Surgery method Spinal Fusion (fusion) - one of the most modern and efficient methods of spinal surgery - aimed at stabilizing the spine by connecting two or more vertebrae to minimize movement therebetween. Normally, the spinal column is flexible and agile due to the presence of elastic cartilage intervertebral discs, apportion one vertebra from the other. But in some cases, such flexibility of the spine is a harmful factor, and the operation method Spinal fusion helps it reduce. For example, for more efficient elimination of pain, prevention of further development of serious pathologies (such as intervertebral hernias, scoliosis etc.), stabilize the spine after a traumatic injury or after removal of a tumor, surgical correction of congenital deformities and so forth. Spinal neurosurgeons best Israeli clinics using minimally invasive endoscopic techniques during Spinal fusion operation, which produces the minimum tissue damage, and thus ensures a speedy recovery.

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Spinal fusion method

backbone structure includes flexibly interconnected bone elements - vertebrae and situated therebetween cartilaginous intervertebral discs. The vertebrae consist of a vertebral body itself and extending therefrom arcs which confined to form the spinal canal, through which the spinal cord from escaping through the holes spinal roots. Violation backbone structure, its curvature, such as scoliosis, causes decompression and compression of neural structures, disruption of circulation of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) or other serious problems.

Spinal fusion surgery The purpose is to stabilize and reduce the risk of damage to the spinal cord or nerve roots by exhaust surgical fixation of adjacent vertebrae. The additional retaining elements or structures, as well as bone grafts may be used. Method Spinal fusion surgery is intended to eliminate unnecessary surgically lability (mobility) vertebral spine and give stability when correcting its curvature. The merger of the vertebrae of the spine takes some flexibility in Spinal fusion surgery, but most spinal adhesions affect only small segments of the spine and does not severely limit the overall movement. Most patients do not notice the decrease in range of motion. Spinal surgeon before the operation is required discusses with the patient as a particular influence on the operation flexibility or range of motion of the spine.

How to spend Spinal fusion surgery in Israel?

Operation method Spinal fusion is carried out on the advanced equipment with the latest technology in t. H. Assisirovannoy robot Da Vinci technique that provides speedy recovery of the patient at the lowest degree of tissue traumatization. Operation method Spinal fusion is performed under general anesthesia (the patient is immersed in a drug-induced sleep and does not feel anything). Duration Spinal fusion surgery is 1 - 4 h.

Spinal fusion surgery in Israel is carried out using different methods (open access operation - with incision, endoscopic intervention with minimal damage to tissue and a smaller incision), the choice will depend on the nature and localization of the disease. There are also several different types of access that can be used by the surgeon to reach the spine during the incision during surgery Spinal fusion:

  1. Front - an incision in the lower abdomen (pathology in the lumbar spine), or in front of the neck (in the cervical spine).
  2. Rear carried out from the back (for fusion of the vertebrae - the lumbar posterior, posterolateral lumbar, transforaminal lumbar, ie through the intervertebral foramen.).
  3. In a side surgeon gains access to the spine side (lumbar fusion).

It happens that in order to ensure access to the areas you need to carry out a pre-discectomy, laminectomy, Foraminotomy.

Also Israeli spinal surgeons have developed minimally invasive methods when Spinal fusion surgery is performed endoscopically, with cuts is not more than 2-3 cm. Surgical manipulation concluded that through one of the punctures introduced endoscopic probe with a miniature video camera that transmits an image of the surgical field in enlarged view of a computer monitor on which the surgeon sees the whole course of the operation. After remaining sections are introduced endoscopic surgical instruments, as well as the locking device adjacent vertebrae or bone grafts. Accuracy control operation performed by the method of Spinal Fusion with powerful microscopes. Because of the low recovery period minimal traumatization and easy for the patient.

