Aleksei 43 years old, Romania

Good afternoon! My name is Alex and originally from the Soviet Union - Moldova, but for 28 years I live in Romania.
Since July 2016 vision is beginning to deteriorate, did tests , and there are 2 diabetes degree, joined to an ophthalmologist and  a second blow Diabetic Retinopathy in avansirovonoy stage, I had no idea what kind of disease!
Left eye has seen 16 per cent and the right to 10% started treatment in Bucharest. Pricked injections made laser coagulates. After some time, I began to see almost 60%, but nobody told me that the disease can vernutsya.Opyat began treatment for almost a year, but nothing helped. I heard that in Israel there are good doctors.
I found online, request a callback. Knew it was perhaps the last chance to stop the disease and improve vision, I packed up and went to Israel. I was met at the airport and helped in every way.
Money is not taken forward. Diagnosis was held for three days. Professor A.Barak appointed course of treatment with another   drug for another scheme.
I felt much better, even drive a car! Recently I went on vacation, traveled 2,000 kilometers, drove sam.O disease do not recall at all.
Now I know exactly what diabetic retinopathy is a not a verdict !!!!! The main thing to be treated properly.
Thank you very much !!

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svetlana Alekseeva

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Julia, 41 years old

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Victoria, Odessa

Several years ago, he survived a serious operation in Germany. Now every year pass inspection. Acquaintances said that the same thing can go to Israel but cheaper. I read the reviews and rishilas. They said that it is very good company thebestmedic, so turned to them. Consultant Konstantin explained everything available. Price was pleasantly surprised. Israeli clinic really no way inferior nimetskim. Good service, friendly treatment. Girl Natasha from thebestmedic company has always been in touch in Israel and throughout the help. Queues were not, because the examination was held fast. And the rest of the time Natasha took me to the holy places and showed attractions. The impression from the trip very enjoyable. Medicine in the country on a different equation, and now I will always go here!

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Vladislav, 27 years old

On lichenie Israel decided due to injury Cullen. Doctors said that nada to do surgery on tempered joint replacement. Best friend advised Israel not expensive and well-made, it is the identity it was operated. He did through thebestmedic. I did Cherise identity them. All in arranging for the king met, brought surveyed. The operation was successful. Now I go through rehabilitation. Speak soon be running as good as new) At the hospital, good food, everything is explained in the s what. I have a personal consultant Anna, it provided the company thebestmedic. The documents just do not soared, menezhder Leonid himself engaged in securities.

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Alla I. Chernikov

Good afternoon! I would like to share impressions of their cooperation with Like others, he addressed the Zebest due to the fact that long-term treatment in our hospitals have not yielded positive results. As the Internet has come across reviews about treatment in Israel. They wrote that helping even those patients who have good doctors signed the verdict ... of course it was terrible, I thought, maybe it's all a fraud treatment in Israel ... And then I realized that I had nothing to lose, and called the A special concern was about the fact that I had never traveled outside of the country. I have a passport and it was not ... named Constantine Consultant immediately reassured me that he would make the documents without any problems. And he sent my results to a clinic in Israel, and I gave a positive answer, that I will take to heal, it's not that sad. What is very important, I previously said how much it will cost you about - with the flight, accommodation, food and medication. I confess, was expecting a large number. After 10 days I was in the clinic. Near Anne has always been, a girl from Zebestmedika, she translated everything that was not clear, and helped in all matters. But the most important thing is that now I am much better. My road to recovery only begun, but the prognosis is very good. I regret that I had not addressed here. And all I want to say: do not believe those who say that you have no chance. The chances are always there!

Best regards, Alla I. Chernikov.

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Vladimir, 53 years old

I want to thank the consultants thebestmedic for high quality travel arrangements to Israel for treatment. Language I do not know, because immediately asked for a support. Was assigned to me is very competent and nice girl Anna. She met me at the airport, helped to settle, has led to classrooms, explained in simple language all the doctors said. In his spare time he managed to see the city and get acquainted with the local culture. All took a week. During this time not only improve health, but also perfectly rested. By the way, the money came out cheaper than offered in Germany and in Moscow.

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Vorontsov family

With all his family bring gratitude for the excellent organization of the visit to Israel!

My wife and 4 year plan to have a baby, were treated, a bunch of surgeries and examinations were held. But do not get pregnant. The impression that we have put some experiments , and the results of zero. As a result, his wife began to walk on all kinds psevdotselitelnitsam, which obviously only needed our money. And the money they wanted for their own herbs and extracts is not enough. Again no avail. As a result, I decided to spit on everything and go where can really help - in Israel. The wife is not particularly resisted. From leonid  Helped us to! Go to the survey in Israel. According to a survey it turned out that we could not have a baby naturally. It was decided to do IVF. Naturally, we decided to do it in the hospital, where examined. Everything turned out right the first time! Now our baby 1.5 months, we are the proud parents in the world! In the clinic, we were treated very well, constantly monitor the status of his wife and child during pregnancy. The birth went without complications. I'm thinking a few years later to return to Israel for the sister)

Gratitude With, Vorontsov family, the customers .

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Peter, Kiev

Cooperation with thebestmedic left a lot of good impressions. I came to them through a friend, when I realized that it is necessary to correct health. Employees work very quickly, always keep their promises and respect the deadlines. Worked with me Constantine. We have previously discussed all aspects - flight, hotel, medical, approximate cost and duration of treatment. Firstly, I note that in the Assuta me really helped. I began to feel much better. Secondly, Natalia - a conductor of thebestmedic, always around to help, all explained, translated. At the appointed time the treatment has been completed and I flew home. If you still have any health problems, clearly come to Israel for treatment.

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Alexander, 38 years old

Probably, like everyone else, I have long doubted where to get tested better. Shoveled floor Internet, read reviews and decided with her husband to go to Israel. Company-conductor was chosen very carefully, stopped at thebestmedic. A request issued via the internet on their page. Guys do not have to wait long. Communicate with us Konstantin manager, he immediately called the approximate cost of the survey, he also helped with documents and all organized. All items that we discussed before departure, have been complied with. We were met at the airport, settled, accompanied at the time of the survey in Israel. No queues and money "in his pocket," I did not pay, both in our hospitals. All analyzes and payments were official. I liked very much the attitude of staff in Israel and the efficiency of work. Special thanks to Natalia, who was our guide in Israel. A pleasure to work with professionals!

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