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When the manifestation of the first signs of pain, swelling, inflammation and joint deformities, unusual dry crunch or reduce motor function first step is to see a specialist, who diagnosed and develop an individual course of treatment. The most effective and affordable treatment of joints is in Israel, due to which the patient again begins to live a full life.

Joint disease can manifest itself in various forms and have a variety of causes, some of which still remain a mystery to scientists. There are two main groups of diseases of the joints:

  • Degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis).
  • Inflammatory disease ( arthritis ).

The name "arthritis" combines a whole group of different diseases of the joints (rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis) and characterized by the appearance of inflammation in the joint, defeat or destruction of articular cartilage and bone, inflammation of the bursa . This disease can occur at any age.

Osteoarthritis or arthritis - a disease typical of the middle-aged or older. Occurs during wear of articular cartilage and adjacent bone, resulting in disruption of the joints, pain appear possibly manifestation strain.

After a complete diagnostic examination of the patient, establish the causes of diseases of the joints, medical history, physical examination, X-rays, laboratory tests and analysis of synovial fluid, CT, MRI, or other research methods, the doctor develops individualized treatment of joints.

Treatment of joints in Israel

The Israeli hospitals, doctors use the latest technologies and techniques to improve the patient's health, recovery of motor function, eliminating the symptoms and causes of diseases. Depending on the diagnosis and staging the patient passes complex treatment, which may include several procedures, both conventional and innovative.


Physiotherapy joints assigned to relieve inflammation, eliminate disease symptoms, reduce pain. It can be used:

EUV radiation - medium-irradiation with ultraviolet rays. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the joints, is indicated for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. UHF-therapy. UHF therapy is carried out in different types of arthritis and arthrosis. Used microwaves of 300 to 3000 MHz. It has anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.
  2. Ultrasound therapy. In the treatment of the joints in the Israeli hospitals, and in particular of different diseases from the group of "arthritis" is carried out with ultrasound therapy. It affects sogrevayusche, improves the absorption of the various gels and ointments. Contraindicated in joint synovitis, and it is not indicated in patients with concomitant pathologies of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Magnitnolazernaya therapy - a complex effect on the patient's body the magnetic field, pulsed infrared radiation and continuous emission spectrum of infrared and red LEDs. This procedure helps relieve inflammation and reduce pain in the joints.

Treatment of joints medicines

The main objectives of medical treatment of degenerative and inflammatory joint disease are:

  • Reduction of pain.
  • Reduce inflammation, slow the inflammatory process.
  • Correction of the immune system.

Traditionally, the doctor prescribes nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, eliminating the symptoms of the disease (Voltaren, diclofenac, meloxicam, Ksefokam). In the presence of gastrointestinal diseases - 12 gastric or duodenal ulcer, enteritis and other - patients are assigned selective COX inhibitors (nimesulide). As may be prescribed ointments and gels, which have an analgesic effect on the area of ​​the damaged joint, medication, providing better blood flow and saturation of the necessary elements of the joints.

Treatment of diseases with stem cells joints

Stem cell therapy - the latest method of treatment of joints, Israel - one of the countries that have achieved the highest rates of effectiveness of the treatment of arthritis and arthrosis through the use of innovative methods and modern technologies.

Cell therapy is to restore motor function of affected joints, improve metabolism, renovation and reconstruction of destroyed tissues, the complete elimination of inflammation and pain, and improve the regulation of the immune system.

Stem cells is performed from the bone marrow of the patient, after which they are grown in special conditions, for a half or two months. Further, they are administered in the damaged area of ​​the body. After 6 months, the procedure is repeated. The patient does not need lengthy hospitalization, and the introduction of the cells is performed on an outpatient basis.

Minimally invasive methods of treatment of joints

The Israeli hospitals received widespread use minimally invasive methods of treatment of joints in which the surgery is performed through small incisions in the body.

Arthroscopy performed with diagnostic and surgical purposes under general and local anesthesia. Through a small incision, the doctor inserts into the cavity of the joint special endoscopic device, sending an image to the monitor. Thus the doctor can diagnose the disease. As well as using mikroistrumentov (need another incision), to make the necessary surgical procedures: to eliminate damage or abrade the surface of the joints.

Endoprosthesis damaged joints

Endoprosthesis - substitution of the whole or a joint endoprosthesis components of plastic or metal can also be a minimally invasive manner. Most often in the treatment of joints in health centers carried outthe replacement of the knee and hip joints. The average term of service of implants is about 15-20 years, and service life can reach some 30 years.

Minimally invasive technique has several advantages over conventional prosthetic arthroplasty:

  • more rapid rehabilitation of the patient after surgery;
  • less pain;
  • cosmetic effect;
  • over time, the cut site will remain a small scar.

Also in the treatment of joints may include hirudotherapy, mud baths treatment, manual therapy, therapeutic massage, electrotherapy and sanatorium treatment at the Dead Sea.

Prices for treatment of joints in Israel

  1. Consultation with a specialist - $ 560
  2. MRI - $ 1470
  3. Joint - $ 8800
  4. Consumables and balloon - $ 5100
  5. Knee Replacement - $ 25700
  6. Hip arthroplasty - $ 2500
  7. Ankle Arthroscopy - 7000 $
  8. Endoprosthesis metacarpophalangeal joint - $ 4500
  9. Diagnosis of osteoarthritis - $ 2700

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"With his joints suffered for a long time. And with age worse it became. From ointments and sense any medications, and what is treated I do not know. The daughter advised resort at the Dead Sea. Before you go to choose and about the clinics to find out. That's the way and hit me in Israel, but it turned out so that after the examination of my knees treated just swimming in the sea not done. in my case, the state of the knee has been started, and I offered to take was a course of therapy. Thank God there were no joint replacement. I will fly and rested both physically and dusho. thanks to my doctors and all those who care. and thanks to the medical center Tlv.Hospital because there was no red tape, paper, and organized a trip quickly and comfortably. "

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