Symptoms of oral cancerOral cancer - a malignant tumors that arise from the tissues of the oral cavity. According to statistics, dangerous tumors in the oral cavity is approximately 3% of all cancers in humans. Abnormal cell growth can occur in any part of the oral cavity. Distinguish main types of cancer of the oral cavity:

  • Tumors of the tongue;
  • Cancer buccal epithelium;
  • lip cancer;
  • Oncology floor of the mouth;
  • Tumors of the palate and its parts;
  • Cancer of the alveolar bone.

Provided timely detection of malignant tumors in the mouth is well treatable. To date, the priority is the treatment of oral cancer in Israel. Israel clinics show a very high efficiency in the treatment of oncology . The cost of treatment in Israel at the same time compares favorably with rates in Europe and the United States.

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There are causes of oral cancer, which may provoke the occurrence of malignant cells:

  • Chronic inflammatory processes in the mouth;
  • Permanent injury in the mouth because of the poor quality of prostheses;
  • Prolonged smoking;
  • Human papillomavirus;
  • Shortage of vitamin A;
  • erythroplakia;
  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • Frequent consumption of hot and spicy food.

Symptoms of oral cancer

  • Odors from the oral cavity;
  • Pain in the temples and in the ears;
  • Dense red or white formation in the mouth;
  • Unhealed wounds in the mouth (sometimes bleeding);
  • Loosening of teeth;
  • White or red patches in the mouth, on the lips.

It should be understood that these symptoms may indicate other diseases, non-cancerous tumors. However, in order to verify the absence of deadly disease, it is recommended to pass a series of inspections under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Israeli doctors clinics offer new strategies for maintaining healthy teeth and mouth during treatment. Highly specialized pathologists and therapists have extensive experience, especially in new methods of restoration of voice and speech.

Diagnosis of oral cancer in Israel

It is diagnostics using the most modern equipment allows hospitals to Israel accurate and timely detection of the disease. For the diagnosis of oral cancer use a variety of effective methods of research:

  • Examination and medical consultation;
  • Laboratory tests;
  • Skalpelnaya biopsies - tissue sampling for laboratory tests;
  • X-ray pictures of teeth;
  • CT scan;
  • Ultrasound examinations.

After passing diagnosing physicians can accurately confirm the presence / absence of cancerous tumors in the oral cavity. Also detected type of tumor, its location, size and the presence of metastases. Counseling Center become your reliable guide and organize the treatment in Israel at a very high level.

Treatment of cancer of the oral cavity in Israeltreatment of oral cancer

Israel's modern hospitals use a very effective method in the fight against cancer. In addition, cancer centers are well equipped with high-precision medical equipment. For best results, physicians use a holistic approach to treatment. The program of treatment of oral cancer is developed for each client individually. Then take into account the nature of the tumor, cancer stage, the place of the location and many other factors, including the patient's state of health. It is possible to distinguish the main methods of treatment of oral cancer in Israeli Medical Centers:

  1. Surgical treatment. There are several types of surgical removal of malignant tumors in the oral cavity. When the tumor is small, the doctor cuts it, capturing a small area of ​​healthy tissue. In more complicated cases it is necessary to remove portions of the jaw bone, tongue, lymph nodes, etc. Sometimes after removal of the cancer is necessary to do another operation to restore the face - skin grafts, bone grafting and muscle.
  2. Radiotherapy. Ionizing radiation helps block the growth of cancer cells in the oral cavity, acting on the structure of their DNA. This type of cancer is extremely sensitive to the effects of radiation therapy. The physician may prescribe external radiation or radiation source to enter into the tumor (brachytherapy). radiotherapy is effectively used at an early stage of oral cancer as an independent treatment. At later stages of radiotherapy is used as an auxiliary method before and after surgery. This procedure helps to reduce pain and prevent recurrence.
  3. Chemotherapy. Anticancer chemicals affect DNA abnormal cell in such a way that they cease to grow and lose their ability to reproduce. Widely used so-called "smart drugs" that help to overcome cancer, minimally affecting the healthy cells of the oral cavity. Chemotherapy is usually used in combination with radiotherapy and surgery.

After the treatment of oral cancer patient always goes full rehabilitation. During this period, the body actively restored. Under constant supervision by physicians, in order to avoid relapse.

Oral cancer and its treatment may affect speech, swallowing, eating and breathing. Therefore, patients with a highly skilled team - neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, dentistry, speech therapy by a specialist, nutritionist, psychologist, recreation therapist, to provide the best chance for successful treatment with minimal side effects.

prices for treatment

The cost of medical services in Israel, less than about 30%, compared with Europe and America. Upon arrival to Israel for medical treatment the patient is undergoing tests to clarify the earlier diagnosis.

Prices for preliminary diagnostic procedures for suspected cancer of the oral cavity:

  1. Consultation with a specialist - $ 600
  2. PET-CT - 1670 dollars.
  3. Blood tests (and biochemical) - 540 fraction.
  4. Revision biopsy - 680 dollars.
  5. The test for tumor markers - $ 120.

Total: 3610 USD.

Your doctor may prescribe additional types of inspections :

  1. Laryngoscopy with biopsy - 1 $ 300.
  2. Salivary gland biopsy - 10 thousand dollars.
  3. US - 320 dollars.

Prices for medical procedures:

  1. Radiation therapy - 140 dollars. (One field)
  2. Chemotherapy - 1180 dollars. (Session), the value of cytostatics from 360 dollars.

Cancer surgery of the oral cavity:

  1. Resection of the vocal cords - 16 400 dollars.
  2. Glossektomiya - 23 $ 700.
  3. Laryngectomy - 82 400 dollars.
  4. Neck dissection - 25 370 USD.

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