Facelift in IsraelFacelift - an effective tool in dealing with the process of decay and aging skin. This plastic surgery, which eliminates the main signs of aging: wrinkles and folds, excess skin and fatty tissue. During the operation, the excess is removed skin, in some cases, - part of the muscle structure. Lift is able to restore facial contours that are close to ideal, to improve not only the appearance but also the internal state of a person. Due to the successful operation can become younger by ten - fifteen years.

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When you can do a facelift?

Recommended age - from 40 to 65 years. People under the age of forty years, it makes sense to refer to the non-surgical methods, after 65 years of operation can cause negative effects due to the fact that significantly reduces the skin's ability to regenerate.

Indications for a facelift in Israel:

  • Sagging skin due to significant weight loss.
  • Double chin.
  • The folds at the bottom of the lips and around the eyelids.
  • Sagging cheeks.
  • Deep wrinkles are due to reduction of skin elasticity.

Do lift combined with other anti-aging facial surgery?

To enhance the effect of rejuvenation facelift in Israel can be carried out simultaneously with blepharoplasty. During circular braces operate plastic ears, rhinoplasty.

Contraindications and preparation for surgery

In order to avoid contraindications, conduct some tests. It estimated overall and appointed consultation with the anesthesiologist and, if necessary, with other narrow specialists. Additional training is required for patients taking anticoagulants.

Contraindications to the operation may be the following diseases: severe systemic diseases (expressed diabetes, heart failure), autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, malignant diseases, problems with blood clotting, during pregnancy and lactation.

Contour plastic face in IsraelPlastic face in Israel

Contour Plastics is a complex procedure, whose main task - to change the contours of the face by reducing or increasing the volume. Intradermally and / or subcutaneously administered fillers to alter the skin macropattern. Filler is mikroimlpantatom in gel form without casing, it is administered by injection. Face contour in Israel used to linearly straighten the surface of the skin (atrophic scars, wrinkles, creases), as well as to give an additional amount of tissues (lips, cheeks, chin, nose).

By material divided fillers for synthetic, autologous (from the patient's tissue), collagen-based, based on hyaluronic acid combined. For the duration of the correction of cosmetic defects are the result of fillers: temporary (4-15 months), prolonged (1-2 years), permanent or long-term (5 years or more). Fillers permanent type of action apply to patients with defects correction caused by traumatic injuries become transferred inflammatory diseases or consequences of reconstructive and plastic surgery.

There are two main methods for contouring - liposuction and lipofilling.

Lipofilling makes it possible to adjust the cheek area, nasolabial fold, chin, lips, tear trough. The surgeon removes excess fat tissue from the problem area and moves it to be corrected.

Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgery that improves facial contours by removing excess adipose tissue in the face area, cheeks and chin.


SMAS-lifting is considered modern methods of rejuvenation, and it is widely used in clinics of plastic surgery of Israel .

From an anatomical point of view, the skin on the face in certain places attached to the facial bones using the musculo-aponeurotic system. The aging process has the following effect: musculoaponeurotic layer stretched sag soft tissue degraded skin elasticity and muscle tone.

Surgical intervention affects the skeleton, not the skin. Under general anesthesia, the surgeon performs plastic, is sutured facial muscles. Application of the flexible endoscopic instrument equipped with a light source and the camera, allows to provide precise control of the operation and minimal cuts. Hospitalization takes 2-3 days, the total time of rehabilitation - about 21 days.

Compared with the classical tightening the SMAS-lifting gives a more lasting effect, which remains eight or ten years on average.

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Minor facelift

Facelift in IsraelThe indication for a small facelift in Israel is less pronounced age-related changes in patients 40 years of age. With its help it is possible to adjust the shape of the face, remove the nasolabial folds, to tighten the skin in the neck, lift the drooping corners of her mouth.

Israeli plastic surgeons use endoscopic approaches, so are two almost imperceptible scar in the ears.

The operation is performed using general anesthesia and a half to two hours, the period of hospitalization may take three to four days. The final result of the surgery can be assessed in two or two and a half months.


This plastic surgery, restoring the elasticity of skin and eliminates wrinkles, sagging skin, nasolabial wrinkles and other signs of aging by removing excess fatty tissue, tightening muscles and re-skin of the neck and face with excision of the excess amount.

Facelifting in Israel is mainly conducted in elderly patients. Indications are the following changes in the skin: deep vertical wrinkles on the cheeks, drooping outer corners of the eyes, eyelids, "Bryl" wrinkles in the temporo-zygomatic area and the nose, a double chin, sagging skin on the forehead, wrinkles and folds around the neck.

Popular following a circular facelift techniques:

  • Facelift endoscopically suitable for people who have not pronounced on the skin changes. In the area of ​​the temples, in the hairy part, the surgeon performs small incisions through which the endoscopic instruments and introduces deletes excess subcutaneous tissue. Holds forehead lift and brow.
  • Torch facelift (Aptos) is used to lift a little. In soft tissue implement using a thin needle thread with a notch in herringbone form in order to fix the location of the desired facial points.
  • S-shaped face lift gets its name due to the S-shaped incision that extends around the edge of the hair growth, bypassing the ears. It refers to the gentle methods. At the same time tightened the muscles, connective tissue, removes excess fat deposits.

There are other technology: the method of "short-seam", subperiosteal facelift.

Facelifting in Israel may be under general and local anesthesia. Rehabilitation time takes about a month.

Reconstructive plastic face

After the accident, accidents, burns, many patients seek medical care for an Israeli plastic surgeons. Israel clinics provide the following services: local plastic scars, scar removal, expander dermatenziyu, transplantation of free flap of skin.plastic face in Israel

Reconstructive plastic face in Israel includes a set of remedial measures: surgical correction, microsurgery, injection therapy, the hardware correction of scars.

What result can be expected after the facelift in Israel?

As a minimum period of five years referred to, the average is ten - staining years. In order to ensure long effects that require certain actions of the patient: the preservation of the same weight, to ensure sufficient rest and a healthy diet. For this reason, after the plastic surgery in Israel, the patient is sent to the rehabilitators who develops reconstructive program and advice on lifestyle.

Facelift in Israel is able to return the youth to give people joy and confidence.