Methods for bonding method vertebrae Spinal fusion with different tasks:

  1. Bone grafting using bone grafts from the donor or the implantation of bone tissue in the spine segment back or between vertebrae. Bone graft is used to stimulate bone healing, increases bone regeneration and helps to firm connection of the vertebrae to provide them with immediate structural support. Autografts taken, usually from the iliac crest or femoral. During the decompression laminectomy for spinal cord, the surgeon can use the extracted items as bone graft (local autograft). Bone tissue is substantially displaced from the site where it is pinched nerves to stabilize the vertebrae.
  2. Artificial plastic materials, special implants (using demineralized bone matrix, bone morphogenic proteins, synthetic bone grafts, produced from the calcium / phosphate materials). Also, Israeli spinal surgeons use plates, screws and rods to hold the spine still. Internal fixation contributes to successful healing. With internal fixation of added stability, the majority of patients after surgery can begin to move faster.
  3. Also, the dynamic fixation technique can be used with bone replacement mobile structure eliminates excessive mobility of the spine segment of tissue (where localized pain), dynamic fixation can be single-level and multi-level (usually indicated for the treatment of scoliosis and lumbar strain).


Diagnosis of Spinal fusion surgery before

Surgery Spinal fusion method in Israel is carried out at the offices of spinal surgery specialist clinics after a comprehensive and thorough examination. Preoperative diagnosis comprises the following hardware and laboratory studies:

  • Detailed analysis of blood biochemical and clinical indices, coagulation, electrolytes, and others.
  • ECG (electrocardiography).
  • X-ray of the chest and spine.
  • CT (computed tomography).
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

They can be assigned and additional study depending on the patient's complaints and symptoms.

In preparation for the operation method Spinal fusion patient should prepare their medical records as detailed as possible, data on previously deferred and chronic diseases, allergies, medication taken, etc. A week before the day of the operation by Spinal fusion, as a rule, you need to stop taking anticoagulant medications.

Indications for Spinal fusion surgery by

vertebral fixation method can bring relief in such cases:

  1. spinal deformities, such as curvature of the spine in a lateral direction (scoliosis).
  2. Spinal weakness or instability of the spine with severe arthritis, deforming spondyloarthrosis, infectious or neoplastic lesions, fractures and spinal injuries and other diseases.
  3. Herniated disc.
  4. Lumbar degenerative disc disease, and spondylolisthesis.
  5. Congenital defects of the spine.


The unpleasant symptoms, to remove which may be considered the operation appropriateness Spinal fusion, are generally limited to such characteristics:

  1. Back pain.
  2. Visible deformation (curvature of the spine).
  3. Motor (weakness or numbness in the extremities, difficulty in walking) and sensory disorders, etc.

This signs indicate that it is necessary to address immediately to a specialist.


After Spinal fusion surgery rehabilitation period includes a number of stages, allowing more likely to return to a healthy life. Immediately after the intervention the patient is in the postoperative ward under intensive medical supervision for several hours to monitor the state of recovery from anesthesia. The patient receives painkillers, anti-inflammatory and other prescription medications. After 2-3 days it is recommended to get up out of bed and start walking cautiously, with support. Hospitalization lasts for up to 7 days. Within a couple of years after surgery Spinal fusion method need periodic medical supervision. In case of successful stabilization of vertebrae observation is terminated after 2 years. The patient is shown performing special exercise and restriction of heavy loads.


After Spinal fusion surgery is usually the risk of postoperative complications is extremely low. But, as with any surgical procedure, there may be potential complications, such as:

  • Inflammatory reactions.
  • Bleeding.
  • Risks associated with general anesthesia.
  • the risk of thrombosis.
  • Neurological symptoms associated with nerve entrapment.


Professor Reuven Gepshteyn ranks among the top spinal surgeons and neurosurgeons Israel, specializes in orthopedic minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery in the treatment of pathologies of the spine and joints. Author of numerous medical discoveries and scientific works.

Dr. Zvi Lidar - is one of the most sought-after professionals as a neurosurgeon, orthopedic and spinal surgeon in Israel, author of medical innovation techniques.

Dr. Ilya Baking - one of the recognized not only in Israel, but also abroad, orthopedic and spinal surgeons with vast clinical experience and the "golden hands", carries out a unique operation for the treatment of complicated pathologies of the spine, herniated disc, getting rid of the pain, etc.