ENT in IsraelOtolaryngology is a branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nose, ear, throat and neck and head.

Treatment of ENT diseases in Israel is carried out highly qualified doctors with the use of modern equipment and the latest methods of treatment. In Israel clinics successfully cope with numerous ENT diseases:

  1. Diseases of the paranasal sinuses and nasal benign and malignant formations of these areas.
  2. Abnormalities of the pharynx, benign and malignant tumors of the pharynx.
  3. Diseases of the trachea, larynx and esophagus, larynx tumors (benign, malignant).
  4. Treatment of cancer of the tongue .
  5. Diseases of inner, middle and outer ear.
  6. Specific pathologies ENT.
  7. Psychogenic and somatogenic oropharyngeal and facial pain.
  8. Provide medical aid for injuries ENT.

Diagnosis of ENT diseases in Israel

Various methods of hardware diagnostics used in clinics in Israel:

  1. CT and MRI allow us to study the state of the nose, throat and ears, as well as the channel of the auditory nerve, Eustachian tubes. Computed tomography enables to investigate bone structures, in particular their contours. By using contrast media and a variety of modes, get a clear picture of soft tissues and bones. Various modes of MRI gives a more accurate picture of soft tissues, defining the boundaries of the pathological process.
  2. Positron emission tomography helps to establish a pathological area affected by inflammation or swelling.
  3. Endoscopic equipment (fiberscope) allows for examination of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx: the state of the sinuses and out of, the structure of the nasal septum, vocal cords, subglottic.

Also used techniques such as ultrasound, laryngoscopy, rhinoscopy, otoscopy, electronystagmography, auditometriya and others.

Based on these results the decision on the choice of methods of treatment and therapy program is developed. The Israeli medical institutions have offices for the treatment of these pathologies in adults and children, there is a separate oncological ENT department.

Treatment of ENT diseases in Israel

these pathologies treatment in Israel involves the use of the most modern and safest ways:

  1. Plasma surgery is a method of high-frequency surgery, when the current contactlessly via ionized inert gas (argon) is sent to the affected mucosa. Used for devitalization of pathological formations and stop bleeding.
  2. Radiofrequency ablation is used to treat snoring.
  3. Laser surgery removes the overgrown scar tissue, tumor formation of the nose, ears and throat, etc. Indications are: vasomotor rinopatiya, congenital malformations, polypoid rhinosinusitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, adhesions, cysts, scar stenosis, hyperplasia of the tonsils.
  4. Endoscopic surgical technique may be used for chronic serous and exudative sinusitis, limited polypous sinusitis, fungal sinus inflammation (non-invasive forms), cysts of the sinuses, in the presence of foreign bodies, for certain types of deformations, the thorns of the nasal septum.

Let us consider the methods of treatment of ENT diseases in Israel:

Treatment of diseases of the ears and hearing loss:

  • selection of hearing aids;
  • microsurgery various departments of human auditory system;
  • microsurgery using neuronavigation at neoplasms base of the skull and the ear;
  • cochlear implants (prosthetic compensating hearing loss);
  • Laser microsurgery stirrup;
  • microsurgery, improves hearing.

ENT in Israel: the treatment of pathologies of the nose and paranasal sinuses:

  • Endoscopic / microscopic surgical treatment of diseases of the sinuses;
  • microsurgery sinks and partitions;
  • microsurgery using neuronavigation at neoplasms base of the nose;
  • laser endoscopic surgery sinuses and nose;
  • plastic surgery of the nose .

ENT in Israel treatment larynx, pharynx, oral cavity:

  • treatment of sleep disorders and snoring;
  • sleep laboratory;
  • laser therapy on an outpatient basis with snoring and sleep disorders;
  • medicated throat treatment of chronic diseases;
  • oncological surgery of the pharynx and larynx-preserving functions;
  • implantation of voice prosthesis;
  • Phonosurgery;
  • microscopic laser surgery of the pharynx and larynx-preserving functions.

ENT in Israel: the treatment of the esophagus and trachea:

  • endoscopic surgery for the removal of foreign objects;
  • applying laser and for expansion at the stenting malignancy;
  • surgical expansion of the stenosis with autologous implantation.

ENT in Israel: the treatment of the face and neck

  • aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery of the head and neck;
  • surgical treatment of pathologies lymph nodes;
  • microsurgery diseases of the salivary glands.

ENT in Israel: the treatment of dizziness and balance disorders

  • medication;
  • Microsurgery of the vestibular apparatus;
  • treatment of vertigo syndrome;
  • paroxysmal vertigo benign nature therapy.

Israel clinics provide quality health care in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of different pathologies: skin diseases . cardiovascular diseases , Various kinds of addiction . nervous system diseases . malignant pathologies of the blood, and many others.

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