Restoring the breast Breast reconstruction after mastectomy with breast cancercan be carried out simultaneously or delayed (months or years) with respect to surgery to remove. Reconstructive step has no effect on the operation itself mastectomy, the validity of an antitumor therapy, relapse rate, duration of survival.

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Breast reconstruction using silicone implants

The most appropriate indications for this method: the absence of radiotherapy, a small breast size and light weight women.

The first phase of operations in Israel involves the introduction of so-called "stretchers tissue" or tissue expander, which is similar to an empty balloon. His task - to stretch the fabric in a certain place, to allow for implantation of "silicone breasts".

By passing the two weeks the patient visits a clinic procedures for "inflation" of the device - through hole defined therein was injected with saline. Necessary to carry out more of these treatments every two weeks. When the fabric is stretched to a desired size, by a simple operation temporary prosthesis is removed by placing the implant in its place. It consists of a silicone shell, inside which a silicone gel or sterile salt water (saline).

Such a multi-stage is not required in all cases. Sometimes breast reconstruction after mastectomy performed in one step. For this purpose, use a special material - "aloderm".

Aloderm, in fact, it is the human skin, long past the removal procedure of its composition of any cell and transformed into the sterile connective tissue. It consists of proteins (elastin, collagen) and human skin has its structure. During the operation aloderm moistened with saline, making it very flexible. The lower part of the sheet material is attached to the muscles of the breast, the new boundaries delineating the bottom. In general, AlloDerm provides improved appearance of breast without changing muscle tissue.

The advantages of the method with the use of silicone implants in Israel include low-impact, a small amount of scarring after surgery, a short period of hospitalization.

Reconstruction of the breast of a woman's body tissue in Israel

This method is very popular because it provides more lasting results. There is no need to replace the implant every ten to fifteen years. Moreover, stomach tissue structure, for example, very similar to the structure of the mammary glands. But the sensitivity of the reconstructed breast will be reduced, as long as it is impossible to restore nerve fibers smallest sizes.

This method of recovery after mastectomy breast possible using tissue back, abdomen, chest, buttocks. In some cases, it is combined with the use of silicone implants in order to achieve the desired breast size.

Indications method: radiotherapy, curvy shape and big chest women.

As an additional part of the body involved in the operational process, surgery duration increases, as well as the rehabilitation period, compared with the previous method.

To Techniques' the restore the breast are mastectomy the after using the ITS own Tissues

TRAM FLAPBreast reconstruction

TRAM technique (abbreviation for direct and lateral abdominal muscles) is considered one of the most popular for patients with excessive fat tissue in the abdominal area. In parallel, a tummy tuck may ( «tummy tuck»).

Contraindications to the operation: absence of the required volume of tissue and the presence of the art post-surgical scars, smoking (worsens microcirculation).

Surgeon from lower abdomen excised oval flap of skin from the fat tissue, fascia and muscles. Through the tunnel holds him in the chest. Vessels do not intersect and are stored attached to the flap. The physician attaches the flap breast form and sews. The implant can be used. The operation lasts about 3 hours.

TRAM Flap plastic after double mastectomy

After performing double mastectomy flap use of abdominal wall and divide it into two parts. Operating process lasts 6 hours. The recovery period is more severe.


This type of surgery is suitable for women with a sufficient volume of tissue to be transplanted free flap. Applying the methodology DEEP possible, even if the patient last had surgery in the abdomen (liposuction, removal of the uterus, bowel resection, appendectomy). Contraindications are a small stock of adipose tissue (Slim); smoking women, because in these patients observed impaired microcirculation, which is bad for the healing of the flap.

To carry out this technique requires special medical qualifications and experience in the microsurgical technique. The lower abdominal skin flap excised from the subcutaneous fatty tissue and blood vessels, as well as a deep bottom epigastric artery (hence the abbreviation DIEP) without damaging the abdominal muscles (feature). Such a flap called free unlike techniques TRAM, it creates a breast form and sutured to the appropriate location. These fabrics are interconnected by small blood vessels (1-2 mm) using microsurgical techniques. Abdominoplasty operation is completed.

Surgical process takes about five hours at restoring one breast and about eight in the reconstruction of both. Longer compared to the TRAM.

Because it does not affect the muscles, the recovery period is faster and easier. For this technique, characterized by a lower risk of weakening of the abdominal muscle tissue and less severe postoperative pain.

Other breast after mastectomy recovery procedures using autologous tissue in Israel.

Application flap latissimus dorsi

post-mastectomy breast recoveryThis technique is applicable if the woman is very thin (no excess skin and fat) and it was carried out radiotherapy.

