sarcoma treatment in Israel held a lot of patients from all over the world. An endless stream of health tourists coming to the Middle East for the restoration of their own health, gives physicians of this country a great experience that every time improves the results of the treatment process.

Diagnosis of a sarcoma can be challenging, but successful therapy requires an accurate diagnosis. Even a simple biopsy can give a misleading test results in unskilled hands. However, in Israel, every step of the diagnosis and treatment has received increased attention.

It uses the latest tests and molecular genetic analysis to determine the type and stage of the cancer lesion tissues of the body. Tlv.Hospital company offers to pass diagnosis and treatment of sarcoma in Israel in the best public and private clinics.

Advantages of Oncology treatment in Israel

Sarcoma Treatment in IsraelUsing a team approach, medical facilities, doctors of Israel offer everything you need on the principle of "single window" where you can go through all the procedures at one place. Treatments based on new technologies, but do not exclude the traditional, time-tested techniques. This allows you to recover from an illness many people, saving limbs and function of the affected organs.

As one of the leading countries in the field of sarcoma research, Israel has pioneered many advances that are used in the world today, including:

  1. New ways of combining therapies: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These approaches to improve the efficiency of prior art circuits.
  2. New chemotherapeutic agents, new ways to deliver them into the body, to the affected tissue and cellular structures.
  3. Sparing surgical techniques to help keep your hands and feet of patients in the majority of clinical cases.
  4. New molecular formula of drugs to fight cancer and more.

Sarcoma diagnosed in 2% of cases of all forms of cancer, so to treat it important to choose an experienced physician in the practice of which there is evidence of successful healing in the early stages of the disease and improve the quality of life of patients with advanced cancer process.

Types of sarcoma, risk factors

Slightly more than half of all registered medical sarcoma include the share of the male population. There are tumors anywhere in the body. Usually develop in the bone (osteosarcoma ), Or in the soft tissues, involving in pathological process:

  • Muscle structure.
  • Joint compound.
  • The formation of connective tissue.
  • Body fat.
  • Nerve fibers.

By nature can be benign, but in most cases it cancers. There are over 40 types of sarcomas, which are divided into groups with similar types of cancer cells and the same symptoms. Usually they are called in accordance with the type of tissue where the pathology begins to develop. There are violations in the following structures of the body:

  • Muscle.
  • The peripheral nervous tissue.
  • Connective tissue.
  • Blood arteries and lymphatics.
  • Fibrous tissue.

Sarcoma nondescript diagnosed when physicians find it difficult to describe exactly the place where the cancer began to form. Risk factors for the occurrence of violations include all those conditions that increase the likelihood of cancer in the body. Among them, inherited genetic conditions:

  • Von Recklinghausen's disease.
  • Li-Fraumeni syndrome.
  • Gardner's syndrome;.
  • Inherited retinoblastoma.
  • Werner's syndrome.
  • Gorlin syndrome.
  • Tuberculous sclerosis.

Other risk factors include damage to or removal of the lymph nodes under the previous course of cancer treatment, Exposure to vinyl chloride. Some types of soft tissue sarcomas can be transferred from one generation to another. If you walk into this risk group, you get genetic counseling by a doctor.

What should I pay attention?

Signs and symptoms vary in each case. Sometimes the disease is not impossible to suspect early on. Location of the tumor has a significant effect on the symptoms of the disease. If the sarcoma arises in the lower or upper limbs, it becomes noticeable lump growing in size for some time.

Located retroperitoneal tumor provoking pain, bleeding or cause obstruction in the stomach or intestine. Sometimes the tumor grows so large that there is clearly at abdominal palpation. If you notice at the seal in the body tissues, abdominal pain with increasing pulse, blood in stool, vomiting reflex or black stools, contact your doctor.

diagnosis of a sarcoma

The diagnosis precedes treatment of sarcoma in Israel, so go diagnostic procedures you have in any case, regardless of whether you passed them before or not. This is done in order to most accurately determine the type of cancer, its stage, to predict response to treatment. Among the visual screening tests appear:

  • High-speed spiral computed tomography (CT) with contrast ─ is used to get information about the place of location of the tumor, the possibility of its surgical removal.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ─ helps plan the surgery for examination of patients with musculoskeletal tumors.
  • Dynamic MRI and positron emission tomography (PET) ─ are used for the diagnosis and management of robotic equipment at the time of surgery.

Israel has used all the available diagnostic tests to diagnose get the most informative. Chest x-ray is performed to determine whether the cancer has spread to the lungs. It is mandatory biopsy, when a doctor takes a sample of diseased tissue using a hollow needle with a small puncture. The physician controls the needle at a deep location of tumors using ultrasonic scaler or CT.

Sarcoma Treatment in Israel

sarcoma treatment in Israel costsIsraeli hospitals have a huge experience of diagnosis and treatment of different types of sarcomas. It offers new methods of treatment available today for this rare type of cancer in the best medical complexes in the world. This high dose irradiation direction, advanced surgical procedures on the limbs, ultraprecise visualization to help determine the location of the tumor and to distinguish it from the healthy tissue around. Patients have access to all the features of Israeli medicine, which significantly reduces the risk of amputation in the process of eliminating hazards. We offer:

  1. High reputation of Israeli hospitals. Israel has long and successfully retains the flagship for the treatment of complicated types of cancer. local clinics, doctors have extensive experience, are trained in the leading hospitals of America, Switzerland, Germany and France.
  2. The rapid organization of the process of diagnosis and treatment of sarcoma in Israel ─ so rapid survey you will pass for 3 days, and a full screening of the course in just 5-6 days. Within one day you will meet with an oncologist, radiologist, chemotherapists, an orthopedic surgeon. After a meeting with the doctors you will gain a thorough understanding of all existing treatment options, are familiar with the therapeutic protocol. Such meetings will be several. It is necessary to monitor the dynamics of the designated course, fixing the body's response to the impact of doctors and medicines.
  3. Organosberegajushchih surgery. If any of the existing capabilities of the doctor trying to preserve the damaged limb oncology. Just a few years ago malignant sarcoma became compelling reason for the amputation. Today there are many alternatives to this process in Israel.
  4. Computer surgery cancerous pathologies. Operating rooms are equipped with Israeli intraoperative CT, MRI technology, which helps to carefully plan the intervention and to remove affected tissue. Deep-seated soft tissue or bone sarcoma may be difficult to completely remove, especially when trying to separate from tumor important nerves, blood vessels, which should remain unharmed. These technologies and robotic systems allow doctors to identify cancer, working under the direction of a high-resolution three-dimensional computer images.

