dental treatment in Israel

Dentistry in Israel leads in the world medicine. Offices and specialized clinics have the equipment from manufacturers. Doctors are trained in the US program at leading universities of the state and other countries.

Israel Dental clinics can offer a very high level of diagnostics. Applicable oral video camera, which renders pathological processes and documents treatment. X-ray machines digital series on which the survey is conducted, to a lesser extent irradiated, providing remarkable image quality. Also in dentistry in Israel, used computed tomography. Carried out rapid diagnosis, during which performed medical examination, performed a number of analyzes.

Israel dentists use different methods of anesthesia. Spend anesthesia procedure using the device «The Wand» US production. The process itself of anesthetic administration computerized :. Dosing, injection, etc. In conducting present general anesthesia the anesthetist. Doctor in full control of the procedure, modern drugs are used. Whentreating children used "laughing gas", which painkillers mild and uplifting.

Dental treatment in Israel, a child includes a wide range of services: prevention of tooth decay and fluoridation of teeth; adjustment disorders enamel formation; endodontic therapy and therapy of caries.

Directions Israel dentistry

  1. Preventive dentistry focuses on the prevention and treatment of different stages of dental caries, periodontitis, pulpitis. And also solves problems such as hyperesthesia tooth enamel hypoplasia, dental granuloma, teething.
  2. Dental surgery in Israel involves the following manipulations: extractions and tumors in the oral cavity, the treatment of root cyst, abscess, granuloma, correction of congenital and acquired defects operation capacity of bone beneath the implant.
  3. Periodontology identifies and treats periodontal disease - tissues and structures surrounding and fixing the tooth in the jaw. Among such ailments include periodontitis, gingivitis, periodontitis and others. They are used operational and therapeutic methods of treatment of teeth in Israel.Dental Clinics in Israel
  4. Dentistry PERFORMS via Prosthetic dental prosthetics in Israel . It is an indication for a significant tooth decay and its absence. Prosthesis performed to prevent loosening and displacement of adjacent teeth, performs a protective function, preventing further deterioration. The clinics in the country will be several types of treatment. Used dentures: fully removable made of materials such as plastic and nylon. Partial dentures suggest the presence of hooks, attachments. When fixed prosthetics are installed bridges, veneers , crowns and tabs. However, implants are becoming more popular.
  5. Implantation in Israelinvolves a reconstruction of a tooth, the adjacent teeth are located treatment process does not affect in any way. The main advantage of dental implants - restoring function and aesthetics of dental system. The implant is placed in the place of the root and the crown of the tooth replaced. Since the load is distributed evenly to the jaw bone, stopping atrophy due to tooth loss. Basically, using traditional screw implants MIS brands, Nobel, Alpha-Bio. Typically, they are used crowns of zirconium dioxide and from pressed ceramic, but there are classical cermet crowns. The implant procedure is absolutely painless. Depending on the scope and complexity of operation is performed under general or local anesthesia. Practiced two implantation method: one-stage (instant prosthesis) and two-stage (delayed prosthesis).
  6. Orthodontics treats curvature of the dentition and malocclusions. Israeli experts have developed a new technique that frees the patient from wearing throughout the day braces. Aerodentis system (tech staples) is more comfortable and to be as effective. The device is worn only at night, it leaves no abrasions in the mouth, there is no need to avoid chewing gum or other sticky foods, there are no problems with the cleaning of the teeth. Thermoplastic shape is placed over the teeth and is connected to Aerodentis device, the device is activated. The pulsating pneumatic pressure gradually moves the teeth using small silicon balls disposed inside of the mouthpiece. Stored on the SD card recording, which the dentist can monitor the entire process of correction.
  7. Aesthetic Dentistry decides on the appearance of teeth, the ultimate aim of which - beautiful white smile. Successfully resolved problems such as various stains from food, drink, smoking process; malocclusion, seals of various colors and shades, lack luster, tooth chips, the distance between the teeth.

In Israel dentistry is constantly introducing innovations. For example, the robot accelerates and cheapens dentist tooth implantation procedure.

Dental Hospital Medical Center offers Ihilov t diagnosis, treatment, implantation, reconstruction of teeth using a titanium rod, orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry.

Medical service will assist in choosing a doctor and a dental clinic in Israel, as well as in the whole organization in the process of treatment .