Prosthetics in IsraelMedicine in Israel returns to people with missing or damaged limbs possibility for a meaningful life. Losing a limb is a severe test, requires individuals to mobilize all the spiritual and physical strength to cope with the task and adapt to new conditions.

Prosthetics in Israel is based on the latest scientific developments in areas such as orthopedics, Biomechanics, electronics, chemistry, mathematics, physiology. They are used for highly qualified selection of the most suitable prosthesis in full compliance with the requirements of the patient. Choosing the type of prosthesis that promotes the acquisition or rehabilitation of motor abilities, it depends on the patient's limb.

For the active, energetic and young functionality selected modular prosthesis of durable and lightweight alloys with a reliable and mobile nodes. For example, carboxylic feet are a unique kind of prosthesis, smoothing the irregularities of the road and providing comfortable walking.

Wants to return its own full life? Please contact, medical service will assist in the organization of prosthetics in Israel. prosthetics advantage in Israel is the possibility of replacing or adjusting any part of the prosthesis to enhance the functionality and improve comfort.

Events for Prosthetics in Israel include the addition of production and installation of high-tech prostheses and ambulance services and rehabilitation .

Extremity Prosthetics in Israel is carried out in the following cases:

  • congenital disability;
  • amputation;
  • to eliminate the effects of injuries and pathologies of the feet and hands, spine and nervous system.

The Israeli hospitals for children are prosthetics, prosthetic limbs, are made sport prostheses and orthoses.

The main objective of the prosthesis - replace defective or missing limbs. This recovery tool that compensates for the lack of visual or functional. The main criteria of quality prosthesis abroad are strength, functionality, weight, appearance.

Prosthetic limbs process comprises several stages:

  • Selects the prosthesis model, and its dimensions are determined.
  • Manufactured desired model taking into account the correct location of the functional units and is tried previously.
  • Producing a model of the prosthesis in accordance with individual characteristics of the receiving space.
  • Patient teaching proper use of an artificial limb.

It is possible to purchase various aids: covers for the stump of high quality materials, funds for the care of the stump, sanitary equipment, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, braces, liners for any level of amputation, cuts, etc.

The process of preparation for prosthetics in Israel Modern prosthetics upper limb

One of the main tasks of the stump preparation for prosthetics - to get rid of contractures, reduce its scope, eliminate swelling of tissue. To achieve these objectives are carried out special massages scar stump. After completely healed scar, the dosage applied by means of the residual compression bandaging applying silicone and textile cover. This reduces the infiltrative changes in soft tissue swelling and allows the cult to take a conical shape. Also recommended for physical education courses that develop the muscles of the back and the stump. Appointed bythe program of treatment of diseases, preventing the installation of the prosthesis in Israel.

The design of the prosthesis and the receiving space depends on a number of factors:

  • health status and age of the patient;
  • functional and anatomical features of the stump;
  • term existing defect;
  • application skills availability prosthesis;
  • social conditions and characteristics of the profession.

All of these conditions affect the choice of the type of prosthesis design, weight, material, fixing and so on.

Prostheses are made from stainless steel, aluminum , titanium. There is a large variety of models to suit all needs of customers and are designed for all ages, levels of amputation and the degree of physical activity: sporstmenov for the elderly; those who lead active lifestyles, etc. Of process of The via Prosthetic limbs in Israel Takes 2-4 weeks.

Modern prosthetics upper limb

It deserves special attention the development of the Israeli scientists - functional upper limb prosthesis having the nerve trunks in the cult of arms. Researchers at Tel Aviv University have created the opportunity to conduct signals from the brain to the prosthesis and back. Due to this the person feels artificial hand as their own. The first miracle prosthesis - SmartHand received a Swedish citizen.

Its development was carried out together with the scientists of Italy and Sweden. Special electrode implanted in the patient's tissue stump. A plurality of sensors on the prosthesis are responsible for tactile sensitivity, which is needed for feedback.

Another device, known for its flexibility and mobility - an electronic manual prosthesis i-Limb Pulse, which allows to tie shoelaces, take small items, fasten the strap. It has a lightweight aluminum chassis and a special motion technology pulsing grip

By the prosthetic hand to Israel to meet high requirements: the presence of a release of the compression functions and a brush, discharging and retaining the object; appearance that mimics the lost limb.

limb prosthesesModern prosthetic lower limbs

For the production of lower-limb prostheses used are light and high-strength materials such as carbon fiber, steel, titanium, takes into account all the modern requirements. Modular systems have a reliable mobile bond. Their goal - maximum comfort and safety when walking.

As part of the latest artificial lower limbs have kultipriemnaya sleeve bearing adapter module (if necessary from the hinges or artificial joints). The following types of prosthesis control: mechanical, electronic, pneumatic (provides simulated natural leg movements).

Those who have suffered amputation, Israeli doctors offer the following models:

  1. Element-DS - during its manufacture special materials are used, which support the lower limb during walking at different loads. As a result, patients quickly adapt to artificial limbs move naturally and easily. This prosthesis is the best option for people with disabilities who wish to lead a full and active lifestyle.
  2. C-Leg - prosthesis inside which a microprocessor device for those who suffered the amputation of the leg above the knee. It automatically adapts to all conditions of use.
  3. Proprio Foot replaces part of the leg from the knee, self-adjusts to the individual characteristics of human gait. It provides a hassle-free climbing stairs, walking comfort.

Medical institutions of Israel provide quality medical services relating to the treatment of a wide range of diseases: diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, childhood pathologies . rheumatic diseases . mental diseases, urological diseases and many others.