Schizophrenia - a chronic mental disorder that is characterized by a set of mental and behavioral phenomena. People with this mental disorder may hear voices do not exist, may believe that other people "read" and control their thoughts, plotting to hurt them. In patients with schizophrenia in a speech no logic, they can sit for hours without moving or talking. Sometimes people with schizophrenia seem perfectly fine, as long as not begin to talk about what they really think.

Schizophrenia affects about one percent of the world's population. In Israel, he was "responsible" for about 50% of hospitalizations for mental health. It is a chronic disease, which must be combated throughout life.

A person who is ill with schizophrenia, faces two major difficulties: the presence in his brain diseases and rejection reaction socium strange behavior. Many people with schizophrenia is difficult to find work or take care of themselves, so they rely on the help of others. However, people with schizophrenia can lead rewarding and meaningful lives. Researchers are developing more effective medications and using new research tools to understand the causes of schizophrenia. In the coming years, these activities will help to better cope with the disease and even prevent its occurrence.

Advantages of schizophrenia treatment in Israel with the help of service

In crisis situations or when schizophrenia symptoms are very severe, the patient may require hospitalization to prevent self-harm or harm to others.

  1. Outpatient situation in the specialized clinics of Israel, chosen by experts, ensures that the patient receives the proper care and nutrition, and adequate sleep.
  2. Most patients with schizophrenia treated by a team of several mental health professionals. The team may include specialists in psychiatry, psychologists, social workers, trained nurses and pharmacists. The aim of the team that provides daily support and care for the patient, is to achieve its maximum possible independence.
  3. Some patients with schizophrenia need long-term rehabilitation. For them, Israel provided specialized rehabilitation centers where the patient receives a strict control and supervision, which includes a permanent cure for drug addiction, as well as services for mental health, mentoring and training, assistance in life, professional management, and more.
  4. Today, thanks to the variety of effective methods of struggle with schizophrenia in Israel, treatment of patients require less long-term hospitalization.

Learn more about the treatment of schizophrenia in Israel, review, effectiveness, cost can have TlvHospital consultants.

Plan for schizophrenia treatment in Israel

Patients with schizophrenia are usually prepared a comprehensive plan for the treatment, which consists of four steps:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the health and social needs.
  • Developing a comprehensive treatment plan, the relevant health and social needs of the patient.
  • Assigning care coordinator. He is the link with the patient and is responsible for coordinating treatment with other team professionals.
  • Audit and follow - treatment will be regularly corrected, if appropriate in the treatment plan is amended

How is the treatment of schizophrenia in Israel?

As mentioned above, schizophrenia is a chronic disease treatment and therefore reduces to amelioration of symptoms. Treatment of this disorder combines drug and behavioral therapy.

Drug treatment of schizophrenia in Israel

There are two basic types of antipsychotics, known as "typical" and the "atypical." Antipsychotics usually reduce anxiety or aggression for several hours after ingestion. Treatment can take several days or even weeks. The drugs are taken orally or intramuscularly. There are a number of antipsychotic drugs with sustained action, which can be administered once every 2-6 weeks.

typical antipsychotics

The first generation of antipsychotic developed in the mid XX century. In 1952 he appeared on the market the drug chlorpromazine, which has been a major breakthrough in the treatment of psychoses. Moreover, the identification of the antipsychotic properties of chlorpromazine was accidental: a French surgeon Henry Labur noticed that his patients who received the drug during surgery, were calmer and had fewer symptoms of anxiety. Subsequently, it was discovered that chlorpromazine is also effective in reducing the delusions and false ideas and in reducing aggressive behavior. Chlorpromazine was the first antipsychotic drug that was released on the market and has been a common drug in psychiatric wards in these years.

Later they were joined by other drugs chlorpromazine, their action is based on a similar mechanism - blocking neurotransmitters dopamine receptors, called first-generation antipsychotic. These drugs are considered to be very effective in the treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis, but cause side effects such as metabolic disorders, sleep disorders, levels of the hormone prolactin increase and many others.

This group of drugs includes:

  • Haloperidol (sold in Israel under the names Haldol®, Haloper®, Friedur®, Frikat®).
  • Tiridazin (sold in Israel by Ridzin®).
  • Plofenazin (mediator in Israel called Plodkat®).

atypical antipsychotics

Side effects of antipsychotic drugs of the first generation have led the pharmaceutical industry to develop new, more effective drugs, but with fewer side effects.

In the late 1980s the market was released a second-generation antipsychotic drugs, which are currently used in conjunction with the first-generation drugs.

a new generation of drugs were developed in the 1990s. They are effective in the treatment of both types of symptoms of schizophrenia, both positive and negative.