Fabric for breast reconstruction after mastectomy, taken from the back. During the operation, the incision is made oval skin, one of the largest muscles in the back - the broadest and adipose tissue, the flap is separated. With the help of create a tunnel under the skin of his conduct to the mammary gland. The blood vessels are left intact as possible. Flap attached to the desired view and sutured. If damaged blood vessels they are reduced by a microscopic technique. The procedure lasts 2-3 hours.

In most cases, the amount of fat is not on the back, so add a silicone implant to create the desired volume.

This technique is easy to implement and has a low risk of complications. However, the texture and color of the skin of the back are different from the data of breast indicators. In addition, there is a disparity in the back, but muscle function is not affected.

Application breech flap

The buttocks are another excellent source of tissue in plastic surgery. This procedure is quite complicated and can cause serious complications, therefore, carried out less frequently.

The surgeon excised by oval cut flap of skin, muscle and fatty tissue and then sutured in its chest area with shaping breast. Implants may be used to create the desired size.

The complexity of the technology lies in the fact that the intersect all the blood vessels during transplantation, and then restored under the microscope. Operation can take up to 12 hours. If there is damage to the recovered vascular graft can not settle down.

Also used in Israel, the following two methods:

  • Recovery after mastectomy breast via thoraco-dorsal flap: tissue taken from the postero-lateral chest surface, leaving a cosmetic or functional defect. Indications to it - Recovery Breast small size.
  • Breast reconstruction after mastectomy using a flap from the inner thigh area - alternative gluteal flap, includes skin, fat and muscle tissue.

Carried out innovative methods of breast reconstruction in Israel, using synthetic protein matrices that are as close to the skin and do not cause allergic reactions, and skin from the donor implants.

The size, shape, color nipple and areola require separate operation. The nipple can be reconstructed using local tissue, areola - the inner surface of the skin of the thigh. Achieve the necessary color by the application of tattoos.

The rehabilitation phase:

  • After surgery with silicone implants patient returns to normal life just after 2 weeks. Doctors recommend constantly for the first month of racing wear a supportive bra.
  • After the surgery with their own fabrics rehabilitation process takes about 1.5 months.

Recommendations for 1 month after reconstructive surgery: do not raise their hands above the head and carry weights; do not expose the body Strenuous exercise; in the presence of young children to provide care for them.

probable complications

Operation with silicone implants can cause:

  • excessive bleeding that provoke swelling and pain;
  • inflammatory process about the contagious nature of the implant;
  • capsular contraction, when the image of the "wrap" of the scar tissue around the implant, creating a rigid structure of the breast.

Operation with own tissues can lead to the following consequences:

  • the formation of visible scars on the ground, where the tissue was taken;
  • weakening the stomach wall;
  • in 1-5% of cases - to the unsuccessful attempts in breast reconstruction;
  • accumulation of fluid in the back in the case of tissue from there.

Greater likelihood of complications noted in the presence of diabetes, and in women who smoke.

In order to minimize the likelihood of these complications is necessary to choose the right medical institution and a qualified doctor to perform the operation, and strictly observe the recommendations. Quality surgical care is provided at an Israeli hospital.

Breast reconstruction after partial removal of Israel

After the lumpectomy, for example, can be removed part of the breast, mammary gland deforms and creates significant visual difference between healthy and operated feeding.

In such cases, an operation aimed at the partial reconstruction of the breast. For such surgical procedures require a special attitude and skill of a plastic surgeon.

Changing the shape of the breast using your own tissue

During reconstructive surgery if your breast size is not too small, you can use technology to reduce the breast, creating a new form.

Breast augmentation surgery volume in Israel

When the chest is small size, the fabric is not enough to restore the old forms and the creation of new, used a small silicone implant, placing it under the breast. It is also possible to use a woman's own tissue (from under the breast or back).

Operation in the second breast in Israel

The reconstruction process can change the shape of the second breast in order to achieve symmetry. It may be surgery to reduce, increase, or breast lift.

Entrust search options for recovery of the lost breast shape, and we will justify your trust as soon as possible.

Mastectomy injure both mind and body of a woman. But now, modern medicine, namely,plastic surgery offers several ways to breast reconstruction.

There are two main ways of breast reconstruction after mastectomy - with the help of silicone implants and own tissues. The selection can be carried out due to previous treatment, especially lifestyle, figure, health and wishes of the patient.

Recovery breast using own tissues is considered preferable, but is difficult to achieve for the elderly and thin women, and may be contraindicated disease. Application of the implants is technically simpler method, however, capable of causing complications due to the presence of a foreign body in the organism.

Preparation for surgery in Israel may include procedures such as physical examination, blood tests, an electrocardiogram, mammography. In general anesthesia used during surgery.