Reviews of spine treatment in IsraelEvery year, thousands of patients from all over the world come to Israel for rehabilitation. Actively working in the field of medical tourism public and private hospitals. It is believed that treatment of the spine in Israel reviews which can be freely available on the Internet, one of the best in Europe and Asia. Here is practiced traditional methods and revolutionary new therapies.

Preference is given to treatment protocols built individually, rather than the standard generic type programs. Since virtually all hospitals are working in close cooperation with the universities of Israel, in the departments of the scientists on the creation of effective medication daily work and developing methods of correction of spinal problems.

Spine treatment in Israel reviews

"I am glad that I can walk in the park, run on the treadmill, do the dishes in the sink, sit and work on the computer. All of these things most people consider normal, not worthy of attention. And to me before I went spine treatment in Israel, examining the information on reviews and recommendations of friends, these simple actions were unavailable. When I was a teenager, I could not do none of the above cases for a long time. It brought incredible pain. I had to make continuous breaks, lie down and rest, to spend a couple of minutes and then not staying idle. I had idiopathic adolescent scoliosis. In Israel I had the surgery. the recovery was long, but it was worth it! Now I can live a normal life, doing the usual for many things, to enjoy every day. Thank you and my doctors Assuta coordinators who first instilled in me the hope to justify the later fully. Oksana. Murmansk. "

"I can now be proud of his son, who alone out of the car, goes to bed and gets up with her. This was not possible before. It was terrible. A mother's heart is always suffers when the baby is not all right. Therefore, each small step for us -... it is a great victory Maxim was diagnosed in 2012 with spondylolisthesis After the operation, we recovered a long time Yes, it's a long time Yes, painfully Yes, it is terrible, because.. I do not know what lies ahead But today, I can safely say -. operation helped My son does not feel more of these terrible pains Things are good We are grateful to have been treated at the... Shimon Rochkind. This enabled Maxim to be like other people, normal people. Thanks. Lyudmila, 54 years. "

"I had two operations in the neck. MRI showed spinal stenosis, bone spurs in the C 4-5 and C 5-6. For surgery, I was in Israel for a long time to choose between Germany and Israel, and chose the latter option. After the operation, I felt a big difference. a year later, I find myself healthy. I can freely move your arms up and down and the amplitude (rotation). Completely gone, and the pain is no more swelling. Thanks to doctors Suraski. Anton E., 48 years. "

"I am 54 years and I've experienced chronic back pain after a fall from a horse. My family and I went to the south, and I decided to ride a horse, but unsuccessfully fallen from her. I tried everything I could, because they do not even think about surgery. Had physiotherapy, yoga, inversion therapy, massage, injections with potent drugs. But when the pain became unbearable, I could not even get out of bed in the morning. He studied the proposals of Russian clinics, staring treatment abroad. Attracted reviews of spinal treatment in Israel. My husband and I went to Assuta. We wrote to the clinic directly, but could not get a competent answer on the timing, cost and the rest. Afraid to fly in vain, therefore , appealed to the coordinators. the answer is received in two days. the total price, the conditions of stay abroad, information about the clinic doctors. They helped us with tickets, arrange delivery from the airport to the hospital, accompanied us everywhere. the care and professional ism - the distinctive features of the children with whom we are fortunate to work with. I can not imagine what would my husband do without them in a foreign country. After the surgery, I was able to stand up straight, not bent, not propping up the arm back. The first time I recently was able to walk without pain. I am writing today to all who have terrible problems with his back. Do not wait for decades spinal surgery, if there is a chance to spend it at a good doctor. I live a completely new and different life. And I am very sad that I lost so much time waiting for the sickening pain, fear. I remember it as excerpts from the film about Nemo's life. Thanks to everyone who helped me to find a balance especially Dr.Reuven Gepshteynu. Elvira Semenovna, Orenburg, 54 years. "

"I felt the pain and discomfort for many years in the lower back. In September 2015 I of Could not walk without severe, pain. It Became Difficult to Reviews of spine treatment in Israeltalk to people AT work. I of Could not even walk around Our factory, not crouching on Endlessly spaced around the shops I did a local chiropractor I went to the hospital like clockwork -.. 4 times a week the survey found that the pain is caused by a bulging disc and herniated spine by January 2016 it became easier, but my life is .. not recovered as much as I would like Controlled process using MRI, but further progress is obtained and not moved the doctor suggested that I consider the treatment of the spine in Israel reviews of hospitals we studied together with children We stopped at Asaf... - a price tag less available and doctors are professional. Accessed through the coordinators directly could not get out. the operation was conducted on June 29. Everything went well. After the surgery took a pain reliever in the evening to sleep normally. An d on 1 July, I went. First, a little bit, and then more. But most importantly - without pain. She ushla.Ya really regret only one thing. With so many years lived with pain that did surgery before, he does not allow himself to live normally. Today, I am 100% recovered. Go, live life to the fullest, I breathe deeply. Thanks! Boris A., 49 years old, Tver. "

"I have low back pain. But the main problems are in the neck (C3-7), which led to pain in his right hand, to give to the middle and index finger pulsation. When the whole arm was numb and had a strange . feeling of mild tingling, I tensed in earnest Hand as if disconnected, numb, it was very unpleasant I expected that all will pass by itself, but it did not happen I completed a course of acupuncture were experimenting with chiropractic -.. all without results I asked the doctor what he thinks about the operation He tried to dissuade me He said that he could become worse I did not listen I wanted only one thing -..... that I felt better the operation took place in Israel.. After an MRI, which showed damage to the disk, I was sent to many analyzes. After examining them, the doctor said that he saw no contraindications for laser correction of the spine. the operation was quick, the recovery did not last long. I 'm glad I decided to change. Now, in my life there is no pain and fear that tomo rrow I will wake up immobilized. Thanks to the doctors for my salvation. Alexander, Riga, 52 years. "

"The last 23 years has always felt a strong pain in the back, it has long been firmly became my companion. After a back injury I was weak and could not independently cover distances of over 100 meters. Then began a strong pain, fatigue, indifference the things I did not try -. it and painkillers, and trips to the manual, which was advised to friends, and chiropractic spinal endless physio treatments I accept the idea that this is my condition ever and I live with him It came.. about by accident. I studied on the internet information on innovations in the area of ​​spinal treatment in Israel. Considered Assuta Hospital technology and Dr. Ilya Baking, Reread a thousand times about the doctors and pricing, technology and medicine. In the end I decided. He traveled to Israel together with the accompanying of our medical center "Best Medic". He took with him all the tests and check-out, but in fact I re-evaluated. I did not mind - the evaluation was very thorough and competent. I want to say that care in the hospital that before surgery, after - excellent. From the staff saw only the care, attention and understanding. After surgery, he recovered a few months. Today I can walk alone for short distances without pain and lameness. I am comfortable. Even enrolled in a swimming pool on the recommendations of the Israelites. Sometimes there are small bouts of discomfort, but it does not hurt. Rather discomfort. This happens when the earn - for a long time sitting in one position or a lot of walking. Rest and everything passes. Apparently, not yet fully recovered, and both want to do everything. I have no doubt that doctors saved me from eternal pain. The results exceeded all expectations placed on treatment. I appreciate the laser surgery and hand it to her. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my situation. Nelli Andreevna, 55 years old. Moscow. "