence, they are not able to grow, lose their value and perish.

Consider a few methods of hormone therapy of this disease at medical centers in Israel.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel: inhibition of estrogen synthesis

Tamoxifen (Tamoxifen)

In breast cancer cells tamoxifen blocks the action of estrogen receptors.

Advantages of application:

  1. When the diagnosis of hormone-positive invasive breast cancer and a reception for five years reduced the risk of recurrence in half, as well as the risk of tumors in the other breast.
  2. At later stages in secondary outbreaks stops the growth and reduces tumor size.
  3. In women at high risk for it reduces the risk of disease.

Side effects of tamoxifen include:

  • mood swings;
  • feeling tired;
  • isolation or vaginal dryness;
  • hot flashes;
  • occurrence of edema in muscle, pain during secondary foci in the bone;
  • in rare cases, in women during menopause may increase the risk of uterine cancer;
  • flembotromboz, pulmonary embolism;
  • rare manifestation may be undesirable stroke in menopausal women;
  • It increases the likelihood of myocardial infarction;
  • during premenopausal can lead to bone thinning.

When hormone-positive invasive cancer benefits outweigh the risks.

Toremifene (Fareston ®)

In general - is an analogue of tamoxifen, has similar undesirable adverse events. Indications for its use - a common breast cancer.

Fulvestrant (Faslodex ®)

Typically, assigned the ineffectiveness of other hormone agents (toremifene, tamoxifen) in the later stages of the disease, when present secondary foci. Side effects are short term and reception are not so serious.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel, and reducing the amount of estrogen

breast cancer in IsraelAromatase inhibitors stop the synthesis of estrogen, are used at different stages of the disease in women in menopause:

  • Exemestane (Aromasin);
  • Letrozole (Femara);
  • Anastrozole (Arimidex).

Their main task - to block the fat tissue enzyme aromatase to produce estrogen during menopause.

During therapy aodyuvantnoy recommend their appointment. Standard treatment option for breast cancer in Israel suggests taking them for five years, or alternate tamoxifen - inhibitors for the same time.

Side effects are less severe in nature as compared to Tamoxifen.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel, spaying

The indication for this type of treatment is a common form of the disease. Work suppressed ovarian or their removal is performed (ovariectomy). Deactivates the main source of estrogen, menopause occurs, other types of hormone used.

In most cases, medical centers of Israel ovarian function is suppressed by medicines: leuprolide (Lupron ®) or Goserelin (Zoladex). The signal sent by the body to produce estrogen needs, does not reach the ovaries.

Indications: premenopausal alone or in combination with tamoxifen, or at later stages of the disease with inhibitors of aromatase.

After receiving these medications for some women is not recovered the ovaries, menopause becomes constant.

Rarely used technique

Megestrol acetate (Megace ®) - progesterone analogue, assigned at later stages of the disease after failure of other hormonal drugs. Its intake can lead to an increase or loss of weight.

Androgens (male hormones). Indication for also result from the absence of other means for hormone released in the disease. They inhibit the synthesis of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), which activates the formation of estrogens.

Details can be found in the article of hormonal therapy for breast cancer .

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - targeted therapybreast cancer in Israel

Targeted therapies are targeted, their action differs from standard chemotherapy, for them are typically not so serious adverse effects. Depending on their exposure to several types.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel targetpreparaty against the protein HER2 / neu

At fifth of patients with cancer of breast abnormal cells on the surface contains a large amount of protein HER2 / neu, activating their development. In this case, the disease progresses rapidly.

Trastuzumab (Herceptin)

This formulation relates to monoclonal antibodies, reduces the rate of development of pathological cells and activates the immune system to fight efficiently the disease.

The medicine is administered intravenously once every seven days or more - every three weeks.

Herceptin may be prescribed after surgery to reduce the chance of relapse. Initially targetterapiyu carried along with chemotherapy, further - individually. Also, Herceptin is used prior to surgery and for the treatment of the disease return. The combined effects of chemotherapy and Herceptin shows better results.

Undesirable effects receiving trastuzumab have an easier character displays in comparison with chemotherapy. Severe effects include damage to the heart.

Ado-trastuzumab emtansine (TDM-1, Kadcyla ™)

In the composition of the drug is a chemotherapeutic drug - DM-1 and a monoclonal antibody. The latter acts as a homing device, whereby the medication is delivered directly to pathological cells.

