human spine consists of 34 vertebrae, and performs a support, motor and protective function. Therefore, problems with the spine have a negative impact on the entire body as a whole. Lateral curvature of the spine relative to the central axis of greater than 10 degrees is called scoliosis. He usually begins to manifest itself in childhood or adolescence. Disease affects 3% to 5% of the population and it occurs more often in girls.

Contrary to popular belief, poor posture, unbalanced exercise or a sedentary lifestyle are not the cause of scoliosis. In most cases, the cause of the disease is unknown, although in recent years, scientists do not rule out a hereditary component.

What help will

  1. Employees pick up a branch in the Israeli medical centers where experienced therapists and experts will diagnose scoliosis. Based on clinical results, they will pick up an individual plan for follow-up and treatment of scoliosis in Israel. It is decided whether or not your child needs a brace or surgery, and possibly the most effective treatment will be special exercises.
  2. Israeli clinic offer you various options for the treatment of scoliosis: from the individual treatments, unique groups, individual practice, intensive courses during the school holidays before drawing up an additional program to be followed at home.
  3. Support and specialist support can be continued and after your return home.
  4. The experience and professionalism of the team, which includes physiotherapists, orthopedists and neurologists, allow us to estimate the chances of success of the correction of scoliosis at the first lesson.

Scoliosis Treatment in Israel, depending on the angle of curvature

Treatment depends entirely on the degree of scoliosis development.

- If scoliosis is at an angle less than 15 degrees. Specialist orthopedic conducts monitoring every six months to ensure that the state does not deteriorate, and teaches the child the correct posture.

- scoliosis with an angle greater than 15 degrees. Carried out by the method physiotherapy Schroth (details cm. Below), spinal angle which is the purpose of correction. This treatment requires daily practice on the part of the patient. It can have a significant effect on the progression of scoliosis stop.

- More severe scoliosis at an angle greater than 25 degrees require treatment of the cast. Corset is a plastic device that is used to correct the position of the back. Corset which is selected for each patient according to the type of scoliosis should be worn at least 20 hours a day. This treatment is recommended as long as the end and growth. Then gradually reduce the amount of time spent in corset, but while maintaining physiotherapy. In adulthood, physical therapy may be replaced with a variety of sports, such as yoga, martial arts or pilates.

- If scoliosis above 50 degrees require corrective surgery vertebrae. This treatment strategy of scoliosis in Israel will be selected only after an orthopedist to make sure that the other treatments have failed.

What methods are used in the treatment of scoliosis in Israel?

Schroth method. The German physiotherapist Katrina Schroth (one thousand eight hundred ninety-four - one thousand nine hundred eighty-five) in his youth had scoliosis, whichUnlike many others, she does not putThe efforts have paid off. She found that certain postures, movements andIn 1924, she published her method, which isThis method has been recognized at the international

Objectives Schroth method:

  • Delay or even stop the progression of scoliosis.
  • Improved posture and appearance by achieving symmetry.
  • To maintain the correct posture in daily life further.
  • Reducing pain.
  • Improvement of respiratory function.
  • Prevent operation.
  • Learning the correct activation of the trunk muscles in a corset.

Particularly effective method for children, because a certain percentage of children scoliosis tends to worsen, and the goal of treatment is to prevent progression. The treatment process is quite lengthy. In many cases, it lasts for more than five years, and be sure to include home practice.

Corset (in combination with physical therapy) . There are different types of devices, which are adapted to the type of scoliosis and its location. The method is based on the idea that through the application of external forces to the body can achieve symmetry in the skeleton and straighten the spine.

Surgery is performed in severe cases. The operation is aimed at eliminating the joints between the vertebrae and the alignment is done by attaching the metal rods to the vertebrae. It is important to note that this is a complex operation that requires long-term rehabilitation, and the decision to hold accepted only after all other treatment options have failed. Surgery is performed in severe cases or when there is the fear of death to the patient. In surgery, try to rehabilitate the spine and gently align. The operation is complicated. The operations involve a number of hazards: spinal cord injury, which may lead to permanent paralysis, vertebral fracture or bleeding.

ApiFix technology. However, do not stand still and operating technology. A global trend to minimize the invasiveness of surgical procedures and operations of touched on the spine. Although minimally invasive techniques in spinal orthopedics came only in recent years. One of the most promising of swallows in this area is ApiFix technology for the treatment of scoliosis in adolescents in Israel. New technology reduces incision with conventional 30-50 cm - 10 cm, reduces exhausting 4-5-hour operation to the 50 minutes period of hospitalization also reduced from seven to two days.

At the level of Biomechanics and technology ApiFix concept is radically different from the previously used techniques. The new technology surgeon attaches to the spine "smart" implants ApiFix, which allows the patient to "to straighten the spine." The point chosen for implant ApiFix, is the curved point on the back - as if it was "rolling spot" of the spine. Physical therapy begins two weeks after the operation and lasts for a few months - until the spine alignment. It includes 5 simple exercises (for example, rely on the chair and stretching on the side), which must be performed twice a day - each complete set takes about 20 minutes.

symptoms of scoliosis

  • One shoulder higher than the other.
  • waist line is not parallel to the floor.
  • The head is not located at the center of the pelvis.
  • body leaning to one side.

Diagnosis of scoliosis in Israel

Scoliosis is diagnosed by physical examination. X-ray or CT are necessary for position estimation complexity, orientation, and deformation size. One method is to compute the curvature evaluation of the Cobb angle that evaluates the distortion of the highest vertebra involved in scoliosis, to the lowest involved vertebra. Early diagnosis increases the chances of success of conservative treatment of scoliosis in Israel. In connection with this important examination of children's orthopedic surgeon at the beginning of the process of intensive growth, with about 10 years. Early detection will identify scoliosis in its early stages and, thus, to treat its relatively simple methods.