This group of drugs includes:

  • Clozapine (Israel called Luzpin®)
  • Risfridon (in Israel under the names Risperdal®, Risfond®, Risfridks®).
  • Olanzapine (Israel called Ziprexa®).
  • Qoutiapine (Israel called Seroquel®).
  • Zipresidon (Israel called Gaudon®).
  • Palifridon (Israel called Inwega®).


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in Israel

While the treatment of schizophrenia is based on antidotes, but the psychological treatment is also very important. Behavioral cognitive therapy can help people with schizophrenia to cope better with false or delusional thoughts. In addition, psychological treatment helps to reduce the negative symptoms such as apathy and lack of pleasure

Behavioral cognitive therapy aimed at changing behavioral and emotional reactions and unwanted thinking patterns. Most people will need long-term treatment of 8 to 20 visits within 6-12 months.

One of the main goals of behavioral cognitive therapy is to identify patterns of thinking, causing undesirable behavior and emotions, and to examine ways to replace them more realistic thoughts. For example, the patient can learn to identify your false ideas and how to avoid them.

Family therapy for schizophrenia in Israel

Family psychological therapy can help both the patient and his family better cope with the disease, providing emotional support and vital information about the disease. The patient's family are taught to understand his illness, to determine the stress, which can lead to a recurrence of symptoms. In addition, the family receives information about how to help a loved one to maintain a treatment plan.

Family therapy consists of a series of meetings, which take place in a few months. Treatment may include the following:

  • Information about the disease.
  • Looking for ways to support the patient.
  • Improving family communication and understanding of the conflicts that arise in a family environment due to illness.
  • Practical solutions to the problems caused by the patient's symptoms.

Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation

It is about the acquisition of social and professional skills that enable a person suffering from schizophrenia, to lead an independent life. Specialist works with the patient in the following areas:

  1. Reveals features of a particular patient's disease.
  2. It helps the patient to improve social skills and communication with others.
  3. It provides practical assistance in vocational training, which allows the patient to return to work.
  4. If necessary teaching skills such as maintaining personal hygiene, cooking and housekeeping.


Diagnosis of schizophrenia in Israel

The diagnosis should be delivered by a psychiatrist. This usually requires several visits, during which experts will discuss the patient's behavior and try to understand his condition. Sometimes the diagnostics also includes obtaining a blood sample for analysis, to identify genetic information of the patient and to select the most effective medication and treatment.

Causes of schizophrenia

The causes of schizophrenia, as well as many other mental disorders, to date unknown. However, scholars have identified risk groups who may become ill are more likely to:

  • People in households where there were cases of schizophrenia;
  • Pregnant or have recently given birth woman - especially if the pregnancy and / or childbirth accompanied by any complications;
  • People who take potent drugs (eg, LSD);
  • Patients with such diseases as Huntington's disease or epilepsy.

Studies show that out of 100 people with schizophrenia:

- 20 people never experience an acute attack of the disease.

- 40 people will experience a recurrence of symptoms within two years.

- 30 people will experience schizophrenia symptoms throughout life, although their severity can change over time.

- 10 people will not respond to treatment and need regular support and supervision.

Role of Omega-3 fatty acids in treatment of schizophrenia

Recent studies suggest that the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids may prevent the development of psychotic episodes of schizophrenia in 13-25 year old patients.

Research has shown that a daily intake of 4 capsules of fish oil containing additives in accordance with the recommended daily dose for 12 weeks may delay, and in some cases prevent the appearance of symptoms of schizophrenia. The advantage of the treatment additive fish oil containing fatty acids EPA and DHA together with vitamin E, maintained for one year from the start of treatment. During the study, none of the participants in the control group did not receive antipsychotics, but they could use antidepressants. The study also included therapy sessions with a psychologist. Doctor Amingr, led the research team, said fish oil supplements prevent damage to brain cells and lower the level of harmful fats in the blood. He believes that now enough scientific evidence to support the addition of fish oil for treatment antipsychotics in patients with schizophrenia. By the way, studies have also shown that patients receiving supplements of omega-3, are in need of lower doses of antipsychotics.

Specialists involved in the treatment of schizophrenia in Israel

Dr. Akim Geyshin - doctor of the highest category, with many years of experience with a variety of mental disorders, including schizophrenia. The chief physician of the Israeli hospital mental health "Nefesh Clinic". Grateful relatives of patients speak of him as a "miracle doctor" status of patients with schizophrenia is so strikingly different pre- and post-treatment doctor. On treatment to Mayor Geyshinu patients come from all over the world, including from the CIS countries. Treatment is carried out on the Russian (mother tongue), English and Hebrew.