Spinal surgery in IsraelOperations in Israel today, prices are quite affordable for most residents of Russia and CIS countries. This explains the growing demand for medical care in Israeli hospitals. Skill doctors - not the only benefit of clinical institutions. They deserve respect methodology which conducted diagnostic and therapeutic process, medicinal formula and expensive equipment, which the Russian centers for the most part do not have in connection with a modest budget funding.

Medical service en.thebestmedic.com offers treatment back in Israel on innovative programs of therapeutic assistance, has successfully established itself in the world's leading medical hospitals.

Particular attention is given to methods in Israel, minimally invasive surgery, by which operations are carried out with maximum sparing effect.

Minimally invasive surgery in Israel

Under the minimally invasive spine surgery meant a unique type of surgery in which endoscopic equipment is used. These operations give favorable results allow cause minimal trauma to the patient in the process of correction of abnormalities of the back. The method is simple - the surgeon enters the field of work through several small incisions in the body (the length they do not exceed 2-3 cm).

After briquetting these strategic cuts, the doctor puts a tiny digital video camera and special surgical instruments deep into the human body, getting into the area needing correction. The camera visualizes the complex structure of the organism and performs a guiding function. The surgeon controls every move as closely as possible. At the end of surgery, endoscopic equipment is removed, on the small incisions are closed with stitches. Area of ​​penetration is treated with antiseptic agents and placed under the bandage.

Minimally invasive procedures are one of the latest developments that have been made over the last 10 years in the field of surgery. This technology minimizes postoperative complications compared to traditional operations. Here are just a few of the reasons because of which it is necessary to give preference, wherever possible:

  1. Since the surgeon sees the detail work place and the changes are minor muscle injury.
  2. A minimum anesthesia.
  3. The rehabilitation period is short (hospitalization after surgery takes a few days, which means that the patient quickly returns to normal).
  4. Pain during minimally invasive surgery are evaluated as moderate.

This is a procedure with low risk, accompanied by less blood loss. There is a minimal chance of developing infection in the tissues, insignificant potential for leakage of cerebral spinal fluid.

The success of minimally invasive surgery is largely dependent on the professionalism and skill of the operating surgeon. The Israeli hospitals work leading doctors in the field of neurosurgery. Doctors and professors composition according proud of practical experience perform complex operations on the spine. Most physicians were trained at major medical centers in Europe, proved itself implicitly experts in this environment. In this case, an operation on the spine cost is minimal compared with countries such as Germany, Austria, USA. This enables patients to receive the highest level of medical services at affordable prices.

When choosing a treatment in Israel, you can be sure to get help from the best doctors who use in their work the latest achievements of medical practice. Among the well-known doctors can be noted neurosurgeon Shlomo Davidovich, Professor Shimon Rochkind, popular among Russian stars Ilya Pekarskii and other luminaries of the international level. In the treatment of injuries and disorders of the spine and other methods are used - such as stem cell therapy. When carrying out operations using a new robotic equipment.

Consider just one of the many systems and inherent functions - Robotics Renaissance. The system is used for implantation, it allows the surgeon to use images from a computerized tomography. CT information is loaded into the 3D planning system, which itself builds up a detailed plan of operations. All physical work is done by a doctor, but technique is the guiding tool with high-precision data. The equipment allows you to safely place the implants in the spine through minimal incisions.

Testimonials of spinal neurosurgery

Testimonials on the back of operations in Israel, give a lot of information for the study:

"I had surgery on his spine clinic Assuta. The doctors worked with me for 6 !!! Hours. They removed my previously installed in Russia rods and screws, and introduced a new spine-stabilizing device, leveled it, implanted implants. We are waiting for the end of the operation the husband and my three children. They immediately told that everything went well, comforted and sent to the hotel. the next day I was sitting in a chair, then a week physiotherapist worked with me. After the cuts on my body healed, I was allowed to go to the pool to strengthen the muscular system, restoring the physical form. I am very grateful to Dr. Shlomo. Finally I was able to say goodbye to the unbearable pain that haunted me for decades. Long did not dare to travel to Israel, and I think that wasting time. Now I can do everything that normal people do, I can not worry about that as it is not so turn around, get up out of bed, get in the car . This is my new life, I hospitably opens its doors every day! Elizabe th V., 54 years. "

What disorders of the spine are treated in Israel

Spinal surgery in Israel, the pricesUncommon for the operation in Israel - the only way of restoring health, as doctors are not taken in Russia to correct many diseases, referring to the lack of opportunities for providing quality treatment process. The Israeli clinics successfully work with such violations:

  1. Acute and chronic disorders of the back and neck.
  2. Degenerative diseases, including spinal stenosis, low back pain, herniated disc, osteoporosis, vertebral compression fractures.
  3. Central compression of the spinal cord (myelopathy).
  4. arthritis of the spine.
  5. Deformation of the spinal column.
  6. Injuries of the spinal cord.
  7. Removal of tumors of the spine and more.

In Israel, a high percentage (%) of cure even with serious anomalies of development. correction program always begins with a comprehensive assessment of the musculoskeletal system, including diagnostic tests (including MRI, CT, bone scans, X-rays of the latest generation, PET). Nerve conduction studies and other methods.

After an accurate diagnosis is made surgical evaluation or verification of appropriateness of physical therapy. If priority is given to surgery, primarily used endodontic techniques used traditional open surgery, discectomy, laminectomy.

Spinal surgery in Israel: the price

If you are interested, how much spinal surgery in Israel, please contact us. It is difficult to identify a single price, given that the history of the disease differs from patient to patient. The account in the preparation of the therapeutic protocol is a general condition, the presence of chronic diseases, age, prior therapy, the physician level at which you want to be treated. Below are the rates for some procedures:

  1. Receiving a neurosurgeon - $ 560
  2. Coagulation (blood clotting test) - $ 80
  3. MRI - $ 1470
  4. Neurophysiological monitoring - 1980 $
  5. Discectomy (partial or total removal of the intervertebral disc) - $ 29,800

The cost of the operation has already included all costs and fees of the doctors. Phoned our administrator, you will know what documents should be sent for us to study your situation, what kind of questions to be answered.

We will promptly examine the materials provided, form the indicative estimates for the services.