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Heavy oncological diseasethat occurs in the oral cavity - tongue cancer. This is a rare pathology with an aggressive course. According to statistics, it is rarely more than 2% of all cancer abnormalities. Disease develops quickly, quickly grew into a complicated form of destruction. However, the treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel gets rid of the disease with a maximum benefit for the patient. In the early stages violations are eliminated. At later stages of cancer is blocked, allowing you to save man from the pain and prolong his life.

Insidious disease in Russian clinics poorly understood because of the rare cases of lesions of the population. In Israel travel from all over the world, so there gained unique experience of correction of this type of cancer, there are effective methods of diagnosis and therapy of cancer.

Medical service offers treatment in the best clinics in Israel, The leading oncologists at affordable prices. We work directly with the best medical complexes, private and public centers. Official membership in the Association of Israeli medical tourism companies allows us to create affordable prices for people in Russia and the CIS countries on physician services.

The symptoms of cancer of the tongue

Start taking tongue cancer in epithelial cells of the body. It is necessary to carefully monitor the state of their health. Unhealed wounds should not be ignored and perceived the banal stomatitis. If any feeling of discomfort on the mucous should exercise increased vigilance. Cheerleaders must:

  • seal in the language;
  • pain when swallowing saliva;
  • itchy sensation in the mouth, the desire to scratch the language;
  • bleeding of the mucous membrane;
  • changing taste characteristics of the foods;
  • numbness of the tongue, restrictions on movement caused by this speech dysfunction.

It is important to start treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel in due time, as the disease rapidly. Pathology develops without delay, so every day is crucial. If you do not turn to the competent expert in the early stages, lung cancer metastasizes, passes through the lymphatic system, affecting the lymph nodes, then the internal organs - liver, lungs, and others.

Israeli scientists are studying new treatment protocols for HPV - associated cancer of the tongue in order to reduce the volume of treatment provided and reduce the risk of side effects.

Diagnosis of cancer of the tongue

In Israel clinics focusing on the diagnosis. Advantages of the passage of diagnostic tests are compared to Russian hospitals are obvious. You will not lose days of wasting time in queues, looking for the newest equipment in different locations and visiting health centers to collect objective for their own health data.

In hospitals Israeli technical equipment is always on top. The passage of complex laboratory tests, specialist examinations and other procedures of similar profile is spent not more than 3-4 days. At the same time, doctors make a therapeutic protocol for each individual patient, as efficiently combining its therapeutic manipulation.

There are cases when the patient comes to the treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel, but in fact it turns out that was made a horrible mistake, which resulted in his homeland put an incorrect diagnosis. High-precision instruments Israeli hospitals, professional medical staff and expensive equipment laboratory facilities allow to make diagnoses without distortion of the clinical picture. In terms of inspections (when referring to an Israeli hospital with suspected cancer of the tongue) appear the following methods:

  • Examination, endoscopy ENT.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Blood tests from the definition of tumor markers.
  • General blood analysis.
  • Radioisotope study.
  • X-ray of the jaw apparatus.
  • Needling affected material (biopsies) from further cytology.
  • CT, MRI.
  • Neck ultrasound, examination of the lymph nodes.

functional diagnostics doctors do not just reveal the exact location of the tumor, its limits, the amount of modification anomalies of tissues, but also investigate whether the tumor or metastases gave into the surrounding tissues, organs localized.

Israeli doctors use the latest methods of treatment of cancer of the tongue, including transoral robotic surgery, radiation therapy, intensity modulated, 3D-conformal radiotherapy.

Methods of treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel

Treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel, the pricesDetermine a single treatment strategy for the disease is difficult, because in the account in the preparation of a treatment protocol for cancer of the tongue are many factors taken in Israel: oncology stage, the extent of the body, the patient's age, general health, complicated history and much more. It should be borne in mind that the treatment methods depend on the hospital in which the patient is addressed. If a particularly strong classical assist the school in public hospitals, the largest private hospitals often innovative methods intelligently combined with traditional, building effective schemes individually.

By technology the treatment process include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery. If any of the existing possibilities of Israeli doctors prefer conserving surgery. However, if treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel can not be carried out without resection of the body is used reconstructive surgery, recreating the body for aesthetic and functional parameters in accordance with the lost original. Much attention is paid to rehabilitation techniques, as a result of which the patient has an opportunity as soon as possible to return to the usual conditions of life.

surgical methods

It refers to the basic unit in a correctional treatment of cancerous conditions of the oral cavity. In determining the specific surgical technique is taken into account the forthcoming volume of work, the complexity of the procedure. A small, clearly localized tumor specialist can cauterize by laser beam. If, however, no precise boundaries of the tumor, the doctor considers the resection of the tongue or the entire body. Possible seizure of the lymph nodes in the nearest location to the abnormal tissue.

In this case it is the treatment of cancer of the language in Israel with the help of glossektomii - resection of part or the whole body. After this intervention is being reconstructed - to recreate the language used by the patient's own tissue. This helps to eliminate changes in diction, articulation, restore speech, breathing, taste and other features.

Radiation treatment and chemotherapy

It includes a set of methods cancer tissue processing, but they can be independent and correction methods, particularly in advanced stages of the disease, when surgery is not considered as a treatment option. If radiation is used before surgery, her goal - to reduce the activity of cancer cells, shrink the tumor. If after - to destroy the remnants of the possible cancer in the body. Exposure may be carried out in different ways - tongue cancer treatment is conducted in Israel by external sources and internal rays feed grains (brachytherapy).

If the metastasis process of tissue running, often combining radiation with chemotherapy. Dosing regimen is built individually by the attending physician. But especially effective chemotherapy - a combination of cytotoxic drugs to surgery and radiation treatment. To suppress the activity of cancer structures commonly used platinum-funds.

Prices treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel more affordable than in most European clinics, the quality of medicine and service related parameters are out of competition. The exact cost of the procedures can shortchange only after examination of the patient, preparation of a therapeutic protocol, methods for determining pathology correction. However, the average Israeli pricing for medical services is in the following range:

  1. Consultation of leading oncologists - from 600 dollars.
  2. Biochemistry - $ 280.
  3. Determination of tumor marker - 120 dollars.
  4. PET-CT - 1670 dollars.

An interdisciplinary approach provides good results for treatment. A team of specialists in Israel includes an otolaryngologist, radiologists, oncologists, pathologists, as appropriate, other experts. In all treatment options considered during the joint work, and the best is selected according to the needs and objectives. Find out more information you can contact us. We will answer any of your questions, clarifying confusing moments for you.

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