Assigned when common form of the disease, Kadcyla administered intravenously.


Pertuzumab is a monoclonal antibody used in the early stages of the disease prior to surgery and under common form. Administered intravenously every three weeks.

Lapatinib (Tykerb)

Lapatinib used at ineffective chemotherapeutic drugs and Herceptin. Tykerb may be administered in combination with letrozole and Xeloda. The medicine is taken by mouth. Receiving unwanted effects are more mild compared to chemotherapy. Rarely noted decrease in heart and liver function abnormalities.

Treatment of Breast Cancer in Israel, everolimus (Afinitor ®)

Everolimus protein blocks the action of mTOR, coordinating production of proteins that affect cell proliferation and growth process. This drug prevents the development of cancer cells inhibits their growth in the new blood vessels. Moreover, it increases the effectiveness of hormone therapy.

The drug is taken in pill form. Adverse effects of the reception include: elevated levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, cough, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, ulcer formation in the mouth, shortness of breath, the likelihood of developing serious infections.

treatment of breast cancer in IsraelTreatment of breast cancer in Israel, and bevacizumab (Avastin ®)

Avastin is a monoclonal antibody, which affects the protein that promotes the development of new blood vessels. Reception is performed intravenously, usually integrated with chemotherapeutic drugs.

Potential negative effects of administration include: formation of ulcers in the large intestine, bleeding, blood clots, loss of appetite, fatigue, low levels of leucocytes, mouth ulcers, and several others.

More information can be found in the article on targeted therapy in breast cancer .

If you need help in the diagnosis and treatment , be sure to please! With our help services in Israel, you will get excellent quality of care.

Programs and prices for treatment and diagnosis

[*] Program: Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 1

1. Mammography & ultrasound MF
- $ 485
2. Consultation hirurga- mammalogy
- $ 560
3. Total full blood count
- $ 260
4. Biochemical analysis of blood Biochemical blood test
- $ 280
5. Tumor markers CA 125 (tumor marker)
- $ 120
6. Tumor markers CA 15.3 (tumor marker)
- $ 120
The total cost of the program
- $ 1,825

[*] Program: Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 2

1. Consultation Oncologist
- $ 600
2. Mammography & Ultrasound MF
- $ 485
3. FNA-Breast Biopsy (breast biopsy)
- $ 1,800
4. Total full blood count
- $ 260
5. Tumor markers CA 15.3 (tumor marker)
- $ 120
6. Tumor markers CA 125 (tumor marker)
- $ 120
7. Biochemical analysis of blood Biochemical blood test
- $ 280
The total cost of the program
- $ 3.665

[*] Program: Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 3

1. PET-CT (PET-CT), PET-CT (positron emission tomography CT +)
- $ 1,670
2. The audit pathology (biopsy)
- $ 680
3. Consultation of the oncologist
- $ 600
4. Tumor markers CA 125 (tumor marker)
- $ 120
5. Tumor markers CA 15.3 (tumor marker)
- $ 120
6. Biochemical analysis of blood Biochemical blood test
- $ 280
7. Total full blood analysis
- $ 260
The total cost of the program
- $ 3.730

[*] Program: Operation Lumpectomy - sectoral resection of breast cancer

1. Operation Lumpectomy
- $ 12.180
    Includes :
  1. The fee of the surgeon.
  2. Fees anesthesiologist.
  3. The fee of the surgical team.
  4. Hospitalization in the postoperative ward.
  5. Hospitalization - 2 days
  6. The cost of the disposable consumables.
2. Histopathological examination of biopsy remote
- $ 1.170
The total cost of the program
- $ 13.350

[*] Program: Surgery to remove the breast - mastectomy

1. Operation Mastectomy
- $ 14,700
    Includes :
  1. The fee of the surgeon.
  2. Fees anesthesiologist.
  3. The fee of the surgical team.
  4. operating cost.
  5. The cost of the disposable consumables.
  6. Hospitalization in the postoperative ward.
  7. Hospitalization - 3 days
2. Histopathological examination of biopsy remote
- $ 1.170
3. (Optional) An audit and removal of axillary lymph nodes
Not included
The total cost of the program
- $ 15,870
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