Rehabilitation in IsraelRehabilitation in Israel is a set of remedial measures after surgeries, illnesses and injuries. The main goal - to restore the lost physical and psychological form, the patient's return to an independent and fulfilling life. Rehabilitation is part of the treatment process.

Medical technologies used in Israel, make it possible to restore the human body within a few weeks or days. Department of rehabilitation and specialized clinics providing high quality care for patients of all ages. Disturbed functions of the organism is reduced by mobilizing the internal resources of the human body. A characteristic feature of the rehabilitation in Israel is the possibility of getting rid of receiving analgesics, exacerbating the problem. This area of ​​medicine in the State received a special development in connection with the considerable number of terrorist acts have occurred and wars.

The largest rehabilitation center in Israel is located in Sheba Hospital. In addition, the leading rehabilitation centers in the country can be found in Ichilov Hospital, Rabin MC. In principle, every hospital has a similar center.

Medical service ready to assist in organizing the rehabilitation of health centers and clinics in Israel. When designing recovery programs in Israel are taken into account the individual characteristics of the patient load and rest under the watchful combine medical supervision. Events are divided into recovery, support, warning recurrence or complications.

The recovery process in Israel is divided into three phases:

  1. Determined by medical-sparing regimen that starts the adaptation mechanisms of the organism. Time can be from several hours to several days, depending on the severity of the patient's condition, the degree of surgical intervention, the adaptation capabilities of the organism.
  2. Performed functional and coaching activities.
  3. It planned and carried out during intensive functional recovery.

Principles of Rehabilitation Medicine in Israel:

  1. Control specialist the patient recovery process.
  2. Active use of different techniques, which ensure the operation of various systems. Produced in whole organism gain in connection with the ongoing work.
  3. A combination of different methods and techniques: using electric pulses, Chinese medicine, the laser performed manually and so forth.
  4. Individual patient, the effective interaction with them, attention to show signs and reactions.
  5. Providing emotional support and an enabling environment for treatment.
  6. Attitude toward physical pain in rehabilitation in Israel is complex and ambiguous. medical problem - not just to reduce it, and to identify the origin and influence it so that finally relieve the patient from pain.

Recovery in Israel is carried out in two forms - a full and day hospitalization. In the first case, the patient always remains in the hospital, in need of constant care. Rehabilitation Center in Israel Indications are usually severe accidents, strokes.

At day hospitalization medical procedures are carried out in the morning. The advantages of this form can be attributed recovery in Israel, less the cost of treatment, stay at home.

Rehabilitation activities, depending on the case held a group of doctors: psychologists, nutritionists, experts in physical therapy, rehab, speech therapists, instructors, physiotherapists occupational therapists.

Directions rehabilitation in Israel

Pulmonaryrehabilitation helps to restore completely spontaneous breathing, get rid of the apparatus of artificial ventilation. Most of the patients, this process succeeds. Recovery course takes about 6 weeks. The highest chances of patients after an accident, operation or injury.

Sport rehabilitation in Israel involves assisting athletes after injuries, return to their everyday life and in sports.

Orthopedic direction of recovery in Israel is carried out in the following indications: the consequences of a major injury, immobility, loss of limbs, Inability to move independently, unbearable post-traumatic pain, etc. In the process of rehabilitation used massage, physiotherapy, manual therapy, a psychologist, muscle stimulation, reception chondroprotectors and number. others. Aftertreatment in Israel are restored joints , Patients get rid of muscle atrophy, motor function returned.

Neurological rehabilitation is required after stroke, brain and spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, muscular diseases, cerebral palsy. Israel rehabilitation centers carry out a full examination, develop an individual course. May apply different reduction methods:

  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (activation of brain cells that are responsible for movement);
  • electric myostimulation (muscle strengthening, recovery of motor function of limbs);
  • stabilotrening (restores motor and koordinatornye skills);
  • application reflex-loading suits (restoration of sensitivity of muscles and joints after the stroke), and others.

Cardiac rehabilitation is performed after heart surgery, heart attacks. The process is carried out physical examination of the patient, recovering physical activity, psychological assistance.

Restoration of IsraelPostoperative rehabilitation in Israel is needed after complicated surgeries. This course is completely restores the functions of the body, relieves pain, inflammation, side effects of anesthesia.

Geriatric rehabilitation is used to recover from illness in old age. It helps to adapt, recover lost skills, to eliminate the consequences of the disease.

Very urgent rehabilitation of children in Israel. Extensive experience of regenerative medicine forchildrenwho have undergone trauma spinal cord and brain. Excellent results are achieved when doctors rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. The joint work of specialists (speech therapists, psychologists,therapists, Rehabilitation specialists, teachers) helps the child to learn complex movement patterns, fine motor skills. Stationary rehabilitation department in the country have special areas for working with the psyche of the patient, areas of hydrotherapy, speech therapy, and cool the computer room, art therapy centers. Parents may also participate in the reconstruction process, moreover held their training.

Rehabilitation in Israel are paying a lot of attention as well-made replacement program determines the final result.