The shoulder joint is one of the most moving and complex joints in the human body. It is formed of three parts - the head of the humerus, scapular depression and head clavicular bone. These components are fixed in the joint by ligaments and cartilage. Due to its unique structure of the shoulder joint provides a large amount of movement of the limbs. And so, when in the complex mechanism of cartilage and ligaments crashes, illness or injury, the volume of the shoulder and arm movements become limited. And then you need to diagnose injuries and begin treatment.

The Israeli hospitals have long learned to qualitatively and quickly diagnose and treat diseases of the joints. Percentage of successfully completed surgery of the joint is 95%. This is due to the fact that Israel has used the most advanced equipment and laboratory diagnostic methods that can accurately detect abnormalities, to select the optimal treatment regimen of the shoulder joint in Israel. The operation was conducted by highly qualified surgeons and orthopedists. A rehab clinic to help you regain motion in its entirety. Within a few days after the operation you will be able to move his arm, and after a couple of months completely return the mobility of the limbs.

Methods of treatment of the shoulder joint in Israel

Conservative - the non-steroidal-of anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids course the the the scheme hondroprotektory That repair damaged cartilage.

Indications: Arthritis of the shoulder joint, periartroz frozen shoulder, arthritis of the shoulder joint and akromealno tendeit-clavicular joint (inflammation of the ligamentous apparatus).

Basically conservative method used in the early stages of the disease. And if for a certain little effect no time, and the disease progresses, it is then necessary surgery.

Methods of surgical treatment

One of the newest and most effective treatment is the method of introducing a special balloon between the head of the humerus and the acromion process of the blade - InSpace ™ Balloon. Introduced tank acts as a buffer between the bones and thus, increases joint mobility and decrease pain. Advantages of this method is that it is less invasive, with a very short period of post-operative rehabilitation. In some cases, the introduction of the balloon can be replaced arthroplasty.

By minimally invasive operations also relates operation Bankarta. The essence of this intervention in the formation of a new joint ruining of the cartilage that holds the head of the humerus in the joint and to ensure its mobility. Performed surgery using the arthroscope and surgical manipulators. Bonkarta operation also relates to minimally invasive techniques, with rapid recovery limb mobility.

In cases where the restore joint function minimally invasive techniques is not possible - carried out an operation on a shoulder joint replacement - hip replacement.

This is a complex surgery is performed under general or epidural anesthesia. During the operation, do not work part of the joint is replaced with implants made of medical metallloplastika. Joint replacement lasts about 2 hours and is performed by surgeons of the highest qualification. Full range of motion is recovered in the course of the year.

Indications for surgical treatment of the shoulder joint in Israel

  • Inflammatory joint diseases, not amenable to conservative treatment.
  • Injuries to the shoulder joint.
  • Necrosis of the shoulder joint tissues.

Contraindications to surgical treatment

  • If the patient has co-morbidities, and the risk of complications exceeds the benefit from the operation.
  • If there is a center where purulent infection - or in the body.
  • The mental state of the patient.

The surgery is not carried out and the patient cases listed selected supportive therapy until stabilization of his condition.

What symptoms indicate a problem in the shoulder joint

If the injury you have a swelling of the joint, redness, soreness and crunches, with a gesture, it's better to consult a doctor-traumatologist and pass examinations that would avoid damage to the joint capsule of the shoulder joint.

Very often heard questions about the cost of operation on the shoulder joint in Israel

The cost depends on the choice of procedure and surgical treatment, it includes a consultation surgeon operation consultation anesthesiologist, medicines and postoperative treatment in a hospital.

IT Makes Sense Why to the make a choice in favor of Tlv. Hospital :

In Tlv. Hospital always used a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Performed CT of the shoulder joint, X-ray on a highly sensitive digital device. 

Operations are carried out by professionals of the international level using minimally invasive techniques and equipment, the use of which eliminates the likelihood of joint depressurization. Anesthesia selection is made according to the wishes and the health of the patient.

Competent rehabilitation after surgery and recommendations of experienced professionals of the rehabilitation center.

How can I get to the treatment Tlv. Hospital in Israel

What would come for treatment and consultation, fill in the feedback form on our website Tlv. Hospital or call the telephone number. You will be contacted by our representative, and tell you what documents are needed, that would come to us for treatment.