skin cancer in Israel

Skin cancer is a collective term of all types of skin cancer. Currently, the medicine succeeds in tackling this disease. Effective treatment of skin cancer in medical centers in Israel.

Skin malignancies are divided into several basic types: trabecular skin cancer, squamous cell, basal and melanoma .

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Risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer, include: hereditary predisposition; long term administration of drugs (antibiotics, hormones) that increase sensitivity of the skin and depress the immune system; prolonged stay under ultraviolet light, and others.

Accurate diagnosis requires special research. Provide a high level of diagnostic medical institutions in Israel. One of the experts in the treatment of skin cancer isShlomo Shneybaum . Chaim Gutman .

Methods of diagnosis of skin cancer in Israel

The range of necessary diagnostic procedures may include: CT, PET-CT, biopsy, consulting dermatologist-oncologist.

A biopsy is regarded as the most accurate method of diagnosis. In the process of performing its fence abnormal cells using a local anesthetic. After that, in the laboratory investigate biomaterial.

In the treatment of skin cancer biopsies performed several types: excision melanoma, incisional (segment involves resection of the tumor), cutting (for basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma), a puncture (explores deep segment malignancy).

Diagnosis of skin cancer can take time from three to six days.

Treatment of skin cancer in Israel

The treatment of cancer in a comprehensive manner. Therapy program is developed based on a number of factors: location, size and type of the tumor, the patient's health.Oncology treatment in Israel efficiently thanks to the high level of professionalism of doctors, the use of modern methods of diagnosis and therapy, the use of advanced medical equipment.

The main methods of treatment of skin cancer include: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy.

Radiation therapy - a method of treating cancer, which uses high-energy rays, as well as their particle. It may be administered prior to and after the operation, as the primary method in combination with other treatments.

Chemotherapy is a medication that is directed to the destruction of rapidly dividing cancer cells. Chemotherapy in the treatment of skin cancer in Israel may be administered orally, intravenously or as an ointment or cream. There are various options for the application of this therapy.

Targeted drugs affect the gene changes in malignant cells. For example, in the later stages vismodegib basal cell carcinoma. It is highly effective method of treatment with fewer adverse effects compared to chemotherapy. under active research and development in this area, Israeli hospitals are taking part in it in the last few years.

Israeli doctors are actively implementing innovative medicines, participating in clinical trials. Example for, IT the Refers to a Biological product product for the treatment of melanoma of - MK-3475 .

The main types of skin cancer operationsTreatment of skin cancer in Israel

Operation by Method Mos shown at high risk of return of the tumor, or by its localization in the areas where it is necessary to preserve the integrity of the skin (eg, on the face).

This method is considered the best among the other types of surgery, but it is more expensive, time-consuming and complex. The surgeon makes the removal of a thin layer of skin tumor, and then examines the resected edge of the sample using a microscope. If reveals malignant cells, produces excision further layer. This procedure is repeated until then, until you find that the excised specimen clean of oncology. The operation can last for several hours. Full recovery is achieved in ninety-eight percent of cases.

Curettage - scraping Pathological tissue using the a a curette. Thereafter fulguration - Treatment electrical current to destroy the remaining abnormal cells.

Methods of local treatment of skin cancer in Israel

  1. Laser surgery is used to remove the tumor, the diameter of which - to three and a half centimeters, for example, the surface forms of basal cell carcinoma. It is not a widely used method of treatment.
  2. Cryosurgery or cryotherapy shown in malignant skin formations of small size. For freezing of pathological tissues applied liquid nitrogen. Subsequently, possible scars.
  3. A method of photodynamic therapy is prescribed at the precancerous and early stages of skin cancer (melanoma). It is sparing and a method based on application of light of a certain length and photosensitizers (photosensitive material). These substances are in a liquid formulation is introduced into the body, they only accumulate in damaged cells. Then the tumor was subjected to laser radiation of a certain wavelength. This will start a chemical reaction that destroys the malignant cells.

The surgical treatment of skin cancer surgery MOS shows the best results, the risk of relapse after it - is minimal.

Prices for the treatment of skin cancer in Israel

Skin cancer can be cured if the necessary time to see a specialist. Diagnosis in Israel allows you to quickly identify the type of cancer, then in a short period of time develop a treatment program. cancer therapy for each patient individually, so a more accurate cost you learn after you submit medical documents to Israel. Exemplary rates are shown below in the price:

Cost Survey:

  1. Consulting a dermatologist - $ 600.
  2. blood (coagulation, shared, Biochemistry) - 620 fraction.
  3. Revision pathology (study of material taken) - 680 fraction.

The total amount - 1900 USD.

In addition to standard assays for diagnosis is assigned:

  1. PET-CT - 1670 dollars.
  2. Histopathological examination - 680 dollars.
  3. Analysis of mutation BRAF - 720 dollars.
  4. Hardware FotoFinder check - $ 500.

Therapeutic program:

  1. Photodynamic therapy of skin cancer - 350 dollars. (Per session)
  2. Radiotherapy (one field) - 140 fraction.
  3. Chemotherapy (excluding drugs) - 1180 dollars.
  4. immunotherapy - in 2300 dollars.


  1. Sentinel node biopsy: inguinal - 11,000 dollars, axillary and supraclavicular - 7000 dollars ..
  2. Marking axillary and subclavian lymph nodes - in 1080 dollars.
  3. Resection of melanoma - 5300 dollars.
  4. Operation ISO - 3450 dollars.
  5. Resection of regional lymph nodes without primary nevus and without plastics - 7400 dollars.
  6. Resection of regional lymph nodes in the primary zone of the nevus - 9800 dollars.
  7. LND - 22000 dollars. It includes the cost of disposable medical supplies and equipment, marking the axillary and supraclavicular lymph nodes.

Reviews for the treatment of skin cancer in Israel

Alexander, Moscow

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