Endoprosthesis in IsraelEndoprosthesis annually in Israel is becoming increasingly popular not only for Russian-speaking patients, but also for Americans, residents of other developed countries. Israeli hospitals public and private sector take up to 85% of patients from abroad, arriving in the country program of medical tourism. High quality procedures, professionalism of doctors, innovative equipment and advanced methods of correction of diseases are available for anyone who has decided to restore health. In this case, the cost of replacing the joints more than available.



Medical service en.thebestmedic.com offers treatment in Israel at competitive prices for the citizens of Russia and the former Soviet Union countries. We work directly with leading hospitals and the best doctors, giving our patients the opportunity to undergo maintenance without undue discounts and "taken out of thin air" tariff.

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Medical tourism - the benefits are obvious

Why medical tourism program for arthroplasty in such demand? The answer is obvious - the benefits of treatment in an Israeli hospital, compared with other developed countries in Europe and Asia often is more than 10 thousand dollars. I agree that this amount is significant. On a par with Israel arthroplasty in popular areas such as:

  • plastic surgery of the face;
  • breast implants;
  • weight correction operation;
  • ophthalmic correction;
  • removal of swollen therapy of cancer conditions.

Along with the treatment, the benefit of which is indisputable, most patients still manages to draw rest on the shores of the Dead Sea, the healing power of which has become a byword. Are there alternatives to Israel? Hardly, since it can be associated with at least one of the countries.

Asian countries, especially India, Singapore and Thailand are just beginning their ascent to the heights of medical excellence. Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, too, had not gone far from the previously announced options. Latin America and the Middle East are of most interest to tourists, and Israel is booming pilgrimage for people who come here for healing with the help of surgery and other medical practices.

It is here that have learned to maintain reasonable prices for services that meet the needs of even the most discerning patients from Western countries. If we compare the actual figures, the total hip replacement in the US comes up to 105 thousand dollars, while in Israel, the same procedure would cost an average of 20 thousand dollars. The savings is obvious and very significant.

"I was 63 years old when my left hip not withstand heavy walk without the support of a walking stick. Sending documents to the American hospital, I received a calculation of the amount of 65 thousand dollars for the operation. This amount was too big for me, so I started to look for alternatives in other countries. Long tried to make direct contact with clinics in Israel, but it never happened. Contact the company en.thebestmedic.com. There were asked to send the documents and surveys previously conducted treatment. All posted on the same day I received a response that the operation will cost 17 thousand dollars He agreed on joint replacement in Israel, without thinking Serviced at Assuta My special thanks to the coordinators -... carefully selected options for the hospital, the doctors checked the quality of services rendered to me, even after the money paid. We took full care of all ticket, hotel, movement in Israel, telephony. Assuta on to say that it's fantastic manicured hospital where h ygiene is observed well - perfect cleanliness everywhere. Very polite treatment to patients, even strange somehow. My surgeon trained in Austria, carried out more than 650 hip replacements. I think - this is important, because the experience fills the hand. So it turned out. Everything went perfectly. Thanks. Michael L. ".

Israeli experts conduct joint replacement using the latest technologies and materials. Thanks to minimally invasive procedures can not restore normal range of motion and release the patient from severe pain. Artificial joints are made from high-tech materials, developed with wear-resistant bearing surfaces, such as titanium, ceramics, and the latest generation of plastic. These activities are aimed at improving the implants.

Doctors have extensive experience of operations as performed thousands of full and partial joint replacement and other reconstruction procedures. Jobs and operating rooms where joint replacement is conducted in Israel are equipped with innovative equipment, such as laminar airflow system to reduce the risk of infection. In connection with the use of sparing surgical techniques, the active participation of the robotic equipment in the course of surgery, patients return to normal life in the short term.

Quick Recovery also provides a team of orthopedists, physical therapists, social services experts, providing post-operative care. Hospitalization afterthe knee replacementor hip replacement clinic is rarely more than 2-3 days. Together with the endoprosthesis used in Israeli hospitals, and additional recovery methods: Reiki energy, music therapy, acupuncture, acupuncture.

Joint replacement in Israel

Joint replacement in IsraelIn some cases, a joint replacement? For this operation, fit patients with the following types of violations:

  1. Osteoarthritis, which with age destroys the structural integrity of the joint.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
  3. Osteonecrosis, bone disease, leading to loss of blood supply.
  4. Posttraumatic arthritis because of fractures.
  5. A mistake by the previously performed operation or planned replacement due to natural wear and tear of the implant.

To correct the situation and apply a common partial hip arthroplastywith a minimally invasive and traditional surgery techniques. These procedures in 95% of cases are reduced quality of life, even those patients who suffer from severe pain for decades. Use joint resurfacing, osteotomy.

The above conditions and cause deterioration of the knee joint. However, all this can be successfully treated in Israel. Here it is practiced minimally invasive surgery when the doctor through small incisions, using a tiny camera and special tools, conducting complex manipulation to replace the damaged part of the knee and implant placement inside.


A new technique in the field of joint replacement suggested Professor Noam Eliaz from Tel Aviv University. He developed a program to improve the motor skills of people undergoing surgery for joint replacement. The technique involves an electrochemical process for the coating of metallic implants that enhances the functionality of the artificial elements, their durability and the integration into the human body.

Covering structure resembles biological material that enhances its integration with the mineralized tissues of the body. This invention reduced implant rejection risk by 33%. According to Professor Eliaz, good coverage is crucial for stable fixation of the implant to surrounding bone. Since human bones contain apatite, covering the implant similar structure, doctors make it similar to natural fabrics. This provides fixation of the foreign body and prevents leakage of poisonous materials from the metal in the blood stream.

arthroplasty prices

The cost of treatment will include all diagnostic procedures, the prosthesis and the surgery itself. The price for each individual patient. Below is a list of prices for a number of procedures:

  1. Consulting an orthopedic surgeon - $ 550
  2. Preparation for surgery - $ 560
  3. Knee Replacement - $ 25 680
  4. Hip arthroplasty - $ 24,870

The price includes admission to hospital - 7 days. Send your application online, and get more accurate information.