Plastic Surgery Israel

Do you want to make more attractive your face or body, return of youth? Or need rehabilitation after injury?

Plastic surgery in Israel, offers high-end professionals, reasonable prices and excellent natural conditions conducive to recovery after surgery.

In this area, uses the latest surgical methods: endoscopic minimally invasive, high-vacuum, contribute to reducing the size of the joints, which reduce the rehabilitation period .

Israeli Plastic surgeons perform operations highest complexity using innovative high-tech methods. Various interact by itself with for They experts in the field of Otolaryngology ,Ophthalmology , Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Urologyand so on. The doctors in this country regularly raise the skill level, take part in international conferences.

Work Israeli plastic surgeons like the work of artists who create beautiful images. One of these experts - Dr. Ram sylphs, has received worldwide recognition. He is the founder and head of the Tel Aviv Institute of Plastic Surgery. Professor Jerry Weiss - a leading plastic surgeon in Israel, who heads the Center for Plastic Surgery clinic Ichilov, one of the best specialists in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic.

For a modern plastic surgery of Israel is characterized by two main trends: aesthetic (improvement of appearance) and reconstructive (correction of defects of various origin). In addition, this area of ​​medicine is divided into the following categories: aesthetic, burn, craniofacial, Fist.

Aesthetic plastic surgery in Israel

Aesthetic surgery helps to prolong youth, beauty, improve morale and get rid of the complexes.

Aesthetic plastic surgery solves a variety of problems:

  1. Shall adjust the sizes and shapes of the face parts of the body, some organs (ears, lips, nose, chin, breasts, buttocks and so on.).
  2. It is struggling with the consequences of skin aging: wrinkles, sagging, etc.
  3. Removes excess fat tissue.
  4. It solves the problem of hair loss (alopecia).

It is possible to eliminate many aesthetic defects of both surgical and non-surgical way, it brings this kind of plastic surgery cosmetology .Plastic Surgery Israel

Of the Classification Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Israel, as with the a well as with the in the world, the depends on the field of:

  1. A facelifteliminates flabby sagging on the neck and face, oval shapes with a clear line of the lower jaw, stretches and straightens the face and neck, eliminates the double chin, nasolabial folds smooths. Types: SMAS-lifting, contour, different types of braces.
  2. Nose corrects shape body size, corrects deviated septum.
  3. Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) eliminates hernia age, excess skin, adipose tissue, changes shape and the eye incision.
  4. Plastic ears (otoplasty) removes defects and reduces the size of the earlobe, body shape changes.
  5. Lip adjusts the volume and shape of the lips.
  6. Plastic chin includes three types: metoplastiku (resizing, aspect ratio) mandibuloplastiku (using implants), genioplasty (undergoes plastic bone).
  7. Lifting the neck involves a number of procedures: platizmoplastiki (tightens the muscles of the neck); liposuction (removes excess fat); cervicoplasty (resecting excess skin).
  8. Hair transplantation FUT method (up to 6000 hair follicles at the same time).
  9. Plastic surgery (mammoplasty), during which the increase, decrease, remodel , Tighten and adjust the mammary glands.
  10. Removal of excess fat deposits (liposuction) involves the use of multiple types of operations (vacuum, tumenestsentnoy, ultrasonic, syringe, non-surgical, waterjet liposuction).
  11. Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) - a procedure to reduce the size of lifting, removal of excess fatty tissue and skin. Types: partial, standard, extended, endoscopic.
  12. Plastic buttocks and thighs (buttock augmentation) adjusts the volume and shape, removes excess fat.
  13. Plastic shin corrects curvature, excessive thinness or completeness of the feet, can be used special implants.
  14. Intimate Plastic includes hymenoplasty, vaginoplasty, phalloplasty, Labiaplasty.

Most of the above operations are carried out every day by Israeli surgeons in accordance with international health standards. Aesthetic surgeon advises the patient's detailed manner, evaluates interoperability, ie the ability to perform surgery, the risk factors and the level of efficiency, since He insists on the operation the patient.

Reconstructive plastic surgery in Israel

This type of plastic surgery in Israel corrects various kinds of functional disorders that are caused by:

  • birth defects;
  • trauma (fractures, etc.);
  • burns;
  • acquired abnormalities, infection, various pathologies;
  • benign and malignant tumors.

Plastic Surgery IsraelTypically, the reconstructive surgery is used to improve any function, as well as create or restore the body its shape.

Most often produce operations such as removal of scars, tumors, surgery hand, the reconstruction of tissue ruptures, breast reduction amount after reconstitution mammary mastectomy compound tissues after burns, surgery cleft palate and cleft palate, the formation of ears.

Burn Plastic Surgery Israel divided into emergency and recovery. Immediately after burn injury the main goal - to save lives: deletes the burnt dead skin segments, and use special replacement technique. During the recovery period applies conservative therapy, and performed multiple surgeries in order to achieve an acceptable aesthetic appearance.

Craniofacial Surgery in Israel is engaged in a separate childrenand adults. Baby line is specialized in the correction of congenital malformations and traumatic injuries, adult - in the secondary reconstructive surgical procedures.

Hand Surgery deals with problems of congenital defects of character, peripheral CNS disorders, the elimination of the effects of trauma, chronic pathologies. Used contracture Dyupiitrena, complex reconstructive surgery, including soft tissue and bone transplants,rheumatological surgery.

Giving preference to plastic surgery in Israel, you pick her undeniable advantages:

  • quality of care ;
  • reasonable cost;
  • absence of complications;
  • anonymity;
  • most comfortable stay in the hospital for the patient.

It is also the country's hospitals and clinics to provide quality care in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases: dental disease and gums, mental pathologies and many others.

The prices for plastic surgery

In Israel, there are many clinics of plastic surgery options that will help you get rid of cosmetic or physical disability. Below are the prices for some types of operations:

  1. Blepharoplasty - 7100 $
  2. Facelift - 16400 $
  3. Rhinoplasty - 9570 $
  4. Tummy Tuck - 14800 $
  5. Breast reconstruction - $ 34,780

The operation is already part of the patient's transfer, translation services, payment for the work of surgeons and other personnel, rent and operating chamber. Medical service will assist in the organization of plastic surgery in Israel.