Patients Israeli hospitals have access to the results of clinical trials. This makes it possible to use new methods of treatment before they will gain popularity in other hospitals. One of the latest achievements is the use of technology with fluorescent probes to illuminate tumor. This technique allows surgeons to gain complete visibility into remote places, find and remove the cancer while maintaining healthy muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels.

Another important achievement of Israeli medicine ─ the full support of relatives and loved ones of cancer patient. They are given advice on the emotional and psychological stability in a difficult period of rehabilitation therapy and rehabilitation. In contrast to the Russian hospital allowed native people in almost all the rooms of hospitals, except for the operating rooms and sterile rooms. While here, most of them established glass windows, windows, through which the patient can be observed.

sarcoma treatment in Israel reviewsAmong the best practices in the treatment of sarcomas in Israel said:

  1. ─ chemotherapy drugs that kill cancer cells or stop them from growing. Chemicals used for treatment of many types of sarcoma. Purpose of the course is based on a specific diagnosis of the patient, the expected risks, benefits, age range, and other factors.
  2. Radiation therapy ─ radiation of high-energy rays are targeted to the tumor to destroy cancer cells or blocking them to divide. Radiation exposure is recommended before surgery or after that reduces the risk of relapse in the subsequent period. Purpose of radiation depends on the type of sarcoma, its location, size. The equipment of the latest generation can handle the cancerous tissue, and even program the rays on the small oscillating movements of the tumor, which occur during the patient's breathing. It becomes a guarantee of the maximum amount of healthy tissue.

There are several types of radiation therapy:

  1. Highly focused radiation therapy ─ enhanced image processing technology is used to focus the beam directly on the tumor. May include three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy and intensity of the modulated radiation.
  2. Intraoperative radiation therapy ─ computer controlled robot delivers radioactive material particle size of a rice grain in the region of the tumor during surgery, to reduce damage to normal tissue and organs.
  3. ─ brachytherapy provides higher radiation dose to the target areas of the body with a long, thin, flexible tube called a catheter. This form of radiation helps prevent relapse after surgical removal.

The surgical techniques used techniques of wide local excision, when the tumor is removed along with a portion of normal tissue around it, so as not to leave cancer cells near the affected area. It can be carried out advanced reconstruction of bones and joints with the replacement of the damaged areas using artificial hip joint, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow.

During sarcoma treatment in Israel vascularized bone grafting can be performed when the patient is replaced with healthy bone and blood vessels of the patient's body. There performed many such procedures, making Israel the clinic exceptional in assisting with sarcoma of bone or soft tissue. In the most extreme cases, amputation is carried out with the partial or total removal of the limbs.

cost of treatment

For the treatment of sarcoma in Israel cost more affordable than in European clinics. The price difference is up to 30%. The quality of care, medicines and comparable technologies. Skill Israeli doctors recognized at the international level, so they invite consultants in hospitals around the world. The average cost of the procedures in hospitals in Israel is as follows:

  1. Consultation profile oncologist - 500-600 dollars.
  2. Biochemistry blood analysis - 280 dollars.
  3. A biopsy (sampling of material for histology) - from 610 dollars.
  4. MRI, PET-CT - from 1470-1670 dollars.
  5. Excision of bone lesions in cancer - $ 26,000.
  6. Fine-needle biopsy of bone - 3400 dollars.
  7. Isolated limb perfusion - 28000 dollars.
  8. Chemotherapy - 1180 dollars (medicine - from 360 USD).


Among the doctors, who are of skill sarcoma treatment, be sure to mention the professor Bikelsa Jacob. Orthopedic oncologist monitors the treatment of bone lesions, providing all kinds of orthopedic surgical techniques. He studied and trained in the leading clinics of Israel. America.

Chaim Gutman - a surgeon who has been treating soft tissue sarcoma.

Worthy of attention Professor Ofer Merimsky that a virtuoso techniques of treatment of all types of sarcomas. This is the only doctor of this profile, using advanced models of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Another grandiose figure ─ Prof. Yitzhak Meller, specializing in oncological orthopedics. It has internship experience in the best hospitals in Germany, Switzerland, USA.

Examine carefully reviews about the treatment of sarcoma in Israel to make an informed decision about choosing a clinic and a doctor or go to the company's consultants We have many years of helping people get rid of the terrible diseases:

Igor V., 57 years old

"Thanks team and the professionalism of the Israeli doctors. He was treated in Israel Prof .. Merimskogo. Earlier replaced hip, went well. When there were pains in the other thigh, immediately went to the coordinators to arrange Assuta me. I know that it's faster than to seek admission. for the money goes out the same way, it is also know, as I was the experience. on arrival made an immediate diagnosis. to the horror revealed sarcoma. Immediately found a doctor on a profile , so as not to waste any time. He survived radiation, surgery, Transplantation of muscles, arteries and veins of the back leg. He lay in bed a month. Fortunately, a success. The rehabilitation also took place in Israel. I feel good . "

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