Shoulder injury can get everyone. This can occur when the active sports training during outdoor games, and just at unsuccessful falling at home or on the street. In addition, there are a variety of diseases in which there is a violation of joint function. Among all the acquired and congenital pathologies joint capsule isolated Bankarta particularly damaging when there is damage to the cartilage, by which the humerus head is fixed in the joint. When this kind of damage is disturbed mobility of the shoulder joint. And then we need Bankarta operation in Israel. The Israeli hospitals this type of surgery is performed with the help of modern technology, through which the patient returns to the familiar life in a very short time. In the future, it does not feel any effects of the injury.

The Israeli hospitals, employs highly trained orthopedic surgeons with extensive experience in minimally invasive surgery of the joints. We also offer post-operative rehabilitation, which will help you as soon as possible to recover from the surgery and return to normal activities. Therapy is chosen based on the individual characteristics of the patient, and the specifics of the injury or disease of the joints.

How is Bankarta operation in Israel

Displacement Bankarta operation depends on the type of damage to the labrum. But the main goal - is to restore the fixation head shoulder bones in the joint and mobility of the labrum. To do this with the help of special equipment - arthroscope. Before starting the operation, the patient is examined by the same arthroscope, which is introduced into the joint through a small puncture. Defining the field of activity, with the help of special tools, manipulators, which are introduced into the joint with the arthroscope, is cleansing the joint surface and the formation of a new labrum. The increment of the labrum to the joint surface is done using a special surgical threads of absorbable material. As the healing of these threads dissolve and do not need to pull out. At the end of surgery impose special orthopedic bandage on the joint.

The advantages of this surgery in Israel consist in the fact that:

  • We use the most modern arthroscopic equipment, in which eliminates the possibility of depressurization of the joint capsule and surrounding tissue injury.
  • The operation is performed international surgeons.
  • Individual selection of anesthesia for the patient.
  • Opportunity to undergo rehabilitation in one of the best rehabilitation centers in the country.

Indications for surgery in Israel Bankarta

Among the indications for this type of surgical intervention are two types:

  • The acquisition, which include injury, inflammatory joint disease
  • Congenital, when problems with the fixation of the shoulder joint are due to dysplasia.


Signs of damage Bankarta

Since the cartilage that makes up articular lip, shoulder joint is important enough for the job, is experiencing the following symptoms when it is damaged patient:

  • Pain during movement of the hand. And it should be remembered that the pain is not constant and can disappear for some - that period of time. But this does not mean that the problem disappeared by itself.
  • Violation of the scope and completeness of hand movements.
  • Clicking sounds when lifting arms.
  • Reduced power performance.

If the presence of such symptoms do not apply at the time to a specialist and get tested, then in the future the process of treatment of injuries of the shoulder joint lips can become much more complicated and require a lot of effort. The later underwent surgery, the greater the risk of complications, and the harder it is to restore the movement of the joint in full.

Before determining tactics surgery patient with symptoms usually examined joint pi aid radiography and magnetic resonance imaging. This allows accurate diagnosis and determine the method of treatment.

After the surgery is usually the rehabilitation period, during which the patient rehab specialists help fully restore a limb mobility.

How is the rehabilitation after surgery Bankarta in Israel

Rehabilitation therapy usually starts after 3 weeks after the operation and includes:

  • Special massage.
  • Exercise therapy, aimed at restoring range of motion.
  • Swimming and special fortified food.

The load on the operated limb generally increasing gradually over the last month and completely restore the volume and strength of the movement in the affected arm. Thus, it is clear that the treatment of injuries Bonkarta necessary complex treatment, quality diagnostics and high-class specialists in the field of joint surgery. All this you can get by contacting

How to get to Israel for treatment?

In order to apply for the examination and treatment of damage Bankarta, you need to fill out the feedback form on our website. You will be contacted by our representative and will help you to draw up the documents required for your arrival for treatment. We guarantee high quality treatment at affordable prices. Services at each stage of the examination and treatment. Our clinic can provide you with advice from the best Israeli experts without long waiting lines. With us, the most difficult problems can be solved simply.