Treatment of fractures of the spineVertebral fractures occur when the bones (vertebrae) are destroyed. This is due to the injuries, falls, car accidents and other causes. But fractures can be caused by simple movements (even a cough or sneeze), when the vertebrae are weak and brittle due to osteoporosis or cancer. Today, the treatment of vertebral fractures in Israel allows thousands of people to return to a normal way of life, to forget about the difficulties and pain during movement.

Service cost

Treatment in Israel more popular every year among Russian-speaking patients. The Israeli clinic go from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

We offer spine treatment in certain hospitals in Israel, the cost of procedures is discussed on an individual basis, as it depends on the shape, the degree of severity of the disease. On average, prices for the services of the clinic are in the following range:

  • Operation of partial or total removal of the herniated disc (discectomy), hospitalization (3 days) - 29 800 dollars.
  • Admission and consultation of the profile - 550-600 dollars.
  • Diagnosis - from $ 2 thousand.
  • Surgical treatment for scoliosis - 40-45 thousand dollars.

Treatment by the best doctors in Israel. Among them Dr.Lidar Zvi(Head of microsurgery center spine Assuta), Dr. Davidovich Solomon (head of department of spinal surgery clinics Beilinson), ProfessorGepshteyn Reuven (Light Hospital, Meir, and all of Israel), Shimon Rochkind (A specialist in the field of endoscopy and microsurgery), Baking Ilya (Assuta) and many others.

The company daily address to find out how to travel abroad and receive treatment abroad. We are officially working with the leading clinics of the country and established themselves in the field of medical tourism impeccable reputation, which confirms itself has been more than 10 years.

The symptoms of a compression fracture of the spine

Vertebral fractures can be very painful phenomenon. Feels like it is similar to what someone stabs the knife back. These fractures lead to deterioration posture, stoop, reducing the overall growth performance. For vertebral fracture is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Pain - occurs in any part of the back or neck, can be given in the thigh, the abdomen.
  • Numbness, weakness and tingling of extremities or other parts of the body. This occurs when the fracture site pinched nerve.
  • Difficulty walking and moving around.
  • Loss of control over the acts of defecation, urination (incontinence or, on the contrary, the delay).

Seeking medical help is mandatory and urgent nature of suspected fracture on reaching 65 years of age, oncology, severe pain. High risk of fracture, when the child is below 12 years old and he can not accurately describe the symptoms.

The reasons behind the compression fracture

Osteoporosis thins bone tissue and makes it susceptible to external factors. The condition usually is characteristic for older people. Among other causes of compression fractures of the back:

  • Physical trauma.
  • The tumor is localized in the spine or vertebrae spread to metastatic tissue.
  • Congenital disease, genetic factor, heredity (eg, osteogenesis imperfecta).
  • Infection (ostiemielit).

At risk are women (especially after menopause), people with low calcium in the body, men older than 60 years.

Diagnosis of vertebral fracture

Of great importance is the fracture diagnosis. To do this, doctors use a physical exam, finding history of the disease, imaging tests. Among the main methods:

  • X-ray examination.
  • CT - helps determine the extent of tissue damage when scanning the fracture site.
  • MRI - appointed by the necessarily incontinence / urine / fecal retention, weakness in the limbs, numbness.
  • Consultation spinal surgeon. At the turn of inspection conducts specialized professionals.


Treatment of spinal fractures in Israel - tradition and innovation

If the main cause of compression fractures is osteoporosis, your doctor may recommend:Treatment of fractures of the spine

  • analgesic pharmacological agents;
  • bed rest;
  • physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support the spine;
  • Corset installation to support the correct position of the vertebrae.

In addition, a patient appointed calcium supplements, medicines for new bone formation with the intact structure.

As an innovative methods of restoring integrity of the spine is recommended to perform the surgical treatment of spinal fractures in Israel by which recovers vertebral height and bone cement paste is made to prevent the destruction of the individual elements of the vertebral column.

Preference is given to non-invasive techniques - through a small incision by needle doctors introducing cement into existing cavities. Used and percutaneous vertebroplasty - a new procedure in which a needle is inserted through the skin of the back. Cement or "biomaterial" (usually methyl methacrylate) solidifies, stabilizing the compressed vertebra. In the case of using a small kyphoplasty balloon for restoring compressed vertebral height prior to administration of bone cement.

If the cause of the fracture became oncology and formed a tumor in the body, used invasive methods of treatment. Including surgery to remove bone portions or tissue, spinal elongation. If the cause was the injury and fracture mechanical action from outside, fusion of vertebrae can be used to reduce pain and reduce pressure on the nerves.

postoperative recovery

Many people stradayusche osteoporosis, can live without severe pain in the back, if you give yourself a rest and take painkillers. It corrects the situation, as well as smoking cessation, taking calcium supplements and other similar measures. Recovery from compression fracture treatment lasts for at least 8-10 weeks. At this time, you may need a corset is necessary to observe bed rest. If the cause was a tumor, prognosis depends on the stage of cancer, the type of the neoplasm.


Anna Simonova:

"My son was born with a defect of the spine. In Russia, we refused to help, so we were forced to look for doctors abroad. Reviewed dozens of options, chose Israel. 3 months after the operation my baby walks by yourself, perform simple actions. No permanent exhausting crying because of the unbearable pain. My husband and I are glad that everything went as well as possible. Grateful to the doctors and coordinators, immediately offered an operation in Assuta. Who knows, I do not make up your mind on a radical step, perhaps, our situation would be worse. In principle, exactly what we predicted. "

Anton Shaubert:

"After a motorcycle accident within 3 years it was getting worse. I could not get up without help from the bed. Friends chipped in for an operation abroad. We agreed that I did not know anything. First openly chickened out when told. I thought that if the operation is bad, I do not get up. A week later, I agreed. Decided that worse uzhu nowhere. And so it was disabled. Recovering after surgery 4 months, strictly followed medical instructions. Today, I go back and even tried to sit on my bike. However, I do not go. But I think that all in front. Thanks to everyone involved! ".